I’m feeling a bit confused but most of all sad…. I’ve written 4 letters to my son more then anyone else in the family… yesterday my hubby and daughter each received a letter in the mail from my son .. my daughter said he sounded good but missed home and question that it seem that we were doing ok without him away it enlighten him . My husband s letter was good as well and he told him he was happy finally get letters from everyone but what about mom ? Is she sending any. Or is friends… I wanted to cry .. where are my letters … they never were sent back to me , so is someone else’s receiving them and holding my words from my heart that iso desperately for my son …. I hope he soon realizes I wrote and he just didn’t get them and that I wasn’t just too busy and free. I am never busy enough to not be there for my kids. If I have any luck at all it’s bad luck… I hope he can call this weekend . . I’m so confused I used the same envelopes address and there was no way you couldn’t read my handwriting the post office could… I just don’t know.. I guess it’s time to start this day . Even though there’s not much to do.. at least its Friday and now three days to hope he can call home.

Author: windsofchange18

I am a stay at home mom of two. I love my morning coffee and my afternoon tea. I love spending time with my family. In my spare time I love to read and especially write. I hope what I share on here all of you will enjoy.

19 thoughts on “Confused..”

  1. I know its hard not to but don’t worry. He WILL get your letters. Especially if you all used the same address. There is. huge DELAY from when we send them to when they actually receive them. I wrote my husband every day from the day I received his address and in his first several letters to me he asked if I even was writing!!! It broke my heart. But he eventually received them. There were sadly many days he wouldn’t receive any letters and then other days when he would get 3-6 of my letters in one day! For this reason I began numbering my letters because they sometimes would come out of order. From my experience, what happens is that the mail arrives on post without problem but sorting it and getting it to the correct company and person took several weeks. Sadly usually 2-4. It may take some time but he will get yours and be so happy to see your handwriting and read your words of encouragement. My husband also said that there were times he received letters but did not have the time to write back right away to everyone. He had to choose only one or two letters/people to respond to. Praying he gets your letters soon and you get a letter back from him. Its going to be alright ❤️

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    1. Yes ! That’s how I feel heartbroken .. . But thank you what you just said has made me feel a a lot better . It will be two weeks three days with no phone call we are hoping this weekend Sunday he can call so if he hasn’t received him he knows I did send some and how much I care but I have a feeling it could be three weeks until he can start his call homes. Thank you . Enjoy the Texas weather . Freezing in Mass. ❤️


      1. Of course! How crazy it is that they both went to the same base! Its definitely tough to hear that they haven’t received your letters yet and it is incredibly hard to keep your mind from going to worse case scenario that they got lost or something but they will get there. Oh im definitely hoping you get to hear his voice and talk to him for a bit soon. I know that will uplift you both so much. What is his MOS?

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