Fourth of July…

Hi everyone! I’m finally posting after about a week .. Im learning to let go and yes realize I am not in control of anything .. who is right? But we try …. so I needed a break or should say really should say I just couldn’t write. Anyway this Fourth of July went along with exactly how I have been feeling, go figure… it was not a disappointment but a learning one. My daughter had to work but I was able to spend the day before out and about with her. My son had off and he thought we would be going to my hubby’s brother for a day in their pool and family ….. nothing , no phone call no reaching out with an invite so nothing on my hubby side ..and so my hubby and I and son made the best of it . We went for dinner at Chili’s I had never been . The food was delicious my hubby and I both had the chicken enchiladas while my son had one of their big burgers and fries after eating an appetizer of two Hamburg sliders wings and These nachos that I didn’t get a picture of. After the meal we left and went to see the fireworks for a small town they were pretty good . A lot of people and little ones running around with their glow bracelets and necklaces, so cute . My son said he remember those days like they were just yesterday. We laughed when I took a pic of him sitting with us to send to my daughter after telling her it wasn’t the same as when they were little , and wrote under pic this is my baby .. she did the laughing crying face and said it was hysterical … my son did not find it amusing (hahaha) but all in all it was nice . Came home after and chatted with my daughter and then as it became later we all settled in for the night.. Any phone calls from my hubby’s fam ? Nothing …. got to love family. Tonight there will be fireworks in our next town that they all go to we do too ..this year we will not unless my daughter makes it after work in time with here boyfriend . My son works and my hubby and I will be at my sisters for a birthday party for my niece. Today is just a typicalFriday but with my hubby off . Funny how you learn and wonder tho why do things have to be this way. But it all turned out my hubby and I made the best of this holiday and came out of it with a new perspective. ..

Author: windsofchange18

I am a stay at home mom of two. I love my morning coffee and my afternoon tea. I love spending time with my family. In my spare time I love to read and especially write. I hope what I share on here all of you will enjoy.

21 thoughts on “Fourth of July…”

  1. Oh yes!, I can relate to this too! I learned along time ago to do all the planning for what I wanted and to forget the rest. The exclusion part is really hard to take though even if it happens just due to thoughtlessness. Fireworks are the best! It sounds like ya’ll had a wonderful time in spite of the way it started…So glad it was enjoyable.<3

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      1. We were minus a child too 🙂 But, thankfully my aunt and uncle took him in and he celebrated with them. 4th of july is my fav holiday and the kids grew up with that mentality so i am glad he had someone to celebrate with. How fun to have time with your son like that too!

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      1. I never hear from my family unless they want something it seems. Some have even told me to get Facebook so we can keep up with each other… as if there’s no such thing as calling or texting…

        I’m sorry Kim.

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  2. Mmm I miss Chilis!!!!!!!

    We moved away from our extended family when I was 5 so I’ve never been part of that whole family fun / family feud dynamic. There’s both good and bad in having missed all that.

    Glad you could spend time with your husband and kids, even if it wasn’t all on the same day.

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    1. Thank you so much. Chilli’s was really good . Next time we go I do not want to be in a rush ….hubby wanted to get a good parking spot for fireworks lets just say we where the first one there and 3hrs to wait lol.

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