Strange Morning…

Good Morning .. a strange one at that after a very light sleep.. you know those nights where your sleeping but you feel your not but then you actually wake up and your wide awake … that was my night . Then I wake up at 7 after whatever time I fell back to sleep to my son asking to see my phone hmm … he types on it then says ok here , I look at it and it’s an Instagram but a new one with only two photos it’s him he says I think I deleted my photos by accident last night and I lost a lot of followers with my photos I’m like oh no but to me something sounded strange about the whole thing .I didn’t tell him that because I do tend to over think things so I let it go ,a few minutes later I go to check mine and in the feed I see all or most part his photos and followers but it’s a weird name …word I don’t know what to call it jibber … I’m about to yell to him from my bed he comes in says take a pic of me and has this paper he’s holding I can’t say what it said but yes he was reporting it he was hacked .. stolen whatever you want to call it …. Why? He’s not happy. Who would be. Im ready to delete my social media except for this …. It’s getting bad , I think it’s time to get a good camera and start taking photos the old way or should say the way it should be. I’m tired of this a month ago my Facebook was hacked . I’m ready to call it quits sadly I have friends I love to connect with from afar .. on there other then that I would press that delete button so fast. The drama is getting to much to too . I hope my son has his photos saved.

I’m sitting and enjoying my coffee my son is now off to school , as I watch the weather channel because my phone did a weather warning alert..ughh another Nor”Eastern predicted our way for tomorrow into Thursday night and this time their predicting 12to 16 inched our way😥 so I’m thinking with the timing and if it gets as bad as they say no school tomorrow or Thursday. Hubby texted me to let me know he would be taking off Thursday from work to clean up or if we have power outages he can be around … thank god Crazy….actually something else that is crazy is I was catching up on the news this morning as well and they where reporting on a flight I don’t know where about didn’t catch it but they where in flight and this women had to be restrained because she was trying to get to the planes door to open it and yelling I am God over and over. Okay that’s scary poor women but the passengers what they had to deal with .. oh this world… so yes a very strange morning 😂 Miss Abigail is doing some odd things as well hiding at first this morning then I went into the kitchen to freshen up my coffee and she’s sleeping on my kitchen table ,well that didn’t happen long .. she knows better because when I went towards her to grab her off she ran. Can cats sense a storm coming? It’s been a morning… going to be a long day.

Author: windsofchange18

I am a stay at home mom of two. I love my morning coffee and my afternoon tea. I love spending time with my family. In my spare time I love to read and especially write. I hope what I share on here all of you will enjoy.

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