Tuesday …

Woke early to a bird who kept pecking at the slider in the kitchen. This happened last yr as well.. when the sun hits the slider window it must send a shadow that attracts this bird all I know it had Miss Abigail hiding by the living room chair . She didn’t want nothing to do with it.as scared as she was I was annoyed .. ugh I wanted to cry after not sleeping well … getting a cold ugh .., I think I caught what my daughter had . Plus having the temps go from single digits last week to the last several days near the 60’s is not helping . So it was a very laid back day relaxing watching my shows . Making a light supper. And now trying to adult color but really not into it . So I will just relax some more watch the tv hopefully can sleep if the coughing lets me . Thankfully nothing needing to be done tomorrow for errands If I can’t sleep. Time to settle a bit earlier tonight .


Author: windsofchange18

I am a stay at home mom of two. I love my morning coffee and my afternoon tea. I love spending time with my family. In my spare time I love to read and especially write. I hope what I share on here all of you will enjoy.

9 thoughts on “Tuesday …”

  1. I’m so sorry you’ve caught a cold. Coughing is beyond annoying.

    That funny little bird! I had to laugh at Miss Abigail. Doesn’t she know the birds are supposed to fear her, not the other way around? LOL

    I also find it funny that we always make sure to say ADULT color. Are we worried someone will think we’re CHILDREN coloring or something? We all say it…Adult Coloring. Why? Coloring is coloring. LOL The design you’re working on is very pretty.

    Sure hope you feel better tomorrow and get a good night’s sleep!

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    1. I know lol .. Miss Abigail is scare of her own shadow lol . Thank you yeah a lot of things going around .. I know when I’m saying I’m coloring oh believe me I do first write just coloring then change it … I do not no why we feel we have to say adult . Is it justifying ? Thank you , it’s going to take awhile to finish that one . After get some rest in I may color some more

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