Time …love..

Young rebellious..hearts on fire.

Endless longing.

Hearts beating as one.

Secrets in the dark.

Holding tight.

First love…oh those days , but now a distant memory…

Tell me why do you still haunt my dreams ?

Why do you still try to exist?

Time has past …

Two lives taken two different paths ..

Time to say goodbye.



Flashback Thursday!!!

This  is a flashback personally from my photo’s . It’s a book I made for a school project  back in 6th grade we had to design  the  cover , come up with a story  do the illustrations with just a little help from the teacher . My story was about a lost or stray dog in the big city which I believe was NY and how a little boy found the dog and so on… I am shocked that I saved it all these yrs ,found it in my hope chest….the one I have remarked on in several post that will never get cleaned out. it’s funny what I saved ,if you noticed the years have taken its toll on it . my kids are creeped  out by it 😦  but I do wonder of all the things I saved why this? the illustrations are horrible I could not still cannot  draw whatsoever. when I think back to all the notebooks I had filled with poems thoughts stories  my diaries  that I wrote why not those…..It puzzles me why this crazy book .hmmm what was I thinking?  well the things we do …there must of been a reason God for bid I will ever know 🙂Screenshot_2016-03-18-08-53-25-1.png

Happy Moments!!!

Good Morning!!!  a quiet morning my husband and daughter and son off to work and school so enjoying my cup off coffee and watching  my pup and daughters cat running around the house playing together so maybe it’s not a quiet morning:) such happy little things.so my daughter was talking with me before she left this morning telling me how the winds yesterday had  brought down a tree into the road by our driveway big enough to be a nuisance for drivers so she went on telling me how two trucks pulled over to the side of the road with their flashers on and two men proceeded  to pull the tree out of the way , what amazed me what she said next …”It was so nice seeing two people work together  I worried  bit with  passersby I hope they see them  it’s  nice to see there are still some nice people in this world” I was so astonished  by her statement… its so nice seeing people work together ….its nice to see there is still nice people in this world. It’s sad  when something that should be such a normal gesture is a shocker to our young generation it just shows us how bad is over doing the good …we see more bad behavior then good and our kids see this as well I am happy mine still see the good.. I had worried that they didn’t . My 15 yr old shocked me as well because it has not been a good month at school … and a student/friend of his will be changing schools because of an incident that should of never been possible but the student/friend has not had it easy there as been judgement and just wrong behavior but my Son told me how they talked and he felt bad and told this person he understood of the school transfer I was so happy to hear how kind he was ,now once again I shouldn’t be surprised but peer pressure is at a very high level right now . I wish we could take notes on how some of this generation still believes in being a good human beings ….naturally, shouldn’t it not be a a second thought to have good judgement??? I guess not… I am not trying to preach just stating my happiness that yes there are still good people and I hope for more and I am happy my kid’s have that.


Adult Coloring!!!!

Another page done!!!! it’s been a long crazy complicating month of March and my mind is too distracted to get into a book at the moment , I am finding that this settles my mind and it’s so relaxing and comforting that time just flies by and I forget what is taking up to much space in my head . Now I will start another page tonight and then call it a night .20160303_210308

Getting it right ….I think?

I have always been a giver a over doer always put others first. why do I ? not for recognition but just because it makes me happy and I like to give then take. but then after a yr ago I started feeling the poor me syndrome and  after several occasions I didn’t do you know life gets busy or things come up you forget and let me say I did not hear the end of it and that opened my eyes .. people took advantage of this ….so  I stopped doing to a point I  am still am who I am that will not ever change but I now know who  and when I should do for people and not to go over board because it doesn’t matter to some people . some people can do nothing and not care and get treated better and even though I did this because it’s just my way  and your tired and you do it  anyway but there is not at least a thank you it is upsetting. I must say Easter was nice I did for my family like I always do and kept it at that and I for once  was a happier person for it. Do not get me wrong it was hard not to want to just keep doing  habits are hard  to break but I am happy I stuck to my decision. made for a nicer  day .

Photo Monday!!!!

The Photo is blurry but you get the adjust of it .It was so beautiful on Saturday  so I sat out on my deck and took in the amazingly blue sky and absorbed the warm sun and that is when I heard the birds going back and forth from my bird feeder and the trees. that is when I took the photo. I had to take it fast….it was so nice watching them and hearing them Spring is definitely here.Screenshot_2016-03-28-10-22-41


As I laid in bed last night wide awake at midnight one word echo’s in my mind WHY?? a word that could have so many unexplained  unfair sad answers or maybe no answers at all some asking why can be petty reasons but for ever reason could it be a right answer is there a right answer anymore? hmm truly hope so. I bet there is one would know the answers …God.. or would he?sometimes I feel like we are so out of touch with him and he looks down on us and he see’s all this hatred the dark path that people are are walking down and he is shaking his head. If we do not get off this path can he will he help us ? it’s a bothering question. I know today is Good Friday and Jesus suffered and died on the cross for us for our sins. I do not know about you but what Jesus did for us makes me want to be a better person, a good person and I hope this Good Friday will make this possible for all of of  us since there is so much more hatred in this world. I  know this is a a request that at this point is so unrealistic,but one can only hope.