Today it became Spring!

Woke to 60 and a bit humid after it’s been in the 40’s . A shock to the system. Sat out on the deck absorbing the beautiful weather . Had my book and my bottle of water ….but couldn’t focus on my book . The peepers were so loud I put my book down and closed my eyes and just relaxed and took in the warmth and the sounds around me. It was beautiful. Its a little before 8 at night and the sounds are amazing . The peepers are even louder and I believe I can hear the frog in our little homemade pond. That needs to be cleaned up from the winter. Miss Abigail is enjoying the windows open running from room to room looking listening to the outside. Ahh to only see what she can see out there. I will let you listen . This is taken from my bedroom window tonight. Enjoy.



It’s Friday and another cold dreary day….what can you do? Well you just tell yourself it will be sunny soon . and you just go along and do what needs to be done . Laugh with your kids , laugh at something funny on tv . Just go along . Being Friday it was takeout night ! So NO cooking yay! Now just in our living room with my hubby and son chatting in between the news their watching . My daughter is out with her boyfriend. And Miss Abigail is roaming around here somewhere. The rain should be coming soon then tomorrow looks to be better . Oh I hope . A quiet Friday night it will be . I’m thinking I will read or maybe do some coloring . Well hopes to a nicer day tomorrow. this is so how I feel hahaha, found this in my photographs ๐Ÿ™‚

Burr.. is it really Spring?

It’s 7:00 in the evening . And I’m COLD! When I woke the sun was shining nice and bright. So I got up had my coffee and breakfast and then quickly took care of what needed to be done around the house . Made my chop suey so I could finally settle and sit outside and read so I grabbed my book and water bottle and out onto the deck I went … settled into the chair and grabbed my book and noticed it wasn’t as warm as I thought and the weatherman had predicted. Then I noticed the clouds moved in and the sun disappeared … ughh .. it was cold and now even colder with no sun . So I grabbed my book and water bottle and headed back in. Now the house is freezing again and rain tomorrow and only in the 40’s so I may need to have the heat come on a bit or all windows end up shut . Wish Spring would get here . I know it will eventually … it’s just so frustrating after last weekend enjoying the warmth of the sun and enjoying the deck. Want that feeling again. But now..๐Ÿ˜‚ supper is done and covered up with a blanket . And ready to watch the show I recorded last night. I’m thinking a cup of tea sounds like a good idea too . Ok hope everyone has a good night๐Ÿ™‚

Another cold Spring day…

It’s another cold day, but warm enough to open the front door letting some sun in even though the clouds are over shadowing the most part of the sun. The house was quiet. .. As usual and cleaned up . Supper was easy and simple  hamburgers. Is what it was and now the kitchen is clean …well for now until my son comes home and cooks his food.  My hubby is relaxing on the couch with Miss Abigail above his head laying comfortably on the top of the couch .  The week is going by fast . Wednesday already. It’s looking like a rainy weekend tho.. I’m hoping Thurs and Fri will be nice to get out for a bit on the deck and catch some sun. Well I guess I will finish a few things then get some reading done. I feel like I’m just jiibbering . well a bit more today lol๐Ÿ˜‚

Home ..

t’s was another rainy day , the rain was coming down fast and steady. Making it a cold and dreary day. Even though it looked gloomy out it felt nice and cozy inside. Crockpot cooking supper once again. Miss Abigail sleeping in her chair . And I folding some laundry in the living room while watching my daytime show but I believe what made it feel cozy was off and on looking towards my kitchen and its fresh new paint . I’m still amazed how much I’m loving this red and how easily I adjusted to it. I guess I was ready for a change after all. It’s evening now the rain has stopped and the sun has peaked itself out from the clouds. This weekend my hubby will finish painting the kitchen and putting in a breakfast bar. And then it’s outside to paint.. sadly our front and back decks need painting . The last two winters have taken a toll on them. He isn’t looking forward to it but is happy he will at least be outside but for now we are enjoying finishing the kitchen . . I’ll post pics when the breakfast bar is in . It’s amazing what a new paint color can do .


Once again here we are Monday again . And late afternoon at that .Had a Dr.’s appointment . Routine blood work followup. Then back home to cleanup the house and chatted with my daughter while we did our things.. It’s a rainy cold day … a rude awakening after a beautiful warm sunny weekend. Sitting on the deck with my book or just with my daughter chatting and enjoying the sounds around us was nice. My son went for his interview he said it went well but will see if they call him. Crazy transitioning time for him . All of us … when I think about how busy I was .. we were with little kids running around and having to be some place or another, every minute of the day play dates , school open houses , sport events. ..seems like only yesterday. Busy was nice . I miss it at times.. maybe not the running part I guess I will admit.. but the chaotic parts of friends running in and out of the house . Sleepovers, loud music .. I know all the things I’ve mentioned before on my blog. I guess seeing the transitioning my son is going through brings it all back to me . It was more fun is what I think he is thinking . (hahaha) he was always rushing to grow up and now he is and I think he love to take it back .. well maybe somethings. ๐Ÿ™‚ life is not easy it has its up and down moments .. it’s struggles and rewards . But it’s defiantly worth it. The key is just keep moving forward and having faith . I try to tell both my adult kids this . I know they agree but do not want to hear it. When things are on the downside . They will learn . I think we all keep learning no mater how old we are . I know I have had a year of my own transitioning and learning. But like I’ve told my kids keep moving forward that’s what I tell myself . At times it’s slower then it would be fore them but it’s still moving forward..

Saturday , sun , paint,

Woke up to a sunny warm morning.. so crazy after going to bed with snow coming down and covering the ground. This morning for a good part of the day my husband painted while I moved things on the counters so he could get to the walls. It’ looks so good I’m amazed how refreshing a new color makes you feel about your home . So loving it. It actually makes our kitchen look so much bigger. Miss Abigail we are surprised loves plastic . Found her on the plastic my hubby was using to cover the hallway floor while painting. We have a bit more above the countertop to paint and the hall needs another coat . But my husband called it a day with it around 3. He took shower then laid down for a bit . I went out on the deck to absorb some sun ..

I believe I found how to meditate without even trying to . I was sitting on the deck sun shining down on me it was so bright so I closed my eyes and the warmth of the sun on my face felt so good . I sat there letting the sun warm me . I kept hearing this slight creaking noise that I believe was coming from our solar candle lantern that was hanging on our little barn /shed the slight breeze was swinging it back and forth . My mind was focused on that sound which also cleared my mind from thinking that I could hear the birds chirping in the distance . The leaves krinklingv as they blew around my mind actually was not thinking of anything just relaxed and taking in the sounds around me . It was such a nice calm feeling . Is that a form of meditation ? I hope so it would be nice to mediate more .. I sat out for a bit my hubby and I decided to do our one day weekend takeout so until my hubby arrived home after grabbing it the evening air was chilly so we stayed in and watched tv but at least could see the sunset from my living room window.