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It’s Tuesday the sun is shining the temps are mild . I’m sitting here thinking it’s a home kind of day… I’ll make my homemade chicken and rice soup. For dinner. Catch up on my daytime shows while cooking.. The day will be quiet ,hubby at work my kids out and about. And that is fine . I’m embracing the quietness today . It’s odd how lately when there is a full moon I can’t sleep well at night well not that part that is odd it’s the feeling of content, some people when there is a full moon feel anxious or no different . I’m going to embrace this feeling . Why not. After soup and shows are done I will tackle my reading I’ve been wanting to do.. and just let the day just be . I think we need times like this . I know I spend a lot of time at home but I’m usually doing what needs to be done within my limits. And thinking A LOT ! Right now enjoying my coffee and catching up on the morning news.

Loving our new used leather sectional but I m looking desperately for a cover for it . Leather is not easy to keep safe with a cat around .. it worries me a bit the family who had it before at dogs but were not allowed on furniture . And let’s just say it’s not easy with sizing and the fact they come in sections the cover so $ adds up but I figure being free I can splurge a bit on a cover. I may need my son to search the internet for this . He’s pretty good at researching things and finding a good price … too good at times . 😂 okay it’s time to finish my coffee. Enjoy your day!

Author: windsofchange18

I am a stay at home mom of two. I love my morning coffee and my afternoon tea. I love spending time with my family. In my spare time I love to read and especially write. I hope what I share on here all of you will enjoy.

11 thoughts on “Home …”

    1. Yes thank you . She hoped she got it right. But if anything it will be on the big size better then short… we can work with bigger. Lol yes nice and simple supper. Oh don’t be mad lol because sadly tonight it’s very bright and keeping me awake. 🙄 so it’s a good thing if the full moon doesn’t effect you.

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    1. Yeah sadly this sectional came to me in pretty good condition considering how long they had it but so much better then my couch and they had no cats well In the first 2 days she has managed to scratch the arm thankfully not deep but loves the ottoman grr so a cover is on its way I’m tracking it . Hoping it helps . It’s been exhausting keeping her away….

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      1. Oh that’s not good.. yeah it’s hard she is better when we are around but when we go some where she goes down to her and my daughters place .. hopefully the cover is thick enough that she can lay on it without putting her claws through it.

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