The quietness….

I wasn’t going to write again today after my long one this morning. I had a quiet evening at home with my pups and daughters kitty. and my husband was with my son and my daughter worked so I took the alone time and colored and finished another page …must say it’s a comforting and relaxing and before I knew it my daughter was home with pizza yum!!! here is the picture I finished  will post it and now say good night hope everyone has a pleasant night..20160122_180554-1coloring 3



Good Morning Everyone. It’s Friday the sun is shining and no snow coming to my area, a plus because I do not enjoy the snow, for my Son I would take it so he could snowboard ….I believe this season he has only snowboarded twice. I am a proud mom he is on his way to making it to the the state championships in his indoor track Team at school I am proud of all the kids they have worked so hard . Tonight he has a meet my husband will go it’s a late one so it will be busy and really no place to sit so with not being able  to be on my feet for 3hrs I will be with him in thought and he knows this. I laugh because he tells me it is just fine I get nervous when you and dad are there .so when my husband goes he is out of sight. …just got to love him this boy is so independent and his drive to  do things makes my head spin. I never imagined when I had my kids how time would just fly by one day  I am changing diapers and sleepless nights to graduations jobs drivers licenses and still sleepless nights waiting for their safe return home. I will take it. everyday is a new moment a new challenge a new memory. my life feels like a beginning to a new chapter.


what is life …let’s see when I was a little girl it was  the smell of fresh cut  grass coming through your open window , bright sun shining in  and jumping out of bed as fast as you could to get outside and feel the grass under your feet. spending the day outside playing kickball or riding your bike with the neighborhood kids until you could hear your mother’s voice yelling supper time. when winter came we couldn’t wait for the snow ,making snow angels and snow forts trying to find the biggest hill to slide down till you couldn’t feel your toes then it was hot chocolate with marshmallows floating around in it. Awww the the life of a kid we we thought we were invisible life was good . Then adulthood came .. college work ,what we were expected to be Or I should say what society expected of us …I must say I was one of the lucky ones my parents just expected us to be happy save and healthy good honest adult and  which I am happy for that . I am a mom now and I go by the same idea  .I am proud of my kid’s no matter what I only ask for them to be respectful to others and honest to themselves and work hard and live their life to the fullest THEIR way . I get so upset what pressures the kids are under now and the technology that has taken away the play time I grew up with kids do not know what they have missed  .I know life changes but why does everything have to, we put so much pressure on our graduates .. The kids now just have to much handed to them and I try not to fall into that pattern but it’s hard I see kids that have everything handed to them and their selfish and want more but then I see stressed out kid’s depressed kids kid’s heading down a bad path ..  Not all of them but for the most part a large amount of them. I hope at least my kid’s know me not pushing them to the point of exhaustion does not mean I do not  care ….but that I  do care and I want them to be happy rounded adults.


Aahhhh!!! thats how I feel. why raising a teenager feels like a balancing act or a seesaw or a tug a war should I go on….which way will he tilt today? Oh my it’s tiring I know I’m not the only parent who feels this way but it seems that way and especially when I see other parents on Facebook bragging about their child and the child liking it , I use to do that not brag but just put credit where credit was due and a photo if I was proud of him with a sport win ,but then one day my Son said Mom please stop talking about me its embarrassing ..and people are telling me what you write ,yes that hurt me and I went on the defense  and deleted his friends That I will tell you befriended me first on FB so now nothing is said no photos…and do you think it makes my life easier with him ?? NO!! hahaha  like I said a balancing act . I love how he tells me just be my mom…hmmm  okay you said it. but then they think they have all the answers… oh boy this phase can’t end fast enough .my daughter was so much easier she didn’t go through this she was more quiet laid back more cautious so she would bring her friends home and had more sleepovers at the house ,my Son use to bring his friends around and have them over for sleepovers well okay that was elementary school now he is in High school he can’t leave this house fast enough and he stays over their house . I was told by one Mom who said their suppose to do this to separate to function in life, has anyone ever heard this? could someone give me some answers ..hahaha   I will say one thing I am on Facebook less and I am not missing it. 🙂  but that is just me.



