And the wind blows…

It’s a Tuesday windy cool morning and yes a quiet one if you would call it that ..with the sound of the wind banging against the house.. Miss Abigail running around the house non stop. And I actually having to raise my voice at her for trying to get under the couch covers to scratch it. We were doing so good with that 🙄 now I think she is mad at me.

The wind blew all night after several times of our bedroom door slamming shut from it, my hubby propped the door open a bit . If we keep it shut it gets either too cold or too hot . After it being in the 80’s and humid it became really chilly and even though the sun is out it’s cold . Ahh Miss Abigail has calmed down and laying in her chair . I know she needs to have the time to run and act crazy but not on the couch.. Everyone has gone to work early . And I will just do things around here and that needs to be done. I have finally finished the book The Road . Hmm ..after all that and this is the ending ? Was my thought last night ,then I woke up saw the book sitting on my bedside table and then realized the ending and why what happens did. Still yes thinking and why after all that ? But then realizing the moral of the story made sense. Now I wait for my next book to come in the mail . It says delivery is today so I’m crossing my fingers. As the wind blows my day needs to the pedal from my tree decorating my deck actually pretty🙂 get started .

Author: windsofchange18

I am a stay at home mom of two. I love my morning coffee and my afternoon tea. I love spending time with my family. In my spare time I love to read and especially write. I hope what I share on here all of you will enjoy.

16 thoughts on “And the wind blows…”

  1. Love the pedals on your deck!

    Thundering here and the satellite just went out. So annoying for poor Mom trying to watch TV.

    Sorry to hear your book had an unsatisfactory ending. Did the one you were waiting for arrive?

    Oh dear. Maybe Miss Abigail is scared of the wind and trying to hide??

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    1. Oh I hate when it’s storms and you loose tv , I feel for your mom . We have lost WiFi so no Chromebook tonight cell and no landline it’s cold here tonight. I thought the pedals looked pretty. I didn’t even think of that I bet Miss Abigail is afraid of the wind. I think you would like the book . The Road. I believe it was delivered my book I need to go to our post box tomorrow . For now reading a Danielle Steele that I got before my son went to basic and I didn’t finish it . I may have to start at the beginning . It’s called The Award. You have had a lot of thunderstorms. I much rather have that never got the ones they predicted for yesterday.

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  2. Hehe, Miss Abigail & her antics crack me up. I feel like my cats get a little upset with me when I yell at them, too LOL. Our room gets the same way with the doors closed!! & those petals really are so pretty!!

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