Time to separate..

It’s Friday my Son has made it through his Army AIT Graduation after looking at the silly pics on his Instagram and Fb he’s signed out and on his way to the airport hotel to rest and fly out early in the morning . I’m wondering how it will be when he is home .. he has been on his own well basically even if the Sargents have been in his face. But hasn’t had to be mothered. And I’m not starting that up .. it’s hard with him and I transitioning into an adult child and mother relationship because according to him I’m his mother and his definition of a mother is a mother takes care of here children well …. yes but then the child grows up and mom stops taking care of them and you grow into having conversations and laughs but my son is still immature because he can’t seem to do that so I ask if he he got food on his way to the hotel or if he slept after saying he was tired and it’s a two hour ride to the hotel and then I realize what I’m doing and I stop and he says why are you caring I’m fine .. omg 🙄 I defiantly cannot win . He either misses me or does not then doesn’t have much to say to me .. oh he’s exhausting… time will tell soon enough… oh I think daughters are so much easier to raise . Or I just got lucky🙂 parenting is never easy…being that I didn’t text him after he said that my cell phone rang guess who … hmm telling me he was at the airport hotel . I replied ok thank you for letting me know. he must of felt a vibe from me or it was his guilt .. he asked if I was tired because I wasn’t asking him all the questions I’m so good at but I was only trying to make conversation and that’s where it’s hard because he doesn’t do conversations 🙄oh so hard … and I know when he’s tired he can be ugly and I think at the Base he held all in and now he can feel or whatever you want to call it . Oh we have a lot to adjust to.

Its 8:30 at night and my hubby and daughter are sitting in the living room chatting and watching the movie The wolveman and it’s pretty nasty so my daughter on one of her social media sites and I writing on a post on my blog. Looking up occasionally at the tv and it’s always at the wrong time. (Hahaha) well I guess I will chat with my daughter a bit more before she goes down to her place . Have a good night everyone.

Author: windsofchange18

I am a stay at home mom of two. I love my morning coffee and my afternoon tea. I love spending time with my family. In my spare time I love to read and especially write. I hope what I share on here all of you will enjoy.

6 thoughts on “Time to separate..”

  1. There is no simplicity in being a mother, if it’s not one problem to face it’s the next. You got this, you do what’s best for each child. Have a good night 🙂

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    1. We do but it’s funny our personalities are so different especially with my kids such opposites so it’s challenging . And my hubby and I are such opposites . But something clicks we made a family lol . I think it’s my son being the youngest and I’m so use to doting on him and I find myself doing it with out realizing I am .. so trying to break it and let him be the man he is . It’s a 11:00 at night and my daughter needed to get to bed for work in the morning and my son wanted to see his room again he’s tired as my hubby and I are but friends of his know he’s home and some had college vacation but have to go back tomorrow so now I have 4 guys in my sons room laughing and pounding around in their .. not quiet anymore! But it’s a beautiful sound.


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