Beautiful day out..

Headed out a bit early with my daughter her car needed an old change . So off to dealership she bought it from . I’m happy she has such great service ,where I bought mine from it’s horrible , all we had to do was drive into the open bay they asked what was needed and 20 mins later we where off to enjoy some lunch . As you see I tried to go as healthy as I could being that yes it was eating out.. so soup and a salad no bread… it was really good and light . Now our next stop was not as healthy.. sorry but not sorry.. we both enjoyed a Carmel chocolate chip macchiato 🤷🏻‍♀️have to always get our coffee when we are near a Starbucks … okay actually any coffee place when we are out (hahaha) not a complete day out with my daughter if there is no coffee involved. After we hit the Walmart and grabbed a few things that where needed and I found a cute blouse I couldn’t let go of🙂

On a different note. We headed to this Big Y gas station our local store around our area has gas stations you can get a discount if you have their card. I went in with her to pay to grab a water. And… there was my daughters ex boyfriend. Can you say awkward! Well not for me but for my daughter. She did pretty good I must say.. he did as well a bit surprised when we walked in he said hi to me first and they talked a bit but sadly I could see his eyes tear up … the hopeless try to make everyone happy person open her mouth and asked if he was doing okay and he started to tell us … okay this guy is such a loss soul . He’s never been very happy had a hard childhood so him with a relationship is hard but other then that he’s really a good person and means well but him and my daughter were just not good for one another. He is still friends with my son and I on Facebook . My son likes the guy and felt bad for him . So once again my mouth opened and I said if he ever wanted someone to talk to message me because well the line behind us was picking up and we had to let him get back to work . Okay the look on my daughters face was not pretty…. we arrive at her car and she said oh mom why did you tell him that? And you know he won’t talk to you.. okay I’m fine with that but I just had to offer ..sadly it’s who I am . Does it get me in trouble at times yes .. My heart kind of breaks for him . I feel bad for people who are not happy with their life .. I know not my place so .. so be it I put it out there and if he does I will not mind being an ear for him. On our way home it was a bit quiet but she got over it and all was good. Now my house is filled with chatty laughing guys . A beautiful sound . My son arrived home with a friend so their cooking up food and the house is not quiet. Oh how I will miss this when he is at college… I’m trying to line my self up with things to do friends to see and talk to it will all come together I’m sure .

Author: windsofchange18

I am a stay at home mom of two. I love my morning coffee and my afternoon tea. I love spending time with my family. In my spare time I love to read and especially write. I hope what I share on here all of you will enjoy.

10 thoughts on “Beautiful day out..”

  1. Glad you had such a lovely day with your daughter ☺️ It’s a shame it got so awkward! I think you did the right thing by offering an ear, sometimes just letting someone send you a few messages can be a huge relief for them. I’m sure deep down your daughter understands that you were just being you and she’s loves you for it xx

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    1. Thank you so much it was a great day. And thank you I agree with you , yes I had to it just felt right to offer , well my daughter may know it’s the right thing to do but will never admit it🙂 thank you for such the kind words❤️

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  2. Wow! How delicious does that salad and soup look???? And let’s NOT EVEN talk about that coffee!!!! Mmm!!!!

    That reminds me I need to drive over to Mr. Oily’s and get an oil change one of these days when it’s not 500F out. Your daughter is so lucky she has her Mama to go with her.

    Hope all is well with the ex-BF.

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    1. Yes the coffee so good! Lol thank you it’s fun to go with her then we can enjoy Starbucks lol ex – boyfriend has befriended me on FB . Very surprised . But she doesn’t seem to mind. He always acted like I was his mom lol.

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  3. Mmm, the soup & salad look yummy! We always need to get coffee if we are by it/out & about, too. 🤣 I’ve never heard of a Caramel Chocolate Chip Macchiato, sounds delicious.

    It was sweet of you to let your daughter’s ex know he can message you. It makes sense it was weird for her though. Maybe he will need you sometime. ♡

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