Sigh….what day

Well what a day I had…. lets put it this way when your daughters cat is happily sitting by the window watching the leaves scatter around by the wind and you envy her for such a simple life …I am either crazy or heading that way…. sigh… So last week I bought a new/used car and for some reason I just didn’t feel right about it but the price was right with our budget and lucky they even financed it because I’m /we already have a truck loan and mortgage etc ….plus my son needed a car so I gave him my very old one ..which sadly is on it’s last leg . One the color I dislike it it’s white and I have a long dirt driveway.Then it started  to sound funny a loud humming noise from the I said it’s me just stop well this morning the car dealer calls and tells me that I need to bring the car back because well they just do not know how it happened but it didn’t fully get serviced like there suppose to and they told me it did the day I bought it and that there was some minor issues on it to be fixed and they never got to it does not make sense to me. and  hmm minor yeah how about the loud noise ? He was like oh I don’t know about that.I lost it the short 4’11 nice women I was and look like that day of the sale turned into a let’s say when a mother bear thinks her cubs are in danger and she needs to defends them you do not want to stick around hahahaha so I said well I know. It sounds like my car is a jet coming into a landing when your doing 60 on the highway and then at 30 mph a jet taking off . So my car was never suppose to have left the lot or actually probably not to  be sold yet and I am  locked into a 4 yr loan which actually trying to research my rights if any which I hope I do. …and at the moment a rent a car at their expense is sitting in my driveway and sadly like that a whole lot better .So it has not been a good day I should of went with my instinct I want to kick myself for not doing so  . this is not me to go against it but I was trying to throw caution to the wind because I am known to over think but my instinct that I should of never ignored. their  going to go through it but will see I am going to demand another car . or some kind of proof that they went through it in which case they had said they did  before.will see that I will have to get back to you on.

Why I ask why..and no I am not feeling sorry for myself just upset. why does these things happen to me I try to be a nice person I do not ask for much just only what I need . I put my guard down for one second  and this happens I told the guy you saw sucker written across my for head . .he kept apologizing and and saying he couldn’t believe this happened ..but I do some people just do not care… well let me just say I think they where shocked of the person they saw today. One think I am not is weak or a sucker I am a nice person trying my hardest to be the person my kid s can look up to.  and I try to believe that not everyone is dishonest but this thought is fading fast.So Happy National Women’s Day to  me ….not okay maybe that was uncalled for  but it was just a very frustrating day and I am a women and I just feel sense I didn’t have my husband holding my hand buying this I was taken advantage of just a bad day for this to fall on. Well that felt good to let out  hahaha.


Author: windsofchange18

I am a stay at home mom of two. I love my morning coffee and my afternoon tea. I love spending time with my family. In my spare time I love to read and especially write. I hope what I share on here all of you will enjoy.

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