It’s 10 at night and I hope I can sleep..I  have always been a night owl but its harder now with being older and having  to get up early so dislike this but also doesn’t help that our minds can’t shut off at night too..I always hear well whatever it is you can’t fix it tonight so sleep… easier  said then done. So I will lay in my bed  and try to …everyone who has this same problem I know there is a lot of us out there I hope you can sleep and sleep well with pleasant dreams.Screenshot_2016-01-26-21-44-13-1nighttime2

Author: windsofchange18

I am a stay at home mom of two. I love my morning coffee and my afternoon tea. I love spending time with my family. In my spare time I love to read and especially write. I hope what I share on here all of you will enjoy.

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