And there was sun!

  • Ahhh woke to the sun shining into my bedroom . Late night had a hard time falling asleep .was too warm then cold ..oh I hate when the weather seesaws with its temps .. cool all day then the night seem to warm up and I guess it did as waking to 58 out and yes the sun ! I decided to get up and enjoy it then trying to catch up on sleep. My hubby and son at work . My daughter still down in her place but miss Abigail roaming the house , going from one room to another. Looking out the windows . Trying to find the most exposure to the suns rays. I went to the coffee pot and as I’m pouring my coffee Miss Abigail can hear me at it and now waiting for her morning treat. So coffee for me and treat for her. Went to sit out on the deck with my coffee but I need to wipe down the chairs.. still soaking wet . So I leaned on the railing for a bit to just feel the sun on my face . I pray Mother Nature has decided it’s time to let us enjoy Spring.
  • Time to finish my coffee and breakfast… do somethings inside then get outside and enjoy the sun . 🙂
  • Author: windsofchange18

    I am a stay at home mom of two. I love my morning coffee and my afternoon tea. I love spending time with my family. In my spare time I love to read and especially write. I hope what I share on here all of you will enjoy.

    26 thoughts on “And there was sun!”

      1. That sounds are so luck to have those little ones to enjoy this beautiful weather with. Yes I’m crossing my fingers . .. I did hear a possible rain /thunderstorm could come through In the afternoon tomorrow. . Will see always can change.


      1. No but it’s here . Well for now have off and on sun today with possible rain and thunderstorms coming in . I don’t mind the Thunderstorm except for the fact that my son will be working in it tonight . One of his two jobs so this one tonight is delivering for a pub/ restaurant . I hope your getting sun as well🙂

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        1. During the week I don’t care what the weather is since a. I’m working all day and b. I only have to drive on the weekends. Ha ha. I hope the rain holds off until your son is done with his deliveries and back home safe.

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        2. Hi my Chromebook came today . It’s been awhile since I wrote on a computer laptop so reading up on it is it easier to use then what I’m reading. And do you sit it on your lap in a chair or in bed?

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        3. It’s very simple to use. Right now I’m on the couch with it on my lap.

          If you get stuck, let me know and I can share some tips and tricks. For instance:

          If you want to type in ALL CAPS you need to press ALT and the magnifying glass on the left under the TAB key. Then hit those two again when you’re done with caps.

          The other thing that took a little getting used to is there is no Delete button. So if you want to delete something that is in front of your cursor, hold down ALT and then hit backspace. So just backspace to erase stuff behind the cursor and ALT backspace to delete stuff in front of the cursor.

          But yah, any questions just ask me.

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        4. Yes, it doesn’t seem to get hot like other laptops do. If I have it on my lap when I’m sitting in my bed I try to keep the blankets away from it so no air vents are blocked but I don’t know if that’s even necessary. It stays pretty cool.

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        5. I have a mouse that my son gave me USB ? I’m not good at this lol I’m posting about it I want to thank you because you helped me but I didn’t know how to highlight your blog … how do I post a pic then delete it drone the Chromebook after its on blog so it doesn’t take up storage space.


        6. Do you see a little circle, bottom left? Click that and get a pop up that says Search your Device…type Files in that box. It will show you a Files icon. Click on that to see your files and delete them.

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        7. Okay I’m screen shoring this so I can do this tomorrow lol on my phone right now because I didn’t understand somethings lol I just put up the post with a pic I believe I did this right and got the one you said you have


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