Oh what I do🙄

Good Morning! If you read my last post …. you will understand ,for those who have , well omg ! Still getting notifications on my Facebook and I just realized my son is tagged in it and I did not tag him, so now it’s most likely on his wall as well and when he turns on his phone in which case he already did this morning because I received a message from him saying “Have a good day”! So 1. He didn’t get the notifications so he didn’t see my stupidity or 2. He was okay with it… I’m thinking he’s okay with it or I wouldn’t have received such a message (hahaha) and him not noticing is not likely …then If you notice on my photo I put up the handle of the coffee mug is facing left .. oh my OCD it needs to be facing the right 🙄 I know such a little thing … but it will bother me …I think I should enjoy the rest of my coffee and finish my breakfast then get somethings done around here. The wind is picking up and making a roaring sound , not liking it and it’s only 2 here so I’m thinking charge phone and get supper prepped just Incase we loose power .. I know I should not have said that… okay have a great day!


Author: windsofchange18

I am a stay at home mom of two. I love my morning coffee and my afternoon tea. I love spending time with my family. In my spare time I love to read and especially write. I hope what I share on here all of you will enjoy.

12 thoughts on “Oh what I do🙄”

  1. Yah, it really is obnoxious how FB announces every time you add a new photo. A while back I was putting up a ton of family photos because I had just reconnected with a bunch of long lost cousins and I put a notice on FB that basically said sorrynotsorry. I warned them they were going to be sick of seeing pictures of my relatives, but I needed to get them up there for my cousins. LOL

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    1. Happy Birthday!! Today is the day ? I hope you enjoy it . Relax open your presents .. you said you like to wait till the day . Did you find a delicious cake and candles? Hope you make a wish . I am very strict with that my family knows all to well they need to make a wish.Yes!! I do that too for my relatives in other States that’s why I had so many photos of my son . And my daughter always states how I should put them in a Army tittle album so I did and yes I was covering my wall his wall everyone’s and they were all liking them . I wish I had know this would happen .. nothing like looking like a mother who desperately misses her son .. so embarrassing . Hahaha

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      1. Nothing wrong with a mom missing her son. It would be worse if you didn’t miss him and were glad he was gone! Ha ha. Birthday was yesterday and I ended up opening presents early. LOL

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  2. Hahaha your son probably understands you didn’t do it on purpose. So creepy how facebook tagged him by face recognition! I think the coffee mug handle looks better on the right, too, lol I don’t know why.

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