Sunday night already..

Today seemed to get away from me. Where did the day go… after food shopping with my other half . He went outside a puttered around the yard and I sat out on the deck until it got unbearable , the humidity is creeping in again already after only two days of a reprieve from it. I thought I would sit outside and enjoy my book. Trying to finish the book I have been reading so I can start my new books I bought. Any ways the heat was too much so I decided to go inside to read well that didn’t happen once inside I did a load of laundry, started peeling potato’s and started them boiling so I could make some potato salad with some chicken for supper … as I was waiting for them to cook . I decided to dust then proceed getting the potato’s ready for the salad.. finally sit down to find my other half inside headed for the shower to wash up for supper so then it was time to eat. After switching laundry over to dryer and then went back out after other half cleaned up kitchen . By now the deck was shaded. Book in hand rang and I was on for a bit hmm not happening at that point reading.

Now I’m finding myself settled in bed 11:30 and book laying open and I have not read one sentence…chatted with my other half for a bit well forget reading today 🙄 I guess I will try again tomorrow . For now off to sleep.



Today is a home kind of day after being out for the last two nights until 11 especially Saturday .. all day until after 11 ,today is enjoy the deck make a decent supper and get ready for a new work week for everyone . I on the other hand will catch up up on house work which isn’t too bad since we haven’t been home all weekend. Errands need to be run and I need to go back into town and develop more pictures for my picture wall in our living room I’ve been working on . It’s a process … for now sitting on my porch swing and enjoying the weather , noticing it’s getting warmer again. Seeing 90’s in our weather forecasts this week ..ughh I hope everyone had a good weekend . Enjoy your Sunday!

Fireworks ..cooler temps .. nice weekend!

Ahh woke to a cool actually cold morning. Thankfully the temps have stayed cool. Friday night was spent with family watching the Town fireworks . Where we sit you have to get there at least two hours before and just get comfortable and enjoy good conversations and laughs …or you will not find a place to park. For several years now my kids have not gone with us they do their own things with their friends sitting down where they have a festival as well .. no rides just food and shop venues , music, which mind my language but hell to get out of after it’s over . You could be sitting there for hours or praying your vehicle didn’t get scratched by someone who is squeezing in to make room for their vehicle ..

The dark slowly approached while waiting for the fireworks and the colder and windy it became my hubby and his brother had shorts on and well they were freezing, after 6 days of temps in the 100 the 60″s with wind is an adjustment. The fireworks were amazing and once they started they last longer then other Towns I had heard that had them on the 4th , well worth the chill and the wait. Today will be spent with my sister celebrating her daughters birthday sitting around her pool which I believe is too cold for me today.. yes I’m am wimpy (haha) and enjoying some drinks well my hubby will be ..I think I’ll be the designated driver he’s had a long rough week at work in the heat paving highways so he could use some drinks ( hahaha) give me coffee or ice tea and good conversation and I will be good. I hoping tonight we can come home sit out on the deck for a bit . Suppose to be a cool night again so tiki lights a blanket and the stars sound like a perfect night. Okay time to finish my coffee and do some things before we go . Have a great day everyone 🙂

Chances ..over and over….

Sadly the night never cooled down so the air conditioners are humming away .. not that it matters other have is on such a crazy work schedule that there is no time to sit out and enjoy the night on the deck…. my daughter is settling as well .. and well my son has his ex girlfriend over so I’m in the bedroom out of sight … yes I said ex girlfriend.. let’s see their just friends hmmm … who love to spend as much time together as they can in which case it’s at 10:30 at night until 1:00 in the morning because there day is busy. Let’s see they have done this on an off pattern for four yrs.

she will be leaving at the end of August to go to Ireland for a yr of college and stay with her Grandparents . Her mom is originally from Ireland . She moved here with here husband when he was stationed in There in the Army . There’s one connection my son has with her he is in the Army ,,well Army National Guard and college unless that changes to a career in the Army. her father is still in theArmy . So I believe she likes army men and my son as always been Army material .. but then you see my son is leaving in Oct till March for Basic Training so their paths will split in different directions …now if their paths meet again after a yr I will say this relationship or whatever it is will be forever .. or have a better chance of lasting or sadly they do this on and off thing all over again or not . To be young… to feel that flame that passion. To be carefree is amazing ..yes I’m happily married but things change the flame is still there it just burns as an amber then a flame because it’s covered by life’s changes .. time .. family responsibilities . And it’s more comfortable .. It’s not as care free and yes over time we change . that first moment when you first meet your first love . It’s fresh and Come on we all have that first love that can seem to pop in our heads or online lol .. for a innocent catch up how’s it going now and then but it’s what it is because yes your online with them that’s it or there just a memory.. it’s just hard to watch when you see your own child living those memories that are locked away and you hope that it turns out better then it did for you . .. and their spared the heartbreak and your son or daughter Marry’s them so I sit back and I watch and I hope my son walks away stronger from this or it actually becomes something now that their out of high school . I know it’s not for me to say . Sometimes life should of came with a handbook (hahaha) I know not that easy sadly … and I am stuck in my bedroom to give them privacy .. and I must say it’s freezing in here with the air on and the door closed . I guess I will get some sleep fireworks tomorrow nigh then hopefully sit on our deck and then Saturday nieces birthday so day and part of the night spent at my sisters with good conversations drinks and laughter as always .

