All I need!

This is all I need , all I want my family ,my adult coloring and my favorite soap opera Day’s . This makes me happy it’s simple as that . Crazy my Fam would say  🙂 Do not mind the photo mess ups still learning on my iPad.imageimageimage<<
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Just about ready for Christmas just need to stop thinking if it was enough .. yes I know I have posted how it’s not about things but I’m a mom and I can’t help not to think about it even though I know they have enough anyways . I have to laugh the other evening I had said to my son I know your in between jobs and really have not much money , he looked at me like oh no so I went on , you know that old I pad that you have sitting in your room for about a yr unused? if your going to not use it you could give that to me . He. Says ” what that you would take that as a gift it’s old . …ok all of you must be thinking the same thing hahaha it is but for me it’s just enough and bigger to write on my blog with and less heavier then the laptop. So he looked at me and said okay in a drawn out way . Let me clean my things off of it as he did and then he says “so he said he would need my password to my iPhone acct okay then the problem began …… I am not good at remembering them so I went looked for my password book oh did I mention I’m not very organized aw well 😥 so I look at it and gave it to him he say ok well no it’s not that. Then around and around we went with every password I could think of I changed it and didn’t write it down again. He “says wow actually this is nice I miss this ” I m like oh no you don’t or fine then I guess you can buy me something well he was like”no I can figure something out hahaha so all said and done he did figure it out and I wrote the new password down . It’s not bad a bit slow but not that bad and it still takes excellent pictures . I told him I was simple he said yes you are but not in the password department 🙂oh how true he is but what was so funny was the look he gives me when I do stupid things he just does the roll of the eyes and the same grump face since he was two , I love it!❤️ something never change.

Good Morning

imageGood Morning it started off as a rainy morning but as I sit and enjoy my coffee and look at Miss Abigail sleeping away I can see the sun starting to shine through the dissipating clouds . Everyone is off to work and school last week befor Christmas . Amazing it’s almost here . I’m ready for it well mindfully I am still needing  a few thing s to get. I’m just not into it and that’s okay there are yrs we all have that we sometimes embrace it and then sometimes not. My kids are older and their minds are on so many things I think they are ready for it to be over as well. My son found a new job so he is starting this weekend working at our local ski and mountain bike resort . He is so happy besides running this is  his other haappy his Christmas break will be spent their working  plus snowboarding with his friend that work there as well . My daughter is ready to get back to saving and enjoying her friends and possibly new boyfriend . So yes they are occupied🙂 My hubby took the week after Christmas off  so that will be nice to spend some relaxing time with him . If you read my last post . Thankfully  I went to bed earlier so that felt good . Need to some how get onn a better schedule but I do not think that will happen so many things have changed and I think my sleeping pattern has too. Im learning that I need to let go of the old and embrace the new that has already changed with downsizing our supper to half the time my hubby and I just eating together and the kids eating when they get home rule is the kitchen closes at 7 at the latest if they  want me to make something for them or help them a bit . Its a start have a lot of new patterns to get use too. 🙂

A quick post…

it’s Monday night and  I am actually tired a bit earlier for a change , everyone is home and sleeping so soon I will be as well 🙂 I just wanted to post my lastest adult coloring page I am almost finished with. I love how it’s coming out. So much detail and enjoyment .I will post it again when Its finished . Now time for some sleep. Goodnight everyone🙂img_1651

Lazy Sunday…

Slept In late after waking from a horrible dream, actually just really strange , My son stayed at his girlfriends house because her parents didn’t want him driving home past curfew since he stayed so late due to her and her family flying to Ireland for Christmas and the Christmas vacation to see her Grandparents so he wasn’t wanting to leave to early . I as well as my husband was happy  they where kind and understanding to let him stay, sad part he had to be to work early so that was a 5:30 morning drive home to get ready and go. Let’s just say he was a very tired guy when he returned home 7 hrs later from work so he slept the early evening away un till 8 tonight its 11 and he is sleeping now . Today was just one of those lazy cold winter day where everything feels off kilt a bit …. I’m sure the strange dream did not help Christmas is a week away and I still have not been able to get in the spirit I guess that’s not going to happen this year . So many  things have happened that have been sad and life changing for our family and others and it’s just so hard to wrap my mind around buying things …..things that are really do not seem important at the moment my kids just want gift cards and that’s doable because they will even admit they  really do not need anything . Times have changed😥  I believe the toy days where easier and more exciting to shop for.. Trying not to be a humbug but there are some yrs it happens.well I guess I should get some sleep . Everyone’s home and settled in so that is nice .hopefully it helps for a restful night😊



Good Morning ! Woke to an empty bed my hubby up early and out hunting , my daughter still sleeping, late night out ughhh hate them makes for a late night for me wondering , need to let go a bit more ….. how? my sons up and I’m trying to catch some time with him before he leaves for work and then whatever he will be doing after that.. in the mean time trying to eat my breakfast and talk and grab things for him because he is running late ..ughh my fork fell into the syrup I swear this poor plate of pancakes has been in 3 different places sense I made them oh don’t you hate when your fork ends up in the syrup and you pick it up and now your fingers are all sticky .. ick nasty feeling , so that’s my morning . The rest of the day will be food shopping , thankfully Christmas shopping is about done . This yr my hubby asked me what do you want he said do not say nothing hahahaha I said actually I do want something he was like really okay tell me I said it’s nothing money can by he looks at me and says I know what it is 🙂 I said I want peace in my head from worrying about things I cannot control . I want a good nights sleep. I want to know I raised my kids right that they have a good happy life after all the over protecting I feel I’ve been as a mother. Yes that’s my list can I have that ? Time will tell .

Waiting ….

it’s 10:30 at night and this is what I’m doing …. playing Bubble Pop on my phone . You know why? because I’m waiting for my son to arrive home safely …. at 9:13he sent me. Text” leaving now” so I was like oh good he let me know and now about an hour later he is not home and it’s about a 20 min drive home from his girlfriends… was coloring but put it away and started playing this game and worrying … now he has texted me “sorry coming ” .. ughh relieved I heard from him since it’s been an hour but why has it been and now I wait some more…. my daughter is out has well I do not like nights like these and I never get use to them. Oh being a mom , a parent is so damn hard. Loving is so hard … you worry so much and it doesn’t .get any easier when they get older. My daughter is home now still waiting for my son. I quest I will go back to my game as I wait ..