Memories….(80’s my time)

I was laying in bed and thinking back to my era I grew up in ..80’s when life seemed less complicated the digital world wasn’t ruling our lives we studied  shorthand and typing in school. we had sewing class cooking babysitting electives .  at night on the weekends we looked forward to Delilah request love songs on the radio to someone . Delilah still does this but it’s not the same  When would be in class and we had a moment ot not for ourselves  we would write notes to our friends then pass them to the friend in the hallway between class and they would write back during their class such things we looked forward to. I had this one friend she was one of my besties and we took the note writing  a little farther , it was my friends idea to write in a notebook  and we could scribble and design it any away we wanted to and she named it do not mind my language but it was called BullshI**t Book 1 yes that is what it was called we would write any thing we wanted how things were going..our crushes.. our feelings just anything from serious to silliness subjects. we would each have the book for 3 days and just write draw pictures etc . it was such a fun Idea at the time that we ended up with a 2nd book. I think we did this for a yr until it started to get known and everyone wanted to read it and it was then just hard keeping it between us I laugh now because when I think back we thought this was such a big thing and know the whole drama thing so we decided ok lets stop so my friend burned them in her fireplace and that was that and it stayed our thing and private today nothing is private and that is so scary to me in this digital social media world. I m glad I had the opportunity to enjoy my teenage yrs before all the texting FB snapchat was discovered I wish my kids could have experienced the simple parts of the 80’s era being a teenager now is so much harder and complicated and I would not want to be a teenager at this time, so much more drama, dangers tempting our kids …much more peer pressure. and it’s really hard to be your own individual in a world that people feel they should or have to follow or you do not fit in . You really have to have tough skin to be your own person.



This morning we had sun then I look out and it’s actually snowing more then my area as seen all winter. so I took some pictures because I had a feeling it wouldn’t ast long my assumption was right its slowing down and lightening up almost looks like  the sun is going to come out again. I am posting my photos enjoy.20160129_122349 snow window

20160129_122120snow ground

20160129_121903 snow 3

Just a Mom….

A Mom’s job is 24 ours… never alone in her thoughts ,always thinking of their kid’s well being. I would do anything and everything for my two kid’s and I think I do. If you were to ask my Son that would be a no. … well in his opinion, my Daughter would say other wise she seems to have my back . even when us Mother’s are not feeling well…having an off day etc. we do we always do we get up we pull ourselves  together and we get things done. yes its crazy but we are moms right??? hmmm tonight I am thinking okay have I done to much am I  to easy do I say yes more then  the word no? YES!! I think I do and tonight I am finding this out. My teenager can make me want to pull my hair out. but then he says one thing and My paternal instincts kicks back in and  I am taking care of every need which I know he is capable of ughhhh I am trying to get tougher this is  going to take some time to learn yes and this is with my youngest child. my two kids are like night and day literally My daughter first born was born  at night my Son born at day time. Oldest has dark hair youngest blond  shall I go on they think the total opposite some people wouldn’t believe their siblings. lol….my Son is so good at testing me. then he breaks me when he does this side smile and tries  to make amends and I just want to hug him lol..crazy right?  No…just part of being a mom. Has I read back of what I wrote I wonder 1095c2f31360a8653d70c70116f7f18d om qoutes 1where I am going with this I guess I just needed to vent. right???  Yes because I am a Mom.c1279d3ec458a1321a182fe8000d3743 momqoute2


It’s 10 at night and I hope I can sleep..I  have always been a night owl but its harder now with being older and having  to get up early so dislike this but also doesn’t help that our minds can’t shut off at night too..I always hear well whatever it is you can’t fix it tonight so sleep… easier  said then done. So I will lay in my bed  and try to …everyone who has this same problem I know there is a lot of us out there I hope you can sleep and sleep well with pleasant dreams.Screenshot_2016-01-26-21-44-13-1nighttime2

Creamy Tortellini Casserole

This looks so good !!! I have been looking for new ideas for dinners .I am going to try this.

Kind Food, Kind You


Here’s your weekly Vegetarian recipe. I recently made this! As for myself, next time I make it I want to add a bit more liquid and either take out or replace the green peas. Those are my tips! Other than that it was tasty! This is a Vegetarian and hearty dish. It’s not Vegan because of the cheese and milk. But as with most recipes unwanted ingredients can be replaced with something else. Click the link below to get the recipe. Enjoy!

Creamy Tortellini Casserole

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Aww Monday….

Good Morning! Sorry to all the Patriot Fans including my husband , So close . My heart is heavy for the people that lost their lives to the  Blizzard Jonas so sad . I hope  this is the last one of the season, other then that I hope everyone else had a good weekend, mine was simple just the way I like it . Saturday was spent with both of my kid’s it was so nice this does not happen very often so I took in every  moment from the time we left the house to a relaxing  lunch at Panera’s one of the best places to eat  !!! I usually get their Broccoli and cheddar soup and mac and cheese oh my so delicious the mac and cheese is so cheesy and creamy..I wish I could make it like that, but I tried their chicken chili not bad just to spicy  for my taste then off to old navy to use the kid’s gift cards from Christmas, that place is always so busy I wonder why.. you can not beat the deals my son found some dress  shirts for 75%  off and my daughter two sweaters for $10 you can’t beat that. then it was off to buy the necessities at Walmart ….yes I like Walmart great prices , then we finished the shopping day off yes with a latte a white chocolate with raspberry syrup at Starbucks  so good. you have to try it if you haven’t then home to settle in for the night with my husband watching  TV .Sunday was a laundry get ready for the week and work day for my daughter and yes the game and some coloring time for me. Now it’s Monday and a quiet morning happy the sun is shining and not brutally cold . My Husband and  Son  off to work and school and my daughter heading to work soon then it will be the pups and kitty keeping me company while I spend a day at home getting dinner ready for tonight and watch my Days of our lives hahaha can not miss that . I’m adapting  to this stay at home mom thing with the kids older now I use it as a me time now , some days its a long day but for the most part it’s okay . Time to do a few things so hope everyone has a great Monday.