Credits to Pexels photo :Since my son graduated from high school in June , it’s been a crazy time . Summer spent with him doing his thing ,running with friends .. working .. but there was more bonfires and family parties since he would be heading off to Basic training in the fall. The memories of high school already fading . And the new changes starting with now both kids adults and living their life. I started to settle in with the quietness , less of my sons friends being around less of him being around as well as my daughter. More time spent with my hubby , more weekends spent taking a drive getting coffee , watching movies with takeouts with him or quiet moments while he slept on the couch and I actually enjoying a book. . Redoing certain parts of our home repainting .. changing the decor . It was time. So all good with this change . Then yesterday as I drove through town getting my errands done I noticed no one at the school .I need to go by to get to the Post Office, some kids walking through town , then it dawned on me …February vacation even though I have read blog post with the talk of vacation it just didn’t phase me .

First February vacation childless! and just another week for me. Loved Feb Vacation having sleepovers making sure there was a ton of food (snacks ) in the house, movies the kids would have piled up to watch ,blankets and pillows all laid out on our living room floor in front of the Tv , the Xbox out ready to hookup to the tv , board games , ready, yeah for us it pretty much was staying home and doing things here late nights. oh there was days sledding and even nighttime sledding with the yard lit up ..till they were cold and soaked so hot chocolate for everyone. Then settling in the living room and as my hubby and I laid in bed the sounds of giggling from the girls jumping and laughing from the boys till silents took over ..with them finally falling asleep .It’s a bittersweet thought as I was laying in bed thinking about it ..especially with the house being so quiet and I in bed earlier then midnight if kids were here. This is the moments when life slaps you in the face and you realize how far you come and how much time as gone by… kind of a awakening how fast life really fly’s by.. I miss them but life has to move on keep moving forward.and I guess that’s why the memories we make are so important. So make a lot of them . Enjoy the time …even if there are times the kids have you wanting to scream 🙂 oh I remember those days and can actually laugh because even now with my son being 18 and listening to what his plans are when he gets home in a couple of weeks makes me feel that the screaming , rolling of my eyes time are not over just yet.. the good thing I can walk away if need be and let him figure it out .. hopefully 🙄lol!

Author: windsofchange18

I am a stay at home mom of two. I love my morning coffee and my afternoon tea. I love spending time with my family. In my spare time I love to read and especially write. I hope what I share on here all of you will enjoy.

12 thoughts on “Changes..”

  1. Great memories. And they will both look back on those times as well one day and fully appreciate it. Sounds like your house was the place to be. Lots of fun and laughter. And don’t worry…one day you’ll have little grandkids running around and the fun will begin again so enjoy this break in the between years. 🙂

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    1. Thank you!its funny you say that about them looking back. My son called last night from the base so he always sounds so quiet .. finding some privacy I guess to talk . I told him how it was Feb vacation he said oh yeah Feb vacation was fun .. I told him how quiet the town was . And seeing no kids around .. he said it was strange and sad . How that was . I was happy he remembered it .


      1. Yes they been doing it for yrs .. every yr they say they want to do away with it being that there is an April vacation as well. But then they don’t . I liked it at times especially if there was a lot of sickness going around so they didn’t have to worry about missing school.

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    1. Thank you so much! Let’s see my favorite coffee is a Starbucks white chocolate Mocha with a pump of raspberry in it . Also it’s a good latte. Also love the salted Carmel flavor too . It’s a crazy fetish lol, my daughter and I are always trying new ones when they come out . Thank you for following my blog . I love yours


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