Here we go again ..

Woke early to the sound of my hubby plowing well earlier then that but I’ll get to that after… anyways hearing the tractor I assumed we got more snow then predicted. I could see the sun coming through the side of the closed shades , ahh at least the sun was out so that’s good but knowing it wouldn’t warm up much if anything I’m hearing we will be in the -6 by tonight into Thursday. Here we go again these cold spells I believe are worse then the snow. My body is feeling the cold coming in I’m feeling a bit stiff. on my second cup of coffee I know it will not help but taste good (hahah) this afternoon it will change to a cup of decaf tea, while I watch my daytime shows. Getting back to waking up earlier … we’ll I didn’t talk to my son much last night I thought I would give him a break since the last few nights he was responding with one word answers finding out that after class and his chow time he was at the gym .. hmm why didn’t he just tell me that . 🙄 so last night if he texted then I would respond if not then I knew he was busy. My hubby giving in texted him and after awhile my son responded with a hi and then my hubby said we didn’t want to bother you but just wanted to say hi . Catching my hubby I just shook my head . In good humor tho my son responded with just relaxing doing nothing … ughh can’t win . I still let him be thinking if he wanted to chat with me he would since my hubby was getting one word answers after a bit. I can be such a mother hen I wanted to back off a bit hahaha I’m sure you know this about me reading my posts🙂and no he didn’t text me . But it was all good . My hubby and I were cold we decided to settle in our room him watching tv and playing a game on his phone while I tried to read yes tried … cannot get into the book I’m reading ,Milkman and no hope of getting to the library today I’m hoping when my daughter gets home from her boyfriends she may have a book I can borrow . Speaking of that ..she stayed at his house was going to come home but when going out to warm her car up she said the snow was coming down so fast and more then when they arrived there and his vehicle at the garage getting fixed she drove him home because of worrying about getting snowed in here well she got snowed in there . Which I’m happy she decided to stay there ,he lives at home while he saves up a bit more like my daughter is doing and it’s basically a big mountain he lives upon so their at a higher elevation so they tend to get more snow. The thought of her driving down the mountain in the snow at night by herself was not a thought I wanted to think of and that being said we had her kitty well cat , with us and being that there was nothing on tv and my book just bored me and no text from my son . I fell asleep at 10 . I couldn’t believe it so early for me, until I woke at 3 thinking it was much later then that I wanted to cry hahaha , not literally 🙂 then I knew why Miss Abigail was scratching on our bed jumping up on the bed pawing at my hubby’s face (hahaha) he cant win if it isn’t a toilet paper roll ( need to read my post on that) it’s the cat. After trying to get her down and settle he woke . I was like oh great she has him up since he walked out to the kitchen . I settled under the covers more to find him coming back telling me he was just checking to see how much snow we got. Then that’s when I woke to him plowing

I grabbed my phone that was on my bedside table checking to see if my daughter texted nothing but a text from my son stating that he forgot to tell me last night that he received the book I had sent to him hmm.. I had a feeling if I didn’t text him last night I would get a text of some sort in the morning my instinct wasn’t to far off he says he knows I need him are his words he has stated many times but I think he needs me haha yeah we are a lot alike 🙄 . That was good to know tho that he received his book now he will be able to enjoy it. It’s 11:30 and I’m still enjoying my coffee after cleaning up the kitchen after breakfast . The washing machine is ready to go figuring do a load today then running it tomorrow being so cold may not be a good idea. The house is pretty much clean . My daughter isn’t home yet hope she isn’t stuck up their her cat is wandering all over the house ,I’m thinking she’s getting antsy for her to come home. Supper is going to be leftovers tonight and random things if no one wants the leftovers , we defiantly will not starve . Thinking spaghetti and meatballs and sausage will be good for tomorrow when the temps dip even more. I am not going to go out in this …. with hearing about a lot of people including my bestie falling on the ice this week I’m not pushing it. Well time to run the washer find some lunch and chat with my hubby. Have a good day everyone. Keep warm all of you who are getting affected due to the polar vortex .


Author: windsofchange18

I am a stay at home mom of two. I love my morning coffee and my afternoon tea. I love spending time with my family. In my spare time I love to read and especially write. I hope what I share on here all of you will enjoy.

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