Ahh Friday…

Woke for 7 and put myself together to bring the car to the garage …. oil change . And yes the struggle of getting up at 7 was real. It wouldn’t be if I was still use to it .When my kids were in school I was up at 5:30 every morning. But now adult kids I’ve become once again a night owl .. so 2:30 finally falling a sleep to then waking at 7 was yes a struggle. I rushed a half of cup of coffee , ate some eggs and out the door I went of course out into the rain again . Dropped the car off at the garage that is right next to a convenience store and enjoyed a coffee while chatting with people from town. 45 mins later done then went to the post office grabbed the mail and headed home. My daughter came home from work around 12:30 with a coffee in hand . A very caffeinated day. A definite need. While cleaning up the house and chatting with her my hubby called to tell me he needed to be picked up from work my son had his truck to go to work , so my daughter and I both headed out to grab him and somethings my son needed for a Race tomorrow The Bone Frog Race. Very popular . This I believe will be his third one . He lives for this . I’ll post pics. Supper was easy takeout from the pizza house in town so hubby and I grabbed that and dropped food off for my son who went to the final track meet of the season the big one many schools involved at the high school he graduated at last year and the sport that was his and still is his passion. Then we headed home to eat with my daughter. So a busy but laid back day. The sun came out during the afternoon just in time for the track meet and it hit 78 out . Tonight all have settled in .

My son came home I asked if he had a good time and if he missed those days ? He said yes but no .. only because he felt old , oh if he only knew what it really feels to be old , I knew what he meant but I had to chuckle when he said it . He said that a lot had changed and the kids were less and just so different . I believe the word would be immature . My son has grown up a lot in this past yr . I thank god. He has come off his pedal stool . The Army has humbled him and for that I do thank the Army for … but the rest makes me nervous of what he has started. But for now will not think about it ..all are home settled in I’m about to do the same . Just reading a bit more to get done with this book I’m reading. My book should be coming soon in the mail. With another to follow . So read a bit more then off to bed. Good night🙂

Author: windsofchange18

I am a stay at home mom of two. I love my morning coffee and my afternoon tea. I love spending time with my family. In my spare time I love to read and especially write. I hope what I share on here all of you will enjoy.

15 thoughts on “Ahh Friday…”

  1. Could you please come and take my car for an oil change. I hate messing with cars more than anything. Stresses me out.

    I love how people in your house are always coming in with coffee for everyone!!!

    I like the pictures of your town. Those old buildings are like our old buildings down on Main street. Straight out of the 1800s. I love ours so much. I want to get ice cream at your cute ice cream place!

    Curious about the Bone Frog Race. LOL

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    1. Oh Jinger messing with cars stressing me out too…oh it was a struggle to get there lol! Yes those buildings are old.. it’s called Mo’s Fudge look it up it’s in Buckland MA ,has the best fudge and the variety is amazing. The Bone frog it’s something I believe the military sponsors it’s dedicated to the Fallen soldiers. This is my sons second one he did it last yr just before going into Basic Training . It’s obstacles you have to climb over swing from swim across , and run. He did well was tired and hurting he has to much muscle mass .. since coming home in March he’s been working out a lot lifting .so a bit slower but did well.

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      1. MMm fudge!!! Our local old timey candy shoppe normally makes fudge but the one time I was there recently they had NO fudge. I wasn’t too happy about that. I found Mo’s in Shelburne Falls is that it? Yummy!!!!!

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      2. Just window shopping. Their prices are good, but it’s the $15 shipping that gets ya. I’ll wait for my own candy shoppe to announce they’ve finally made some fudge. LOL I live in a tourist town so nothing kicks into gear around here until Memorial Day weekend when all the people flood in to hit the water, camp, fish, etc.

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