Sick Day…

It’s Wednesday evening and a sick day at that… my daughter who I caught this from went to work at 9 this morning and was home an hour and a half later laying on the couch . While I was cozy well as much as I could be with the body aches siting in my chair but not before doing a sm load of laundry and just cleaned up the kitchen a bit or it would bother me🙄 ,as I cleaned up the kitchen I put the kettle on for two cups of tea for my daughter and I . Then one once settled with our tea she watched my daytime shows with me as she snoozed a bit ..oh how she looked comfortable ….I cannot sleep during the day believe me I triedto no avail I just closed my eyes and rocked in my chair .sipping my tea off and on. After got up and made a chop suey for supper. Nice and simple. And then back in my chair as my daughter was awake now we watched several episodes of reruns of The Middle. Loved that show .. so sad it ended last year such a family show but the most part was it was real . now supper is cleaned up my daughter down in her place and my husband taking her place on the couch watching the news.

What is it about nighttime when your sick you feel worse? Not fun…. my daughter not feeling well was lucky to have someone cover her shift at work tomorrow which is good so she can rest more freezing rain is coming in tonight until morning hours so she won’t have to be on the road is a good thing. especially with our long driveway that feels like a short country dirt road. Soo I think I will settle in bed with a book and try to read since my hubby and I’s favorite show well one of them is not coming back until March. Well I guess I will try to relax some more .


Author: windsofchange18

I am a stay at home mom of two. I love my morning coffee and my afternoon tea. I love spending time with my family. In my spare time I love to read and especially write. I hope what I share on here all of you will enjoy.

12 thoughts on “Sick Day…”

  1. I hope you both feel better soon, I believe once you’re a mother the whole day time sleep/nap thing goes out the window. I know it did for me, I found that until they were in bed safe and asleep only then I could sleep, no matter how sick I was. I hope you get some rest tonight, as does your daughter. And I have no idea why nighttime we feel 10 times worse, perhaps it’s because the body has been running all day and it just catches up.

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    1. Yes exactly .. being a mother does change that. That could be the answer about the nighttime feeling worse . Thank you so much ! I do hope we get some rest .. I’m reading but having a hard time focusing on my book my eyes are getting heavy lol so hopefully an early night . 🙂

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  2. Glad you both got to rest a bit today at least. When I’m sick, doesn’t matter what it is, I can’t read or watch TV or anything. I just get in my bed and sleep. And sleep. And sleep. LOL

    I LOVE THE MIDDLE!!!!!! OMGosh! I’ve probably seen every episode a million times. Or at least the earlier seasons. Brick is the funniest kid ever and I love when Axel and Sue. I loved Patricia H on Everybody Loves Raymond and I loved her on The MIddle. Does she have a new show yet? Funny, but my Mom can’t stand her for some reason. Love the dad on The Middle, too. So many great episodes…were there any episodes that were NOT great? Brick and his books…The Summer of Sue & Dad…the blue bag…when Axel spoils the end of Brick’s final Planet Nowhere book…I could go on and on.

    Hope you feel better tomorrow!

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    1. Thank you .. oh your luck I wish actually my daughter and I both wish we could sleep when where sick . I can’t focus on a book or coloring so it’s been a bit off blogging and tv . Yes The Middle is the best. No I do not believe so that Patricia H is staring in anything . I wish she would . I love everybody loves Raymond too. Miss all these shows but happy for the reruns. Another one that is my favorite is The Golden Girls just something about them. 😂

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  3. I wish you both a speedy recovery & I hope your husband doesn’t catch it as well! I agree, it’s always worse at night time! Maybe because our bodies are tired by then but who knows? Hopefully you’ll both have a good night & wake refreshed… X

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