img_4140I am a wife ,Mother of two. Who lives with my family in the country with wildlife right out my front yard foxes turkeys our daily visitors along with an abundance of birds squirrels running all over. So welcome to my word! I decided this was the right time to start this blog after my oldest graduated from High School and my youngest is growing just as fast ,he has now graduated from high school this past June …it amazes me …where the time went?
When I was pregnant with my daughter   my father was diagnosed with cancer which was such an un believable mixed feeling of emotions ,happy I was pregnant but sad for my Dad ,when my daughter Jamie was 6 months old  he passed away. I was happy that he had time to spend with her. I never imagined this would happened but who does.  I kept thinking how unfair it all  was but  his words echoed  in my head that this would be her world now and it is a beautiful world just like her. I was such a daddy’s girl there was nothing he wouldn’t do for me and my dad said I needed to focus on her before he passed …so that’s what I did . My daughter has  brought me so much  joy and she helped me get through this tough time and keep  me moving forward. Watching her grow and her big brown eyes looking up at me I knew I needed   to  step up and raise her and listen to my father.She brought so much joy to my Mom as well sadly a year later she passed, she had health complications , I think she died of a broken heart. I believe that is possible they had known each other since they were kid’s their bond was so deep. . Life was so busy  caring for Jamie watching her grow my  husband and I agreed that it was a good thing for me to be a

Stay at home Mom.  Best decision ever ,Five years later my youngest was born, my Son  Seth my happy baby bundle of energy and the fascination for running since the day he could first walk my two kid’s  couldn’t be more opposite ,as shy and  conscientious my daughter is and strong willed  with a heart of gold and the warmth she gives out when your near her is amazing .My Son is  kind hearted a charmer as well but so motivated the sky is the limit for him attitude naive that life just falls in your lap yes still growing learning. But is finding he does need to work for what he wants a trait that he does well he is very stubborn and very social  and physically active his energy is unbelievable  ,his dreams are   so big that it scares me how out of reach they may be who knows maybe he will reach them I hope so he works hard for them.I have always had to have a lot of energy to keep up with him and always be one step ahead of him to keep him safe my daughter alway by my side hahaha I  wouldn’t have them him any other way  .My daughter is 22and my son is now just turned 18 .life is less busy now . My daughter still lives at home but has her own living space downstairs with her cat Miss Abigail ,she is happily busy with her job ,friends, and boyfriend . my son  is very independent for  his age busy with getting on with the next chapter in his life ,work  college but Before college heading to Basic traing in Oct for the Army National Guards  his passion is biking, hiking running , yes the Army and he loves his friends .so I am finding I have  more time to myself ….sometimes a good thing sometimes not, I am a person who loves    to take care of people and this is what I have done for 20 years this is all I know. …so I am having a hard time  adjusting which I am sure this is nothing new for other mothers to hear so I thought since  I like to write and always have since I was a teenager  I thought I would  try starting a blog so I will use  this as a new chapter in my life  to help find myself once again and be someone else besides a mom and hopefully you can share my new chapter with me  with all the new changes with random day to day family  life moments, the laughter the tears that I will post in my blog. Some  of you will enjoy some will probably find it boring, if you do like it please let me know I would love some feedback  a bit more about myself  besides the love of taking care of people I love my morning coffee , I’m always ready for a good conversation,  love the night time hours where I do my best thinking and writing , not a morning person,I love to read and did I mention I love to talk anytime day or night (hahaha)  I love honest loyal people I have no time for drama of others in my life so if your looking for good ol down to earth simple living contents of posts of my world  you will find it here I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I like writing here!

16 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hey!
    I think this is the most important part of a blog and you should take some time to fill it in.
    I saw your comment on someone else’s blog and wondered what yours was about, and I’ve come here to find out… blank.
    This is the first place many will look at to see if your blog is something they may be interested in following, Sometimes going straight to reading a post without knowing what it is about can be a little confusing.
    Take a little look at mine to see: https://themanshewants.wordpress.com/about/

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  2. I am also new to this blogging scene, I searched a few tags and found your blogsite. Popped in for a visit and read some of your stories. I live in Australia, have 3 adult sons and 3 Grandies (grandchildren). I have enjoyed reading your stories, they are real and meaningful. I find there are so many sites that are hard to understand, full of fiction and hard to find any common ground with.
    Cheers from
    Annie in Australia 🌞 🌴 🌊

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    1. Welcome to the blogging world.Thank you so much ! I am so happy you enjoyed some of my stories sometimes I doubt what I write wondering if I am boring people . I do write a lot about my family it gives me enjoyment so thank you once again. you give me the motivation to keep blogging. 🙂


    2. I couldn’t find a comment box on your post you wrote about anxiety ..I so relate to how you described how it is to wake up some mornings with the fear of starting a new day and so on ..oh my not easy to get through but we do and yes it does help to keep busy. I find writing helps me. I need to say with it being cold in the state I live that muffin sounds so good and comforting especially with a cup of tea.

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      1. Thankyou for popping in, I will have to add a comment box to my site, perhaps because it is still a free site I have some restrictions on widgets I have available to me. I am still finding my way around building a blogsite, so I can write like you, I don’t profess to be a writer, but I am hoping to just write what I am thinking, perhaps stories about my life. I am trying to find the right theme, I have so much to learn. I have a real battle with anxiety and panic, but I have worked hard to find ways to overcome it as best I can. Keep busy, I thought a blogsite would not only allow me to write, but more so help me meet people and read their stories, we learn something new everyday, we all have a story to tell. I enjoy your site , I like real stories, stories that we can relate to. I do love a warm muffin with fresh whipped cream and a cup of tea or a cappuccino. Whenever I sit down to do some blogging I make a muffin and a cuppa.
        Today it is a raspberry and white cocolate muffin and a cup of tea
        I have tried to find your name on your blogsite, perhaps I am looking in the wrong place, so I will just sign off with a hug today from
        Annie in Australia 🌞 🌴 🌊


      2. Hello, You should be able to make a comment box , I am doing the free site on here It’s just trying to figure it all out .I had to have my daughter help me set it up , I always liked to write my thoughts and things in my life like you too I never thought I would do it as a blog but I am enjoying it … still learning how to work this site and I am happy that I tried this because then I would never have met the people I read about especially you. I like your stories as well.Thank you for liking my stories and enjoying the realness of them ..this is all I know what to write hahaha I love my family so its nice to share them in my writings. anxiety is not an easy thing to overcome if ever we just learn to manage it and not let it ruin our everyday happiness .. Oh and my name is Kim I guess I didn’t put it on my about page.and your raspberry and white muffin with whip cream sounds delish!!!! I am going to try to be on here everyday again. its was a busy crazy past week. so I am going to finish my soap opera that I am catching up on tonight oh yes I am a huge Days of our lives fan , do you have that day time show in Australia ? and also put a post up. my way it’s 9;00 at night so I will let myself go and hope to hear from you and enjoy more of your posts. Hugs to you from my world.:)

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  3. The high’s and low’s of life can be challenging but children definitely help to keep us going. I’m loving your blog so far and look forward to getting to know you more through your future posts… Always here to support fellow bloggers… X

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    1. Nice to meet you ! Thanks for reading my blog ! 🙂 I hope your enjoying my posts ? I’m not the best writer , I just write for the enjoyment , and I enjoy writing about everyday life . Simple🙂


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