Some people…

       Had a night nice day out with my daughter  on the way to our destination my daughter was driving and doing the speed limit on this busy straight away  and we are chatting  this car from the opposite direction crosses in front of us to get to whatever store they where going to in a spur of the moment,  luckily my daughter was a decent ways away so we where fine and went back to chatting when the guy literally stuck his middle finger up at us and making sure we saw it , we where dumb founded her and I looked at one another with dismay …she says to me did the passenger of that car just do that? I’m like oh he did . My question is why? What was the reason ? We showed know hostility we had let it go when he crossed in front of us so really was that necessary ..I guess he enjoyed it why ? What makes people do these stupid things .. oh and if I was annoyed earlier I was PO’d now was that satisfying ? Well I feel sorry for him just shows he is  a real nice member to  our society … Not!..  So any ways it didn’t ruin our day I just felt it needed to be said because some people just have no morals and it’s disturbing . it’s  been a bit since we went shopping  even if it was an essential shopping list .then  we grabbed a late lunch at one of our favorite places, Panera Bread amazing food nice and light. Then  yes we grabbed a Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks for our ride home. One knows if you read my past posts we love our coffee drinks especially Starbucks .It was nice and a well needed outing we got to catch up on things especially when we can tell one another anything well you know not everything something’s are kept to be for our own selves. ūüôā

Photo Monday!

Good Morning  I can’t believe it’s Monday already, the weekends are flying by. Over the weekend we had rain showers off and on but on Saturday we had this amazing sight. The skies cleared early evening to this . Of course the camera came out to pretty not to get this . Love the pink , a lot of times when the showers clear we get red , orange but pink was nice . Hope you enjoy !

Ahh life…

It’s ¬†a Sunday night been a calm weekend after last weeks ¬†long 4day holiday weekend . Settled in a bit earlier tonight in bed with my book and hubby watching TV just feels like a good night to read .. My son bought a ¬†used ¬†Xbox after selling his first one yrs ago when he had no time for it , but now feeling like it’s¬† not a bad thing to have when he wants some down time or has the guys over and they do not ¬†feel like spending money and going out all the time ¬†especially when they have work the next day , so tonight that’s what their doing and I hope it lasts will see first night with it .Its nice to have him home at night then out and about half the night and saving some money. Sometimes I think this young generation¬† Actually I will take part of it back we all feel like we have to constantly be on the go I really do not see too many people staying home and enjoying there homes like my family did when we where growing up .¬† Yes us teenagers did go out but I remember being at home too and my parents where happy ¬†just sitting outside and cooking out and then at night just sitting outside talking and in the winter watching TV shows or movies, nice home cook meals every night. my mom and dad liked to read so they did ¬†a lot of that and a lot of talking about anything just being together ¬†. Oh they went out and we went with them we would go to the movies either the in doors or out doors or out to eat but that was a treat . I know times have change I guess back in the day we where more laid¬† back life was more simple ¬†it wasn’t about what we had or how much money we had or¬† or didn’t¬† how much we went out and where.. Money was rarely brought up we just did whatever and we where not worried what someone else was doing¬† . I must say I truly miss those days… I am kind of that way as of now ¬†yes it’s hard I will admit being this kind of person because of what we have progress to . Yes things change and my kids live in a era of technology and it’s ever changing for the newest . much more ¬†better materialistic ¬†thing and money is the center of there life . Never have enough you know. … even though I use this technology I am happy to say I am happy I grew up in a world that didn’t have cell phones and iPods ¬†. It was I believe less stressful and so less complicated.

Quiet weekend…

As calm and content as Miss Abigail’s today… showers off and on through out the day so ran errands with my hubby and now as you see settling hahaha going to watch a movie in a bit . Last night my hubby and I watched Hacksaw Ridge oh my it was so good very sad but love the story it’s now on my favorite list of favorite movies so need to watch everyone. Especially if you love war movies and true stories . Well off to settle and watch another movie untill the kids get home .


Beautiful summer  kind of day. Enjoyed my coffee on the deck and then another cup with my daughter when She woke and then came in out of the sun we caught some news for the day . My son came home from his morning workout at the gym and the day just simply glided through my niece chatted with me through text and we ended up playing a question game she would ask me a question I would answer then I  asked her and so on it went for over an hour and a half my son did say this would happen well I must say it was interesting and a lot of fun it was interesting learning things about her that I would of never known  other wise. She loved her aunts answers as well , hahaha now it’s evening my kids went to grab some snacking food together and my husband and I just  came in from enjoying the stars ..mosquitoes are a bit to active tonight they must know the humidity is coming . So tv will  have to do.