Time Change…

Hi Everyone ! It’s 3:30 in the afternoon in my part of the world and the sun is slowly setting ,by 6 this evening it will be completely dark . So enjoying myself in one of my favorite spots where the sun brightens and warms the room . A bit chilly out I guess Fall is upon us now. Been a productive Saturday declutterung each room in the house while bringing out the winter throws for the living room furniture a little extra help in keeping us warm while we relax in the dark early chilly evenings since the days will be even shorter after the time change tonight. I have my books that I’m looking fiorward  to reading and of course my adult coloring  books as well. My husband is eagerly finishing off building the barn with the contractor and soon we can tear down the old one and finally get the yard furniture put away for the winter. Supper is cooking the house smells so good, Kids are at work so I am absorbing the sun before it settles for the night , Miss Abigail is enjoying it with me. This time change will give us an hour longer of sleep which is great and it will make for a lighter morning getting up for work and School. So hopefully that will help my Son wake up easier.  I guess I will sit back enjoy the sun until it’s time for supper .🙂


Rainy day …adult Coloring❤️

On this cold rainy 1st day of November I enjoyed it by relaxing with my adult Coloring , after everything around the house was done I relaxed with this pretty pattern, been working on it off and on at the end of the day when I needed to unwind for the day  and then had some time this afternoon as well . Love coloring.❤️

Prayers …. 

Let us in this Halloween night think of the people that have lost their life just doing an everyday thing riding their bikes and enjoying life and then this senseless  act happened … just so sad to bare ..When will all this hate just stop  and how many more will be taken by this evilness … let us take a moment be fore we settle in for the night and think about the victims and their families. New York we are thinking of you .❤️

Halloween sillyness 

It’s the night before Halloween , in my childhood days we called it cabbage night . Some kids would actually trick or treat not I , my mom would have nothing good to say to the parents who let their kids do this ,she thought it was just being greedy for  extra candy and not all houses where lit up for you to go up to I think they thought the same way  that Halloween night was enough . Then there was the eggs smashing. And toiletpaoer hung through random trees in our teenage yrs when we where  to big to get candy which if I did and got caught my parents would ground me ,  they didn’t think it was funny, The moon earlier looked errie There was clouds around it but I  missed the shot because now it’s just  the moon getting bigger and brighter.  This evening my 17 yr old son and I where driving in his car to our destination  and on the side of the road and a busy one at that , this house put up these three 10ft tall or more like blow up glowing florscent blue ghosts that where swaying back and forth and my son is driving and he is like what the heck ,that’s annoying and distracting for drivers too close to the road.  I couldn’t have agreed more.. then he was like wait it’s Halloween tomorrow I’m like yes it is I said jokingly do you feel old he laughed and said yes no fun anymore we don’t even get to hand candy out . True …where we live off the main road no one comes out that far. So being funny I said I could throw a sheet over me with eye holes and he joined in yeah I can say your my little sister and I’m taking you out trick or treating  it’s funny because I’m 4’11 he said I bet it would work and we started laughing then he said you wouldn’t ? I said it would be fun trying and he laughed and said it’s so possible but your crazy As he said in a nice way we just started laughing again I said to him I could get you some candy he just shook his head with a smirk on his face and then we got quiet and moments later he say again it could work we just laughed all over again. Then after we got to our destination he wanted a coffee so we drove to the famous Dunkin Doughnuts  that is in our part of the globe and he got a coffee I asked for a box of munchkins which are little doughnut balls of assorted flavors pumpkin chocolate, blueberry really good with coffee or milk.and kids love them. When my kuds where in elementary school  for their Halloween parties  they brought them for a treat a big hit. so when I ordered them he laughed I think my son was thinking of our silly conversation earlier of being short oh what timing 🙂 but it was a nice silly moment though❤️

The photo challenge!

Hi Everyone , I had been nominated to participate in The black and white photo challenge  that’s been going around the social media sites I am  on day 5 .At first I was hesitant because I’m not one to do these kind of things but I did and I must say I have been enjoying it , it’s really kind of neat thing ,you post a black and white photo that represents your life but no humans no explanation just a photo each day and you nominate a different person everyday as well ,I have two more days left to this challenge and I wish now it could be  longer then 7 Days 🙂it’s been so much fun and just a photo speaks volumes about a person. If you get nominated go for it … you will be surprised how enjoyable it is . 

Little Surprises

I had my candle melt warmer going in our bedroom . When I came in to the room tonight to get change to settle in , this glowed above my ceiling a  heart the  warmer doesn’t have   heart designs   on it they are circles so I thought this was worth taking a photo of , the yellow is the lighted hallway. I love when things like this appears especially hearts , we, can never have enough reminders to love more❤️