Photo Monday!

 Good Morning  My Mondays Photo is these little happy guys. They began roaming around our yard about a month ago and well their still here  their not to timid we can walk out to our cars or be sitting on our decks  and they just look at us and go on doing their thing , well if you make a loud sudden noise then they will run but for the most part their content on our land at the moment.


Good Morning!

Enjoying my coffee โ˜•๏ธ with a foggy head and I did not even have a sip of alcohol last night.. just having teenagers  and their friends over having a fire to celebrate the 1st weekend. of summer vacation is enough to do it . Their all good kids and everything was fine they roasted  hotdogs over the fire made s’mores and talked and laughed while my hubby and I watched a  movie a really good one .Mud was the name of it . highly recommend it .At 1 in the morning I went to my kitchen for a class of water when 4 kids came running through the door scared from the noise they heard welcome to our world I thought it could be anything from coyotes (the boys) to a fox or an owl .it was the boys hahaha after that I think they settled down in thier tents and I slowly fell asleep at 3 and woke to my son letting us know they were going into town for breakfast okay  suits me just fine … so after an hr more sleep ,showered and my hubby and I went food shopping oh yes our excitment for part of the day ….No ! So I guess summer vacation has begun.

Ahh Summer!

Okay if you read my last post I had stated that I am reading again and I am letting you know I have finished my book . Such a great story when the author can pull you in and you feel every emotion the characters are feeling is absolutely outstanding oh did I cry …. yes a sad book but not all of it but most . It was on a hard  serious subject that delt with one of the character with bipolar and suicide  but was so written to give you the knowledge of the issues  I had to take breaks from certain parts  because it hit close to home …my younger brother suffers from bipolar and it’s a hard illness especially when the person does not want to manage it correctly and did have my husband and I support but after awhile did not want it. So it was out of our hands and now he is hopefully getting the treatment .so yes breaks where needed but the ending was so good. Its now night time and I am sitting under the stars and the humidity but it’s comfortable my house feels like an icebox so yes this is nice. The peepers are happily out and occasionally we hear the dog barking  from the neighboring farm. oh and the we is my hubby and daughter are outside as well my son just got home from work at his new job.  He said it went well one worded answers but nothing new when he is hungry and maybe I will get more out of him tomorrow but not until after 1 he goes back in at 8 tomorrow morning. So for now I wil just relax outside and  enjoy the stars. Hubby just snuck back in the house and I don’t think he’s coming back out. So just my daughter and I at the moment. So have a goodnight everyone going to relax.

Summer vacation Begins!

It’s the last day of school for my Son and his first day of his new job . My daughter had a day off but is off with a friend .Its a  warm humid sunny day stayed out as long as possible before the heat was too much so I came in and finished house chores and dinner will be takeout tonight.  I’m just about finished with the book I’m reading been doing a lot of reading lately ,so happy I’m back into it . 

       Summer Vacations are so different now each summer has a new change Sons 1st summer with his drivers license and new independence  and more free time for me . Strange feeling and more worries ๐Ÿ™  but I’m going to try not too hmm easier said then done …but will try. I am hoping to do more with my husband . Get out to the drive-ins and the beach so I will be working on this. And I can just imagine how many books I will get through hahaha I will keep you posted .  

Ahh under the stars ..

So it’s  after 10 on a Wed night and my daughter and I are relaxing on the deck enjoying the stars. It’s a beautiful night there’s a little chill in the air but it’s comfortable. The peepers are out and every now an then we here a branch snap and my daughter and I just look at one another yes trying to ignore it hahahs the sky looks so big and endless and the stars are so amazingly  bright.they just blanket the sky. It’s a relaxing 1st night of summer.  So happy there is no rain .Well going to watch for shooting stars have a goodnight everyone , Oh and I wonder who will make it to the door first if the snapping of branches get much louder.๐Ÿ˜‚


Monday evening thunder echoing in the distance more storms coming, This has been going on since 2this afternoon crazy weather. As usual kids are out and about and hubby and I are home relaxing hubby catching up on the news and I getting ready to read.  Feels so good to get back in to this it’s been awhile. It’s just one more thing I’m finding I have more time for. I may finish the book tonight. Miss Abigail likes laying in front of me on the rug while I read it’s comforting to her I guess hahaha love this fur ball.the book is really good don’t you just hate that hahaha well what I mean by this is if the book is so good then you will get through it so much faster the beautiful story will be finished  . Yes I know no logic…. well time to read have a good night everyone.