Night Noises…

Good Morning ! As I stated last night that I was watching a fireworks special in our living room while my son was out and my hubby and daughter went to bed early ..for a early work morning . So I got comfy in my chair , water, tv remote and book next to me . The holiday special ended and next thing that came on was Shrek hmm.. okay it’s a good animated movie but was not feeling it (hahaha) so the tv went off and I grabbed my book . As I’m reading I kept hearing this noise , couldn’t really make out what kind of noise just something I hadn’t heard before. .. all I know it seemed like it was coming from outside my window that over looks the deck we love to sit out on. I sat in my chair thinking what is it then it stopped . I was happy because I really didn’t want to have to go outside and check .. never know what animal it may be.if you look keep reading you will see the evidence it left .. ughh Raccoon is our guess. There is sunflowers growing there and as you can see it’s close to the window where I was sitting inside . I’m happy I didn’t go out . one it may have just ran away or it would of hissed at me and I have been hissed at by a raccoon it’s scary 😂and sadly this was too close for comfort to sho away. hahaha) we really love having the sunflowers grow on the deck and never had a problem with raccoons getting this close ,we are trying to figure out how to keep them away . I know probably should just remove the planter . Nature may win again . It’s doing a good job of keeping us off our decks .. I’m thinking it will be another night doing some inside reading. Can’t say I do not have enough books to keep me occupied while everyone else sleeps. Will see if the raccoon comes back back tonight. One more chance before moving planters.

Independence Day!

Today is Independence Day . It was a different one this year .. I think with it falling in the middle of the week didn’t help plus no fireworks until Friday night .. well there was some in other towns that my son went to tonight . My hubby and daughter have to work early tomorrow so staying up late plus the heat does not help so we will go Friday night. That being said with the weather so hot we spent it at my brother in-laws they have a decent size pool so we sat around it and yes there was a lot of swimming but no grilling out to hot to stand over it cooking so brought snacking foods . The day just felt so different like everything does this yr . It doesn’t feel like the 4th . Some States with the heat index their not doing fireworks instead lighting the sky up with drones , seems interesting . All in all it’s just a different kind of summer yes thinks change . Nothing stays the same. Each season is a bit different ,I guess it’s time to get use to it. I can’t wait until this heat cools a bit so I can feel that peacefulness sitting on my deck at night again. Love that .. but for now it’s me myself and I watching the fireworks on tv as a special from New York ,hubby is in bed and my daughter is settling downstairs. So I’m sitting in the living room enjoying the tv and will soon read a bit . To settle myself. 🙄

New Moment!

It’s late afternoon and just arrived home with running to the Mall with my Son . When he woke he asked if I wanted to take a ride to the Mall with him and I was so happy must be like what’s the bing deal well this is my 17 yr old asking me his mom the one who rarely wants to hang out with mom . So this was such a pleasant surprise. It was a perfect time to use my gift cards I had .for the book store ,and spends some time with my newly graduated teen .when we arrived at the Mall he headed in the men’s store and I to the book store, Barnes and Noble there was so many books I wanted and that was such a great feeling because it’s been awhile to feel this excited over books . It’s nice to feel like the avid reader I use to be. I purchased a couple good books thanks to my blogger friend “Its not so much a jaded life **its my world “I hope I got that right.who posted the Stephen KingThe Outsider and then met my son and we grabbed a quick bite on our way back home . As he drove we chatted about random things and then some main things about him Leaving for Basic Training in Oct and how he was excited but nervous and we talked about College it was nice . We laughed about random things as well . I’m happy we spent the afternoon together I hope he is understanding it’s okay to hang out with mom once in awhile . Like I said this is my 17 yr old independent but very socially athletic determined son who is so opposite from his sister and my not so easy one out of the two to raise 🙂 but love him the way he is even if he has kept me up nights since the day he was born to being colic then waking in the middle of the night to get him off his games and go to bed to high school yrs waiting for him to get home so I could sleep. 🙂 but then there’s the side that is loyal to family women , his friends and never lets nothing stop him . So now we are home and he is off to his Tues night workout . And I’m going to make some dinner and then settle in with my hubby and the air conditioner and read … it’s not looking like a good night to sit out on the deck that I had hoped still way to warm . 😰