Beautiful day out..

Headed out a bit early with my daughter her car needed an old change . So off to dealership she bought it from . I’m happy she has such great service ,where I bought mine from it’s horrible , all we had to do was drive into the open bay they asked what was needed and 20 mins later we where off to enjoy some lunch . As you see I tried to go as healthy as I could being that yes it was eating out.. so soup and a salad no bread… it was really good and light . Now our next stop was not as healthy.. sorry but not sorry.. we both enjoyed a Carmel chocolate chip macchiato 🤷🏻‍♀️have to always get our coffee when we are near a Starbucks … okay actually any coffee place when we are out (hahaha) not a complete day out with my daughter if there is no coffee involved. After we hit the Walmart and grabbed a few things that where needed and I found a cute blouse I couldn’t let go of🙂

On a different note. We headed to this Big Y gas station our local store around our area has gas stations you can get a discount if you have their card. I went in with her to pay to grab a water. And… there was my daughters ex boyfriend. Can you say awkward! Well not for me but for my daughter. She did pretty good I must say.. he did as well a bit surprised when we walked in he said hi to me first and they talked a bit but sadly I could see his eyes tear up … the hopeless try to make everyone happy person open her mouth and asked if he was doing okay and he started to tell us … okay this guy is such a loss soul . He’s never been very happy had a hard childhood so him with a relationship is hard but other then that he’s really a good person and means well but him and my daughter were just not good for one another. He is still friends with my son and I on Facebook . My son likes the guy and felt bad for him . So once again my mouth opened and I said if he ever wanted someone to talk to message me because well the line behind us was picking up and we had to let him get back to work . Okay the look on my daughters face was not pretty…. we arrive at her car and she said oh mom why did you tell him that? And you know he won’t talk to you.. okay I’m fine with that but I just had to offer ..sadly it’s who I am . Does it get me in trouble at times yes .. My heart kind of breaks for him . I feel bad for people who are not happy with their life .. I know not my place so .. so be it I put it out there and if he does I will not mind being an ear for him. On our way home it was a bit quiet but she got over it and all was good. Now my house is filled with chatty laughing guys . A beautiful sound . My son arrived home with a friend so their cooking up food and the house is not quiet. Oh how I will miss this when he is at college… I’m trying to line my self up with things to do friends to see and talk to it will all come together I’m sure .


A simple day .. shouldn’t it be?

After falling asleep around 1 ( very early for this insomniac) and woke at 8. To a quiet house I was very surprised .. decided to lay there for a bit and enjoy it .. then it was time to grab a quick shower and then head to the kitchen for some coffee ..ahh coffee …and the Wendy show ( hahaha) my new norm since our cable took away our local channel I use to watch . Can’t complain nice to switch it up even if it isn’t by choice. After my coffee and show was done I started with the everyday house things laundry .. cleanup last night snack dishes. Put a meatloaf in the oven for dinner as I enjoyed once again my music blasting from my beautiful speakers, makes house work go so much easier . It’s relaxing. Now just catching on some blog posts and enjoying a protein drink . Needed to add a bit more protein to my diet . I guess I do not eat enough of what I should … thanks to coffee and water that fills me. 🙄 bad habit coffee , not the water . Well struggling with the Stephen King book .. I am determined to finish it but I know I need a new book just can’t find one so I’ll keep reading this one. Not much to tell .. let’s see sadly we are back to humid weather again after some really cool temps . My son is on his last week of his jobs he has committed very well to all summer . Taking a couple of the weeks he has left before he heads to college to do some trips to see some army buddies and finish dorm shopping . Actually he is pretty much all set just some odds and ends. Hubby will have a vacation next week . Not doing much maybe some day trips get somethings done around the yard just needs a break . I honestly think he will go stir crazy … he loves the work routine when he is home he is so antsy . Where I am the other I’m content ( hahaha) oh how things change. In past summers when the kid were young we took week vacations somewhere now trying to do that is not easy .. just trying to get us all together for a dinner out is so hard . Out of my hands now kids are adults just how it goes.

Supper is done … and after cleaning up I will try to read a bit more. Let’s see how much I get read .

Relaxing Sunday…

After a busy Sunday morning with a family gathering . It’s now mid afternoon and sitting out on my deck with my book in hand. Nice to have some cooler weather to sit out side and enjoy some reading .Let’s see how much I can get read today🙂 The weather is perfect there is a nice breeze. The humidity has vanished … So I am taken advantage of it. Late night on my phone with a friend who has recently lost their wife . He has has been finding comfort in talking to me about her. I let him just talk on and reassure him he will get through this. It’s been a strange summer. I know I have said this in past posts but now it’s even more strange… people are talking to me about things . I guess they think of me as a good listener. I do not mind . I alway like to help people . Just sad what he’s going through. He will start back up on his work routine this week so I think the chats will calm down. Which I think being busy will be a good thing. As I sit here reading I can here noises in our woods I believe it’s acorns falling . It’s the strangest sound. I’m sure the squirrels are gathering them up already . It’s been a very hot humid summer on the days it’s felt like it but a short one with it being the first week in August and the temps are now cooling down. The weekend nights have been really cool and so the windows have been able to stay open . I laugh because I have been wanting to have the windows open at night and now I can and there is this annoying cricket outside mine and my daughters bedroom window that chirps all night 🙄 can’t win (hahaha) it’s keeping my daughter up as well. Okay time to get back to my book. Have great rest of the day or night depending where you are.