BRR….baby it’s cold.

House is clean, dinner is cooking and a quiet moment keeping warm on my couch with a hot cup of tea and my pup laying by my legs .The weather is so cold here the temps are reading 19 but feels like 3 with the wind chill. This coldness does not do much for my body ..I do not have RA but a nerve disorder that was a birth defect so I can’t do things in repetition so I have to go day by day of what I do and take breaks or my pain is worse,I only take advil or tylenol for the pain because pain medicines do not agree with me and I will not take them especially when my kid’s were younger and I am taking care of them.I just mange the pain with what I do.  some days are better then others it’s all about not over doing it that is one of the reasons of being a stay at home mom. I use to work before I had my two kids and I was younger so my body was more capable of doing things I didn’t suffer from pain. I thank God everyday that I have my family to help me with things like lifting reaching things etc…and I am so grateful that I was able to have kids two at that . Then was told no more . I think that is why I try not to take anything for granted and I take life one day at a time like I said in my past posts it’s my motto , oh don’t get me wrong I have days where I wish I didn’t have this and I didn’t have pain. but what  can you do somethings are out of our control.  I am grateful for what I can do . This is why I decided to start this blog because now my daughter is an adult my son a teenager I am not as busy of a mom and that was hard getting use to because  that is all I have known for years was just being a mom.  At the same time it’s nice because my body is tired…and I am happy I had them young enough to go trick or treating with them walk with them in school events I do still go to some meets with my husband for my son who runs for his school where there isn’t a lot of walking and where I can sit when my legs get tired.   so making meals and keeping the house tidy and picking up my son from sport practice’s going out to lunch and having  coffee and a nice conversation  with my daughter , and dinner dates with my husband some weekends, mostly in the summer  we do that but for the most part we are are home bodies him and I so at night on a cold weekend night it  would be takeout dinner  and a movie at home . I don’t do much in the winters but now it’s more quiet so it’s nice to have this blog  I have always wanted to do something  like this but the time never felt right and now I believe this is the right time.































A day well spent…

I must say this day went by fast… I guess that happens when it’s a great day, So my daughter and her boyfriend and I decided to go to our local candle store, Yankee Candle, love buying these wax melts or some people call them wax tarts for our wax warmers. we knew it was a holiday but oh my it was crazy …..people everywhere and their kids too at least the kids were smiling 🙂 not their parents lol must say I kind of miss those days. my kids would have been running around too . yes I did say I miss those days .I was the mom that when summer vacation came my friends were dreading it trying to think of places to send their kids I embraced it. I loved having my kids home with me .loved bringing them to the outdoor theater, and pitching a tent in the front  yard and see how they actually lasted after  scaring themselves . it was interesting to watch . My  Son didn’t join us he stayed home because he had homework and studying to do for school and wanted to get that done . Don’t blink because you may just miss something that is how it feels for me more and more everyday I am happy that my daughter shares the love of candles and now we can go together and shop picking out all kinds of new scents and then ending the day shopping with a stop at the coffee shop for a nice hot latte. and yes bringing my son home a treat as well …:) you never grow out of that.  well everyone time to cozy up on the couch on this very cold night and catch up on my show.









Today was a day at home doing laundry ..dusting the usual but then had a moment for a nice cup of tea and coloring..yes coloring the new fad adult coloring books for relaxing. I was hesitant at first thought  what I use to do that  when I was a child and then with my kids ,but then as I thought about it more why not I loved coloring and the coloring book pages are amazing and there are so many to choose from so I bought one called Secret Garden and some coloring pencils and began . I am now addicted I colored for an hour not realizing it ,it was so relaxing and enjoyable I am so happy I gave it a chance. My daughter now colors too and is loving it. we both have two books if you haven’t tried it recommend it , I am not saying it’s for everyone but at least try and find out . love your feedback if you color or are thinking about it.