It’s Tuesday and the morning was a quiet calm one . I woke to the sound of birds since we had our bedroom window open a bit for fresh air during the night . I scrolled through my Twitter , Instagram account , email and horoscope then decided it was time to head for a shower. Love walking out to a clean house . Went to get my coffee and enjoyed it with a little conversation with my son who was up and heading to the gym . Tomorrow he has a job interview . I’m crossing my fingers for him. My daughter still was sleeping . So after he left , the house was quiet. I am now enjoying my daytime show while the sun is slowly coming around to the front of the house to shine in . I think opening the slider door to the screen was a bit early it’s a bit cool . But I’m just craving the feeling to open the house up . This is the sun shining through my living room window the evening before it the photos . I love how the rays of the sun appears. in the photograph beautiful .

As I was getting some lunch I noticed my turkeys are back it’s hard to see them their blending into the woods a bit. It’s another sight of Spring! Soon we will be hearing the boys ( coyotes) that’s what I called them when my pup was alive … he would go crazy when he heard them so I called them the boys and told him it would be okay . They come so close to the house at night running by our bedroom window always reminds me of the wolves running along the polar express train in the Polar Express movie . At night when we are sitting out looking at stars you can spot them in our woods their eyes catching the light from our solar lawn lights. It’s a bit creepy but beautiful ( hahaha) I know two word s you wouldn’t expect together. It is though. I guess it’s time to get something done around here . Have a great day everyone.

Author: windsofchange18

I am a stay at home mom of two. I love my morning coffee and my afternoon tea. I love spending time with my family. In my spare time I love to read and especially write. I hope what I share on here all of you will enjoy.

12 thoughts on “Calmness..”

  1. Gosh, how exciting to see coyotes! We have a bobcat but i have never seen him. Also a mountain lion a little North of us. Him I do NOT want to see, thank you.

    A couple times when hiking in the mountains around L.A. I was CERTAIN that I could feel a mountain lion watching me, stalking me, preparing to pounce and shred me with his claws. I think I worry about them on my hikes more than I do bears even. I would think you’d hear a bear’s heavy footsteps and snuffling, right? But a mountain lion is silent.

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  2. I saw a bobcat once when we first built it was about a week of being in the house and I had came home from picking my kids up from school . I pulled up to the house and there he ..she was sitting there under the tree away from where I parked . I told my kids to go straight into house . That he wouldn’t bother with with us he wants the squirrels who live the tree of course non insight lol . My daughter little shook her head saying nope not getting out . My son who couldn’t get out fast enough to have a better look once again little .. told him No! Don’t get out lol . He was to excited and I didn’t think he go into the house🙄 a few mins later he went up into our woods . Haven’t seen him since . Now I would love to see a mountain lion lol. Bears we have had out front in our yard in my blog I’ve posted with pics but you would have to go back about a year to see it. He was a big guy. You would hear him I think. Yeah the coyotes are something . Their always close by .


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