Daughters when they grow up they become your best friend. My daughter knows how to cheer me up if I’m having a bad day by bringing me home a coffee or asking me to do something with her. Every night we take a good bit of time texting one another saying goodnight , just like when she was a little girl and we had a goodnight saying,❤️ Today we spent the day together . We enjoyed our morning coffee ate breakfast then decided to take a ride to Starbucks for a change haven’t been there in awhile we had errands to run but set that aside for an hr so we enjoyed the ride listening to her music singing away . We chatted about random things , laughing are butts off which we alway manage to find something to laugh about. I love how we can be open to one another , and to agree to disagree . We have always been close . She has the biggest heart . I can always tell when something is bothering her . When she is hurting I hurt . But the best part is I love this girl of mine so much . Having a daughter is a beautiful thing❤️


Author: windsofchange18

I am a stay at home mom of two. I love my morning coffee and my afternoon tea. I love spending time with my family. In my spare time I love to read and especially write. I hope what I share on here all of you will enjoy.

13 thoughts on “Daughters❤️”

  1. This is a beautiful story. As a mum of two boys I don’t have any daughters, and this is a great read. The boys and I always did so much together. It was mostly card or video game competitions. They both know I’d do anything for them. My younger son reached that point where he appreciates me again and we go to cooking classes and cook together. When I got married 2 years ago the boys were in the wedding party and he got really choked up about my happiness. When I lost my job this year he was extremely supportive. Now is the time they start to mirror the way we treated them and it’s heartwarming.

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    1. Thank you for such a thoughtful response. My daughter are very close , I hope when my son gets past is teenage yrs 17 now we will be close again . I was his mama when he was little he wanted me all the time now I sometimes don’t even know who he is . That darn teenage bug bit him… hahaha .i love the closeness you have with your boys .


      1. I believe he will come back to you. My older one never went through a rough teenage patch. He is very easy-going and we’ve always gotten along. But he’s the wanderer and went away to school from 18-20 and again last year. My youngest was the clingy one who didn’t want me out of his sight. But the teenage years were hard for him and we had battles from 14-18. The boys split time between me and their dads. Life at his dad’s was dysfunctional. I never gave up on him, and he’s become the one who is always there for his family, especially his sisters (from his dad and gf).

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      2. That’s too bad so sorry you all went through this but happy it all turned out well. Thank you . Yes my daughter the oldest was alway laid back and easy going. So yes my son the youngest is making me see what a teenager is hahaha and sadly making me realize what I may have put my parents through …

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