Tv night…

We are all settled in for the night, my Tired son is sleeping and my husband and pups are laying in bed watching The Voice Premier with me  it is so awesome tonight !! my daughter is messaging  me every second as she watches it too, love the stories these performer’s  have and their voices  are unbelievable. and the judges you have to love them it’s a good clean show and a lot of fun.we need more shows like this . my other favorite  TV night is Wednesday , Love the show The Middle another clean happy fun and funny show. then I am good till Saturday  when I watch Ghost Stories with my daughter that is a more serious but creepy one  but  interesting of what they find. It’s sad not a lot of shows to pick from anymore … but what we watch is all good what is some of your favorite shows? love to know.


Talk about signs or whatever you may call it., I have been doing a lot of thinking lately and I guess some soul searching like I said in my other posts how a lot has changed in the past year …trying to figure out the best way to parent my teenage son who is so independent and sometimes he has me feeling like I don’t know If I’m coming or going…okay so the other night I was laying in bed and my daughter and I were messaging back and forth like we do almost every night and then we say say goodnight as I was laying there chatting with her I got this instant quick scent of cigarette smoke and then it was gone. this has been happening for  awhile and I relate it to  my father who was a smoker. he passed away 20 years ago. and when something is bothering me at times like I said at times not all a time this happens so I feel it’s his way of saying he is around and it will be okay. ..yeah may not be but it’s a comforting thought. The  funny thing was I was talking to my daughter about my father and it was probably something he didn’t want me talking about hahahaha 🙂   I told her and she was like oh my gosh really again that happened?  she knows. Then tonight her and I and my son were sitting at the kitchen table and my daughter said  I just got a scent of cigarette smoke my son was like what really and I kind of told him and he was like oh okay  haha that is all he said do you believe in signs?


So it’s Saturday …hmmm that night went by fast I guess I actually slept good this week after all ..with all the crazy weather and my daughter getting home late at night from work…yes even at 20 you worry that’s what us moms do and sadly are very good at it. Then it was quick cup of coffee a quick shower and the off to the post office my son and I went  before it closes at noon..When my son orders things on line he is very good at keeping track of when things  come of course it was a Saturday morning….ughhh so now that’s all set everyone is off and doing there thing and I my took care of a few things around  the house around .Tonight my husband and I are going out to dinner to celebrate our anniversary it’s the cutest  little place in our town so relaxing and quaint the lighting is set low there is soft music its just such a perfect little place ,The West End Pub it’s called and the food is so amazing. I will try to get some pictures. Enjoy your Saturday everyone.

Friday Night……

It’s Friday night, whats that mean to you? well for me let’s see we are all home My daughter is down in her apartment my son in his room with his bedroom walls rocking from his music. and my husband and I are in our bedroom he is watching television while I am on my laptop. oh can’t forget my pup is at the foot of the bed sleeping, yes sound boring I am  sure to some… to me it’s contentment I you told simple is what I like I will take any moment we are all home together  and safe .At the beginning  of the week when school started back a young married couple in their middle 20’s I would say a local couple two towns over from where we live was in a horrible car accident I can’t say if horrible even defines how bad.. they were headed I believe to work at 5 in the morning and some how hit a tractor trailer truck…nothing was left of their poor car .. I believe they died on site, sad thing is they left 3 children all under the age of five. the whole situation is devastating , for whatever reason this happened doesn’t matter it just shows how short life is and how fast it can be taken away . So hug your love ones tonight and if your spending a Friday night like I am be thankful you are able to.


I do not like to talk about politics…..I am not saying who I like never tell anyone who I vote for …it’s my business . I am just appalled by the name calling the constant rude ways the candidates are trying to say they would be the one to be our President, I am not hearing a lot of what they can do to change things for the better…but how this one is this and this one is that …what an example we are setting for the younger generation , so sad it’s like their on a school playground fighting and there is no authority figure to break it up. I think we have had enough of this behavior in this world. name calling back stabbing sick of it we wonder why this world is so full of anger and bulling people. how does our younger generation have a chance in this world ….come on can we all just grow up…how can you raise good honest kids when the world shows this behavior. I know it’s politics but this is the worst  I have ever seen it. how can anyone choose for the right reason who should run our country.