Oh it’s just seems like everything is a downward spiral… so not me I’m usually such a happy person. Yes I know we all have our moments, it just seems like it’s been something every day …. and it’s getting a bit tiring . I do not like feeling this way. I feel like I’m being pulled in many directions and it’s all in the directions I do not want to go …I try to do my best with helping family and others . But after awhile it can mentally exhaust you. I won’t go in to detail … it just needs to change and I just need a break from it.

On another note sadly we lost a beautiful young women today her and her family well known in our small town . She has struggled with cystic fibrosis her whole life after a couple years ago after having two lung transplants and her body rejecting them she was told she wouldn’t live to or pass the age of 25 . She passed today at the age of 26 … she suffered severely but always had a brave loving heart a strong will and a very big beautiful smile. She believed she wouldn’t beat the odds and so she lived her life to the fullest enjoying her family her pets her friends and raising money for her disease through many walking benefits even when she could only walk half way down the road. With the help of her loving guide dog . She made sure that everyday of her life on this earth was beautiful. And worth fighting for. So now she is at peace and the heavens have gained a beautiful angel. ❤️

I hope everyone has a good night and takes a moment to count their blessings and lives their life with love and happiness .

What a day.,.

Woke early for a Dr’s appointment which I do not enjoy . I’m not a very good patient I’ve been told.. I jumped in the shower , grabbed a cup of coffee that I only took 3 sips out of , choked down some eggs.. and out the door I went without thinking if I had a house key on the set of keys I use , since sharing my car with my son at the moment. Well no I didn’t and didn’t realize this until after I locked the door and shut it behind me..🙄 I had no time to stress over it and the last thing I needed was my blood pressure being sky high. I get to my appointment and take two seconds to breath and calm down before walking in. With Dr’s orders I was off to the market to grab food that had more protein in it. I guess I need more protein. I had to go their anyways since I needed to grab my daughters house key. Chatted with her for a bit and then grabbed what I needed . My patience was not with me today , people walking in front of me and then looking at me like I cut them off. Yes this day was not starting off well. After rushing to get out of there . I came home turned up the music on my birthday present and did what needed to be done around the house. All seemed to be getting better as the afternoon went smooth. My son had some errands to run so he asked if I wanted to go so I did . We were having a great time laughing and talking and ready to go through the car wash when my phone went off notifying me that my daughter was texting me . Well…. going into the car wash did something must have darkened my face that the Face ID wouldn’t identify me . So it told me to put in my password . Okay… I am horrible with passwords . I typed in what I thought was right and it said try again . I did I was locked out for 2mins. To make a long story short it’s 7 in the evening and now I’ve been adding minutes to my lockout since 4 in the afternoon. I’m now up to an hour wait and calling the Apple store ..Oh you NEVER want to do this . They said either they disable the phone and I start over or I keep going until I can’t try anymore. and hope I figure it out until the time was up that they give you till they shut it down and then you drive an hour way to an Apple store for them to restart it. Well I was about to give up when I just stopped cleared my head for a bit and then it came to me. BINGO ! I was unlocked. Yes I did write it down this time. Oh that was just way to close . And why do we like cell phones? Because sadly this is what our life has come to. Our life being on this little device. What a day locked myself out of my house and my phone. Now I am finally calm and just relaxing watching the show practical jokes , (it is getting earlier and earlier with the sun setting and darkness settling in. ). Need to laugh. And this is the show that will do it. I should read but I really do not think I can focus on it right now. So I will sit here and enjoy the show with the nice company of my son .


  • Woke early after a good nights sleep surprising ! ( hahaha) I’m not known for a good nights sleep. Or getting to bed around 11 but I believe after the sad news all weekend I was mentally exhausted.. Today was nice I took it in strive. I jumped in the shower then grabbed some coffee and enjoyed while I watched the Wendy Show. House was mine once again everyone out at work and my daughter shopping . I enjoyed . Did the things that needed to be done around the house. When my son arrived home with my car ….( soon my car will be mine ) I left and went and grabbed our mail and yes I turned up the radio and enjoyed my music. Love this moment took a ride before doing what I came to do . It was nice and well needed.. it clears my mind . When I realized after taking the ride and getting what I came for 2 1/2 hrs had passed . My son needed my car for his second job but I had known that so I was back in time but why did I feel guilty ? I do not know why I do this to myself …my son was fine he actually asked if I had a nice drive because he knows I took a drive … he knows me well. I guess just being so busy for so long and constantly thinking of your families needs you tend to forget about your own and then when you get this time the guilt sets in.. a very vicious cycle. I do know if other Mothers feel this way but sadly I do.. still need to work on this. See we always are learning something at any age..

A lighter note..

  • On a lighter note… Sunday has been a nice quiet calm day . I did the usual things that are never ending around the house. Then settled for a change and enjoyed an afternoon movie. The house was mine my husband went for a run . My daughter at work . My son laying down after a long sleepless weekend with National Guard Duty. I enjoyed . It’s now evening and the sun is slowly setting the evening is still warm. Dinner is done and cleaned up . This afternoon I happen to look out to see the fox was back in our yard enjoying himself in our compost . He is such a little guy , not afraid you can walk outside and he will just look at you and turn back enjoying what feast he may find. Now our coyote is a different story . He is so skittish one sound or movement and he is off running deep into our woods. Never realized how skittish they are .
  • It’s 7:00 in the evening it’s still calm and quiet. Just enjoying it. Nothing else needed to do nothing to have to think about. Just nothing (hahaha) yes I’m feeling a bit lazy as well. I’m thinking of reading in a bit and see how that goes. Yes still struggling my way through the Stephen King novel. It is getting better but honestly you shouldn’t have to struggle through a book. Until I find another book to get into. Stephen King is it. On that note I think I will go and try reading .Have a goodnight everyone.