We need more love is this world to wash out the hatred that is so upon us. We need to stop all this hatred life is too precious …why I ask do we hurt each other ? Why is it easier to hate then love !… I look up at the beautiful  blue sky and I ask how is it so beautiful when down here where I’m standing is so ugly . Why do we feel the need to destroy  one another in so many different ways  , ? we are all in this world together let us come together and conquer this evil that so badly wants to destroy us.


Quietness …

Ahh…the quietness except for the sound of my fountain and the soft breeze blowing gently at my face letting whims of hair tickling the sides of  my cheeks . The sky is an amazing blue . It’s nice sitting here with the warmth of the sun on me. Soon there will be the sound of  banging doors as everyone comes home and settles in after their busy day but for now it’s just myself and enjoying this serene moment. 

Monday Photo

Writing this with a heavy heart after the shooting in Las Vegas the world feels a bit more off kilt today adding in all the other mass shootings around the world and the weather disasters . Just all so unbelievable .. before this sad news I was going to post this for my photo because I love Winnie The Pooh quotes and thinking of my kids and what I want them to remember as they grow. 


Today was a happy busy day went grocery shopping with my husbands help and then I made chili in the crockpot for supper  spent the rest of the day on my deck enjoying the beautiful warmth of the sun and an enjoyable visit with my husbands uncle who came over with his medal detector to see what treasures he could find around our house and woods at first it was exciting to see what he would find but the end result sadly nothing… he was shocked as well as my husband and I . Was hoping for something exciting buried treasure? hahaha … wouldn’t that had been nice .

 I was busy after that with supper,  chili came out good and the corn bread tasted delicious with it and then made  some cookies for dessert, Now finally settled in bed no reading tonight need to get up early but the book so far is really good I picked  Danielle Steeles new one to read first .I believe a good choice cannot wait to get into it more well the weekend is already over and a new week begins back to work,  school,  house chores errands especially with an early morning appointment bringing my daughter for her eye appointment, after she can’t drive so I’m the driver so going to try to get some sleep hopefully the almost full moon lets me , its already so bright and  lightening up everything outside  and my bedroom walls . Okay everyone have a goodnight.

Saturday Goodies!

   Saturday was spent with my  daughter enjoying a  light lunch at Panera Bread and a pleasant conversation , then followed with a trip to to the bookstore for some good books . Been awhile a day spent out with just her and I found a book for my husband as well . Then as we headed home we grabbed a pumpkin spice latte it was a perfect ending to a cold rainy day out.  Now settled in  in bed nice and warm  with my husband who has started his book and  I am deciding which one I want to read first .watch Miss Abigail the kitty who has cozed up on our couch up So everyone have a goodnight going to enjoy my book. Let you know which one I picked when I decide🙂


I guess we are never to old to learn . . I’m learning I need to let things go I had posted in my last post how I was worried about my daughter and her relationship she is in . We had a good talk and we are on the same page , I thought we where not this is where I am  letting people work things out for themselfs ( my  kids) and not to let things get to me when it’s not to my liking well  or different then what I’m use to . daughter is doing what she needs and wants to do at her own pace. I find I’m connecting better with my kids lately . Things baby books you get when your expecting  doesn’t teach you how to be a mother to them when their  older but then again I never read them. I just went by my heart   and my hearts is telling me now this is right what I’m learning , ,it’s hard I find myself biting my tongue a lot lately this is going to take some time  but I need to let go a bit more and let them learn to take care of things and let them fail too if that’s the case. 

     This is good for me too and my husband we are doing more together with just us and  this we have not done much  of since we had kids . It’s strange how thinks come full circle again but we are older now and what we did then we do not do now it’s so much different  but I’m enjoying the difference . Change is good. 

Life’s lessons…

I rarely post anything about my daughter unless it’s that we spent  the day together out and yes today we did . 🙂anyways my daughter has been dating a guy now going on 5 yrs in Oct he is 7 yes older so almost 30 per say but in most cases acts like he is 18 or younger my daughter is way more mature then him at 22 and this relationship is so one sided always been about him  and and he is a gamer so stays up all night playing video games works but only part time could of landed a full time position  but has lost his chances by not giving .. showing enough effort to be the right person for it. Sadly he has no motivation  so your thinking why is she with him well we all wonder the same thing her family friends . We  did not realize all this at the time seemed like a super nice person but now seeing he isn’t well he  is not a bad person but he is not a happy person due to his own fault  and she is not happy but he plays poor me and she gets mad for a bit but then feels bad and stays with him … we have all been so nice to him helped him but sadly he is not going anywhere they tried living together it lasted barely a year so now he is living with his mom. not saving complains. constantly  about everything you cant give him advice he does not take it it’s  his way or no way can’t compromise ,and when he is at our house for several day he sets off this vibe a dark cloud over me and she has felt it too yes I believe in vibes.. karma  when he leave it lifts  yes I instantly can feel the relieve ,I cannot take seeing her get miserable but then play nice to him and no matter what we say she stays with him . She says she isn’t as attracted to him like she was and wished it would fade out instead it just keeps going this way they work together so this doesn’t help and now I’m finding that even what I say doesn’t matter as a mother to daughter talk  she stays with him . I’m so frusturated with all this and I’m ready to cut the ties myself from befriending him on Facebook … buying him things for holidays I just realize she isn’t going to end this with anyone’s input . why I ask ? She is so much better then this deserves so much more I can’t understand . All I know is I tried being nice to him for her sake but cannot anymore too much stress , so I’m going to stop asking about him if she as an issue with him I will not give feed back I’m washing my hands from this . Anyone have any advice ? I would gladly take it. I’m thinking more negative things I say she stays with him . Is this going to sadly be her life lesson to deal with him and regret this someday .  I hope not . What to do ….anyone ?