Snow …

It’s been a pretty calm winter snow wise , for the most part the ground has been more bare then covered in white, but that could soon change according to the forecast . Fri to Monday looking nasty. It’s now the mid afternoon on a Thursday The laundry is rumbling away. Food supply in the house is good daughter grabbing a few necessities as she leaves work tonight . Mail is checked . So now to settle in the next several days thankfully my daughter has Fri and Saturday off ,if need be her shift is very short on Sunday she can call out or most likely they will tell her not to come in. I have enough to keep me busy here and my daughter does as well it’s my other half that worries me🙄 most likely he will be like Miss Abigail and just sleep away until it stops and has to go out and plow. Plus my son may keep him busy texting him or calling him since my son has a three day weekend at the base and has his phone. New England never know how the weather will be here.


Outside my window..

Half way through the week, with a three day weekend ahead of us ..that is good for my other half. At 7:30 last night as I was just settling to read my book when my phone rang with a message. It was my son! I opened the message to Hey! How are you? I replied quickly not knowing how much time he had on it . I asked if he had it for good this time, he stated “yes I do , but only after classes and supper time until 9 when we have to get sleep then phones need to be put in our lockers. “Weekends all day until 10 because we go to bed an hr later. ” It was nice to catch up with him and see how he was doing . He likes his class and the job he chose for his MOS ..Civil Engineering. and has made a lot of good friends but missed home and all of us. I told him I was happy he was doing good . We chatted off and on until 9 then we both shut our phones down and went to bed (hahaha) yes I did too ..early for me but it felt good under the blankets and I had to be up earlier then usual to bring my other half’s truck to the garage with my daughter bringing me back home after leaving it there ..and my daughter needing to get to work. So now outside my window it’s cloudy and cold but not as cold as it was. Another quiet day but things are done around the house a pork roast is cooking in my faithful crockpot . Making the house smell delicious. I’m just waiting for my day time shows to come on and then when my other half gets home from work will go pick his truck up. later my son should be on or call . Simple day…. I’m getting through my book and must say it will be nice to actually finish one from the library . That last couple of them I just couldn’t get into but then again it was around the holidays and so a lot was going on I just couldn’t focus on the story. It’s a good time to read now. With this month dragging on , hmm ..well I must say it’s been a bit faster getting through then usual . Another month and two weeks and my son will be back . Then it won’t be as quiet around here with his comings and goings . I guess I shouldn’t get too use to the quietness Fall if he gets into one of the colleges he is planning .. hoping for to do ROTC along with is Army National Guards duty. It will once again be quiet. For now I will enjoy the quietness. It looks like a stormy weekend coming the ground will soon be covered in white. That being said the grocery stores will be packed with people loading up with food for a weekend stuck inside plus the big game on Sunday seeing if our team plays in the Super Bowl. Yes a big football Sunday . Well my show is coming on going to make a nice cup of tea and enjoy my show. 🙂

Sunsets and coffee!

having a vetch for Sunsets. Yes along with my coffee is something I have had for awhile ,tonight driving home with my daughter after spending the day with her as she ran some errands at our big chain store and then a ride through the Starbucks drive thru enjoying a white mocha with raspberry latte we headed home ,the sun setting a bit later as each day goes by is so nice and the sunsets have been gorgeous . I captured several but this one is my favorite . So orange the sky started out pink then it came to this. Breath taking!. I took so many pics had to delete some ..crowding my phone…but this one was such a keeper. A very nice ending to the day with my daughter.


It’s a chilly Monday morning. The coffee is hot and tastes good ! I read after midnight still loving the book. Should finish soon. The washer is humming away but not from me ! My daughter is up and doing laundry . Miss Abigail is running around the house like a wild animal . The sun is out and hoping for the temps to reach the 30’s and then it will feel like a heat wave after the single digits all weekend.

To update on my journaling experience , let’s see it’s been as of today a week . Is going pretty well. I write at night before I read . About a page I’ve been doing. And finding a good balance between what to blog about and journal about .. of course the journaling is more personal then what I blog about. Happy I’m back into it . I guess it’s time to finish my coffee start this day . Have a good day everyone.

A productive day, my way..

Today I slept in and then just stayed under the covers a bit longer since the temps on my phone were reading 19.. so I browse through my Twitter then WordPress and FB then my horoscope .. after did a a crossword puzzle on a crossword game. Then decided it was time to drag myself to a shower and then find myself to a nice cup of a hot cup of coffee. My other half commented well this is a morning of leisure .. this is the guy who gets up as soon as his eyes open and has many cups of coffee before my first. I just smiled …After we chatted as my daughter came up from her place and enjoyed coffee with us. The rest of the day has been chatting with my daughter while she did some laundry before work and I making a cake for dessert later . And then some decluttering a bit throughout the house which didn’t consist of much just here and there of throwing some things away . For Christmas my daughter bought me some black nail polish so settling I decided to do my nails while watching the football game with my other half . My nails didn’t come out too bad .. black is a bit harder to do because it shows every in perfection . I guess not bad for the first time though. Now I’m finding that it’s going on 4:00 in the afternoon ..and wondering where did this day go?I guess I kept busy or Sundays just fly bye to get to Monday… that’s okay I’m looking forward to Tuesday to come , my son will hopefully be getting his phone back so will be able to at least chat off and on. I’m still going to send letters until he says stop (hahaha) because it’s just what I want to do. ☺️I guess it’s time to think about what to do for supper.

Weekend and cold….

It’s Saturday and a very cold one at that. Last night instead of watching a movie with my daughter that I had first stated we decided on just enjoying our books we both have and are enjoying so much , she got comfortable with a blanket on the couch as I was was comfortable in my chair wrapped in a blanket we read our books and chatted off and on while my hubby went to bed feeling a bit under the weather all week. Reading and chatting until 11:00 my daughter and I decided to get some sleep . Waking this morning and dragging myself out of the warm bed I enjoyed my morning coffee then got ready to start the day. After getting the horrible task of food shopping done with my husband and then grabbing a coffee on the way home . I tried a trefoil Sugar cookie favor it was so good it’s one of those flavors that are comforting . We arrived to no internet or landline working … yes we still have a landline a lot of people gave it up but I cannot part with it. Our internet services after having us try several ways to reboot it .. nothing connection so now a tech is coming out tomorrow to see what is going on with it. Oh the things we get use too … the temps stayed cold so we just stayed home the rest of the day. Supper has come and gone and now will probably settle in our room . I’ll read well my hubby watches television . My son didn’t get his phone back yet so we are guessing it will be after this Tues like he originally thought. Hopefully he’s doing good. I sent him a letter but never know when he will get it . I sent it 6 days ago so hopefully he has it or will soon. All on the Army’s time. Well I guess it’s time to settle with my book . I hope everyone has a good night.


It’s Friday and the temps have only been in the teens if that .. with the wind blowing it makes it even colder. I had to go out in it this morning but then came home did some cleaning up and now cozied up in my chair wrapped in a blanket reading The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society . I’m enjoying this so much . So yes I do like it a lot . It’s different and refreshing from what I’m used to reading . Now I’m going to cozy in a bit more and enjoy some reading this evening a little while longer since my daughter will be home soon and may want me to watch a movie with her that she mentioned before she left for work if not I’ll read even longer🙂