Mystery , Message…

Sitting under my tree , happy place today deck needing more work then we expected… the sun is out and there is a beautiful breeze . A quiet day . My daughter is headed to work. My son coming home this evening after an over night orientation at the college he will be attending this Fall. That said I am taking in a moment and doing nothing … as I sit here my mind keeps reflecting back to a mystery this past week .. as You know if your a regular follower or just reading my post . I live in a peaceful quiet wooded area in the country where our driveway is more of a country road . So trees surrounding our home , during the day all you hear is the wind , the birds, and the comings and goings of my kids and their friends. So this was a surprise when I open my kitchen door this past week and found this beautiful item

Outside the door laying on the railing. I asked my son who was just arriving home from his morning run if he had placed it there ?he replied no asking if maybe dad had found it and put it there before work . Puzzled I sent my husband a picture and asked . He replied several minutes later no he didn’t and that he had never seen it before. And thought maybe our daughter. When my daughter woke I asked her and the same reply no not me. Okay now I was really in dismay …. relatives never just show up out here so I didn’t think it was any of them but I called around anyways and same reply no I did not. It’s been a week and this butterfly sits in my planter within my flowers . And there is no answers to where or how his came upon our door step . Do I find it beautiful ? Yes . .. does it make me wonder where this came from ? Yes.. does it bother me this un known mystery yes.. what do you think a message perhaps a sign ? I would love to know .

Author: windsofchange18

I am a stay at home mom of two. I love my morning coffee and my afternoon tea. I love spending time with my family. In my spare time I love to read and especially write. I hope what I share on here all of you will enjoy.

13 thoughts on “Mystery , Message…”

  1. Sitting under a tree…sounds so nice…but what about for those of us terrified of bugs. How do you keep things from crawling up your chair or legs or dropping down from the tree onto your head or landing on you? I would need to sit inside some kind of netting system under a tree so nothing can get on me.

    Oh so your son is staying on the going to college track! Will he be in a dorm? Home with you? Still deciding?

    That is a very interesting mystery! Could one of the kids friends have dropped i? Is it light enough a big wind could’ve brought it? So lovely!

    A gift from the universe?

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    1. I did have a bug on my arm and swiped it off quickly lol….okayyy the spider landing on my head is something I did not think of ughh… yeahhh….he is going to dorm ..sigh …even though just the over night orientation he didn’t sleep well ..and said he felt older then the other students his age so once again I’m thinking it will be a trial and error with him. He loved his classes. but yeah I do not know. He is a hard one. Im sadly trying to let go a bit I’ve have become so use to him being home. at least its an hour away. so The butterfly mystery has me frazzled … I have asked all the kids friends and they have mentioned it as well to them and they all said no as well.tterflies it was sitting right on the railing that is at the kitchen door. Maybe a gift from the universe? funny thing you wouldn’t believe the butterflies that have been around me lately. lol

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      1. Don’t worry the spider thing would only happen to me. On a hike I’m the one the bees chase. No one else.

        Sounds like your son will just have to try it and see.

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  2. What a lovely thing to find. I think sometimes things happen that are unexplainable but often there is meaning. So lovely to find a beautiful butterfly 🦋 and I’m sure wherever it came from, it made you smile 😊

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