A Mother’s Love…

My Son as soon as he got home from school and practice ate supper announces he is going to a friends house just as I see headlights coming down my driveway…hmm he planned that well . A new thing lately with asking or saying what he is doing while car lights appear…so I do the drill where are you going what are you doing and me finishing with becarefull  and replies mother don’t worry ..did he just say that what are we good at as mothers worrying I told him you are my child I will always worry about you and your sister no matter how old you get. he just shrugs gives m that side smile  and out the door he goes. I look at my husband and we just shake our heads I think back to when I was his age a sophomore was I like that? oh  my yes I was the worry I must of put my mom  through. she wouldn’t have admit it but I now realize when I stayed out a little to late to her liking the next time I wanted to go out it was a quick “NO” now we have good old texting, okay that doesn’t always work like when he has his cell volume  down so he says … but if I do not hear from him believe me I will when I say  call me or text me back or your grounded .. oh what we go through… so has I sit here writing this I’m  waiting to see car lights come down my driveway. A mothers life is not always easy. It’s hard to let them go and know and hope  they will make the right choices , we love our kid’s so much we do anything for them if we could .

Flashback Thursday!!!!

Do you remember this vacuum cleaner?? I do my mom had one when I was growing up . you just couldn’t ruin it ours ran forever it was dented from all the walls from pulling it around the corners to each room when my sisters and I had to vacuum as a chore and we  wanted to get done so we could go out with our friends ,the good old electrolux   let me know if you had one.


Beautiful Day!!!!!

I always try to have all house work done before I post on my blog but today is an exception, it’s 62 out in the middle of March  but on my deck as I sit on my swing it feels like 70..so beautiful ! my pup is enjoying it as well as he basks in the sun next to my feet with his occasional on guard look when he hears the little critters  running around in our woods chasing one another…Spring is in the air even saw a bee flying by me. I hope this weather stays but I  will enjoy this right now. I hope where all Screenshot_2016-03-08-16-30-47of you are it’s just as beautiful. 20160309_110539-1



Women are a amazing creation, they love endlessly , they are stronger then they will ever know . women can carry a life in them for 9months and not think twice about doing it all over again.women think beyond  their minds but think with their hearts. They can see both sides of a situation and then decide… Women have this built in alarm called there gut instinct that never is in  question if something is wrong or right.women, women may fall from life’s  mishaps but get right back up.women  care deeply and honestly . A  women is one of Gods most precious gift