As long as last week was ,as short as this weekend is. It’s just hitting 7:30 and the sun has already disappeared below the trees and settled into the mountain well thats how it looks . Peepers no more . Do they stop making noise at a certain time of the season? And no wildlife as well . At least the humidity is slowly dissipating. It’s a bit more bearable . A new week will be beginning and plans are being made to fill it up . Monday will be spent eyewear shopping with my daughter who needs to get new glasses and wants my opinion. Maybe I can find a book or two while we are out and about. Then Wednesday my daughter and I will catch an afternoon movie. We want to see the new The lion King , my daughter loved it as a little girl . It looks really good . So looking forward to that. All fun things to do this week. Then the birthday weekend will arrive and I can’t wait for that to pass by … not for my son I love celebrating my kids birthdays it’s mine Id like to forget. So with that said my son is accumulating a good room full of items for his college dorm. Unbelievable he will be starting college in a month . National Guard drill will be starting up for him the first of August so he has that to do as well. Things will get busy soon for him and I less busy….. less busy worrying about him (hahaha) he will be tucked away in school. I’m really hoping he likes it. Time will tell. In the mean time I will enjoy both my kids while their home together . A rarity these days. It’s 8 now and it’s getting dark already . My son is out on his bike for a quick ride before it gets completely dark. Waiting to hear the roar of it’s engine soon pulling into the driveway. Oh how he loves that bike. Hubby will be going to bed in a half n hour ,4 in the morning comes quick . To early for me to settle so I’ll take advantage of the quietness and read some more of my book. Hoping I can get into it more. Not ready to give up on it yet. Well until then I guess I will get a couple of things done . Have a good night everyone!

Author: windsofchange18

I am a stay at home mom of two. I love my morning coffee and my afternoon tea. I love spending time with my family. In my spare time I love to read and especially write. I hope what I share on here all of you will enjoy.

22 thoughts on “Sunday…”

  1. Well let’s see…today was eyewear / book shopping! How’d that go?

    We have some kind of loud…deafening loud…bugs that will continue for the rest of the summer. Cicadas? I don’t know. Horrible noise. Kind of metallic. And then the crickets and katydids. The only time I can NOT hear them is when the air conditioner is running.


    1. Yes it was . well it went pretty good . My daughter found some glasses but didn[t want to break the bank ….I told her I pay for them she refused..stubborn. The lady that helped us was such a peach,she told us if we waited in a week their having a 50% sale .She wrote the date down and told my daughter to come back. She stated that she is not suppose to tell people when they have those sales but said that my daughter seem so sweet and and honest and when my daughter teared up she hugged her. I was in dismay. Didn’t by any books need to go back when I can spend a good hour looking lol plus I should have brought my readers … need to have a pair in my purse.Oh the Cicadas is all we hear too .Their so annoying…Hope your having a good day.

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