Oh the signs..

Well sitting down at noon drinking my first cup of coffee and listening to all the ridiculous news .. yes ridiculous . What is wrong with society ? Anyways not what I really want to talk about.. what would we gain if we did… the house is quiet as I enjoy my coffee but the signs of a full house is everywhere. My sons hats two to be exact hanging off the kitchen chairs a sure sign of my son being back. My daughters coat hanging on the other chair that’s a new one. The kitchen sink full with dishes ..when I know that it was empty when I went to bed. Oh a big one an empty roll of toilet paper still in place on toilet holder.. yes one of my pet peeves 🙄 BUT would I change this for the world? No! Okay maybe a bit (hahaha) I cleaned the kitchen .. now until round two.. soon very soon my son will be back from the gym and ready for lunch and that he will clean up . Dishes will find their way into the dishwasher with his own hands. it will be supper prep soon as well . oh where did this day go! Oh I know … I guess laying in bed all morning and then enjoying a warm shower may have cause this.. after thinking I would get to bed earlier . I read until after midnight again and still haven’t finished the book. Then trying to sleep after was a bit hard . I kept trying to figure the ending of it. It’s a crazy cycle I’m on . This time change has thrown me for a loop. Plus the bit of Spring fever does not help. Oh the days of summer vacation when for just a season the world felt like it stopped because the kids were on vacation and we had the days of summer to get off the routine of busy morning school schedules, sport practices, just lazy days and no place to be unless we wanted to be. Now it feels as I’m the only one who is staying in place and I’m on a vacation if you want to call it that . Since being on disability. I’m home more then anyone. yes I do the bare minimum of things in the house some days are better then others ,if I do too much or in repetition you see what happens when I wrote about my sciatic pain . It’s a juggling act of what I can put my energy towards and to keep my muscles active. I think that’s why I am so happy I was able to do all the things with my kids when they were growing up and my body was able. And now their adults and do not need me to do anything for them it’s funny now they do for me which at times is hard to bare … I guess call it pride. I have learned what is important. It’s the time spent the laughter . Even if it’s in moments .. minutes, seconds . It’s just hard at times when everyone is busy with work , friends , life and I just sit here and watch. I’m always watching . (It’s hard especially when I can see my family running themselves ragged and my kids making choices that are not good but know I can’t tell them what to do .)but some days it’s not . See that’s what I do . I go back and forth and at times when everything is done and fine and I spend time.. hour hours reading , blogging which has been the best thing I’ve discovered . 🙂 or I stay up late reading and sleep in because I do not need to do the 6:00 wake up time .I feel this guilt. It’s probably silly .. my daughter told me it was wrong to feel this way . I’ve told her how I feel . She said I’ve done my job . To relax and enjoy what I’m doing. I guess I’m opening up on here because I feel when I write it’s the same ol … but that’s just how it is especially in the winters everything I see from my house my front deck . 🙄 so I thank all of you who follow my blog and read my posts especially my faithful readers I call friends. You make this new chapter in my life feel like something when you read my posts.🙂

Author: windsofchange18

I am a stay at home mom of two. I love my morning coffee and my afternoon tea. I love spending time with my family. In my spare time I love to read and especially write. I hope what I share on here all of you will enjoy.

24 thoughts on “Oh the signs..”

  1. Your daughter is a wise woman😊 and I suspect it is yours and your husband’s influence on both your children that has made them who you are. I also guess that when you were ‘doing more’ that you gave it your all. So, now is the time to do just as you are doing, being there for them, making wonderful meals, guiding them in the beginning stages of adulthood and just having fun with them with the laughter, the coffee runs, the texts and the little things. Now, it’s about doing what you can do and enjoying every single minute. That’s how I feel anyway. We are still such an important part in our families lives and in some ways because of what I can’t do, I see more clearly and cherish more He things that I can. And, we out here in blogger world also love hearing from you and reading your blogs😊

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    1. Diane, my daughter has always had my back . So thank you for that sweet remark you said about her. I guess it’s just feels like I’m not doing enough. But I know things change kids grow up . Believe me I feel blessed . And I take nothing for granted . It’s just hard sometimes . Thank you so much for what you said . I like how you said I’m doing what I should be doing. You are a wise woman yourself ❤️

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  2. Ah, that’s why I made the comment because yes, sometimes it is just hard😬😊 and we all need the little reminders that I talked about in my comment. Our disabilities don’t define us nor did we ask for them and yes, some days are a struggle and are frustrating. I know I didn’t picture my life to be this way so now I just ‘do the things I can’ in all areas of my life😊

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    1. Thank you so much and so well said. You are such a strong person I love that about you. and yes your right our disabilities don’t define us. And yes it’s frustrating . But your right concentrate on what we can do . Thank you.💕

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  3. No reason to feel guilty. Like your daughter said, you did your job and you deserve to kick back and read or blog or whatever else you like to do. It sucks that your back won’t let you do the physical stuff you want to do, of course.

    I had to laugh at the hats on the chairs. LOL

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    1. Thank you so much . I know she is right. I need to let go of the guilt.. lol you made me just laugh hear when you reminded me of the hats in the chair … would you believe that when he went back to the base after Christmas leave those hats where the first things I saw when my hubby and I came home from dropping him off at the airport and we left them there for months lol then I knew I had to put them in his room before he came home. Or he would of wondered ..And now just 4 days home there they are again 😂

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  4. We could be the same person! Don’t know how old you are but I’m 52. Also on disability about a year. 4 kids- oldest in college- my pride and joy and most responsible now making horrible decisions! No control anymore- she’s an adult. Next in line going to college next year. He’s better but got lazy toward end of high school and not great grades. But a good kid. Then a 15 and a 12 yr old. For the last few years with my overpowering brain fog, haven’t been on top of them to study. Grades went down. Constant guilt. Also stay up too late. They drive themselves to school 😆 Still feel like I have some pressing appointment and it’s so weird that I don’t! Yes blogging really is fulfilling…and I was such a private person before!

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    1. I’m 49 I’ve been on disability for 3 years. I was born with this . I believe a birth defect… I’m so sorry to hear this about your kids. My daughter is 23 and suffered from anxiety , lack of confidence , I have to keep pushing her forward.. my son well more independent but lacks life’s challenges . Loves adventure a bit too much . Yes we could be the same person .


    1. Yes I do for the most part .i had the flue about 3 weeks ago and that weakens me. So my body feel the brunt of it . It takes a bit to heal I moved wrong pushing it .. over doing it and then the sciatic kicked in . But I have chronic pain for the most part . So may need to go back to physical therapy ..


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