I do not like to talk about politics…..I am not saying who I like never tell anyone who I vote for …it’s my business . I am just appalled by the name calling the constant rude ways the candidates are trying to say they would be the one to be our President, I am not hearing a lot of what they can do to change things for the better…but how this one is this and this one is that …what an example we are setting for the younger generation , so sad it’s like their on a school playground fighting and there is no authority figure to break it up. I think we have had enough of this behavior in this world. name calling back stabbing lying..so sick of it we wonder why this world is so full of anger and bulling people. how does our younger generation have a chance in this world ….come on can we all just grow up…how can you raise good honest kids when the world shows this behavior. I know it’s politics but this is the worst  I have ever seen it. how can anyone choose for the right reason who should run our country.


Author: windsofchange18

I am a stay at home mom of two. I love my morning coffee and my afternoon tea. I love spending time with my family. In my spare time I love to read and especially write. I hope what I share on here all of you will enjoy.

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