What a day…..

Today was the day we thought we would would welcome a new addition to our family .since our pup passed .. its been too quiet and my son wanted an animal he could take care of I was looking forward to it as well the companionship it would of been nice to have something to cuddle with. We went and looked at the cat my son made an appointment with to see and we got to the shelter and met Figaro and he was adorable calm but playful came to us by calling his name was so lovable we were hooked , we explained once again how my daughter lives downstairs with her female but she has access to the whole house . The lady said well this guy will not bother her it’s if Miss Abigail can live with another cat .. well let’s just say we brought the boy home and two hours later we were calling the shelter returning him . With two very heavy hearts my son and myself … it was a complete mess , chaos my daughters cat hissed .. growled then hissed at her owner my daughter when she try to grab her to comfort her. When that happened my daughter who is sensitive but strong willed got mad started crying yelling it wasn’t going to work .. I called the lady she said bring him in your sons room and let them get away from one another . Well he did the cat got comfortable on his bed my son was laying with him . Well Miss Abigail would not calm down kept doing this growling sound and my son and I kept wondering …thinking this is not healthy for either cat , but wanted to try a bit longer well with in an hour my son started sneezing is nose started to run and his eyes well one that he rubbed and the cat had shed .. his eyes got red and itchy and we thought oh no as it started to swell .. then my son was like oh great I’m allergic why .. well we come to find out he’s okay with Miss Abigail and my sisters cats but when he goes to this one friends house their cats bother him and now this new guy does so that added to the choice of having to bring him back .. so now it’s evening the house feels quiet again and my daughters cat Miss Abigail is still searching the house looking for the cat that is not here . I’m watching an HBO series that is a bit creepy but good in the living room , my son is in his room on his Xbox . I think him and I are feeling a bit resentful towards Miss Abigail I know it’s wrong to feel this way towards her because this his her home she was here first but it worries me she is too dominate that even a new dog would be chaos if we brought one in and I’m upset that Figaro is sitting Sleeping back in a shelter again .. and I feel bad for my son .. so it’s been a long day .. and I’m just sad…

Author: windsofchange18

I am a stay at home mom of two. I love my morning coffee and my afternoon tea. I love spending time with my family. In my spare time I love to read and especially write. I hope what I share on here all of you will enjoy.

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