It’s Friday night … The day started off good , enjoyed my morning coffee with my daughter . Paid some bills , ran some errands with my daughter then it went all wrong …ughh my sciatic pain hit me … haven’t felt that in awhile. So slowly made some supper with help of my hubby who kept saying sit . But I just couldn’t felt I needed to move … but slowly daughter headed to work and feeling bad said she would grab more Advil . After making supper I settled with my legs up in the recliner with my book. Ahhh finally I’m going to read more of this book! Well….. I read a chapter in the hr and a half I’ve been sitting here😂 my son talkative on text… my daughter not busy at work texting me. Every time I picked my book up my phone would go off.. oh my I usually am so happy omg chat with them . And believe me I am but oh I want to read (hahaha) it’s so good ! My daughters home now and waiting for her boyfriend to show up and my son is going to hang out with his buddies on the base since they will all be going home in a week . He is ready to head home but will miss his new buds! Next Saturday he flies home ,if flight is on time he will arrive early so he will have a whole day to settle in and not feel rushed to go to bed . He can ease into being back in his room without roommates which was a bit hard at first when he came home on his holiday break . I’m sure this time it will be easier. Well now that everyone’s set hubby’s relaxing on the couch with his stomach bothering him and I am going to put my legs up and try to relax this sciatic pain … enjoying some more reading. Good night everyone!

Author: windsofchange18

I am a stay at home mom of two. I love my morning coffee and my afternoon tea. I love spending time with my family. In my spare time I love to read and especially write. I hope what I share on here all of you will enjoy.

10 thoughts on “Pain…”

  1. So sorry you’re in pain. Right there with you last night. Hands are starting to go and required a steroid shot which caused serious pain. I hope you are feeling better today.

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    1. Oh no so sorry that doesn’t sound comfortable. Oh my we are in sync .. it was a long night trying to find a comfortable or should say tolerable position to lay to sleep. It’s still sore today it’s been a low key day .. Hope your feeling better to day. ❤️Thank you!

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      1. Ha, yes, we really are. And, both our sons are coming home next Saturday! Mine only for the weekend but I’ll take it😁I’ve had those long nights. I hope tonight will be better.

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  2. Omg !!!! Really your son is coming to Saturday lol yes enjoy every moment . yes we do need to co author a book ! Yes these long nights… thank you I’m hoping for a better night. And for you too❤️


  3. Sciatica pain is rough! You can’t sit, you can’t stand. Once mine was so bad and lasted so long I finally decided to give in and go see a doctor. Something I avoid at all costs. I kid you not, the minute I hung up the phone after making the appointment, the pain was completely gone and didn’t come back so I canceled the doctor appointment. LOL Same thing happened to me with a toothache. Any time something hot touched the tooth…coffee…hot pizza cheese was the worst…pain and agony!!!! Finally after like 2 months I made a dental appointment. Pain went away immediately. Canceled the appointment. I hope YOUR back is better soon. Pain is no joke.

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    1. Yes it’s an awful discomfort . Yeah my husbands like call the doctor .. I told him when I get this it lasts a bit I will if it goes longer then a week I’m feeling a bit better but not pushing it. It’s been 2 and a half days . It just figures because my son comes home Saturday March 9th and I wanted to freshen his room up ughh.. my daughter said she would do it . I swear it will stop hurting after he’s home 🙄 I think it’s to much thinking on my part how it will be . I love him but he is so intense lol . And being that he’s been on his own for 6 months coming home and how we act will be strange I’ve had such a different routine .. I guess I’m over thinking . Probably sounds strange to you lol.

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