lifes beauty….Photo


I took this the  night the moon was at it’s fullest. I think this is the best photo I ever took ,it was so striking couldn’t resist . I love the moons brightness when  it’s lights shine upon the the tree’s in my yard casting the  whole yard with shadows and you can see such a distance through the woods  its creepy but so tempting to look sometime you can see the glow of a coyote’s eyes has they hunt its a beautiful sight. nature at it’s best.















Why……Tell me why??

Does anyone ever just wonder why we just can’t live just the way we are…happy just being happy. do not get me wrong goals of success are great but not everyone feels this way ,some just want to live simple just be … find a decent job that supports their  means and just do what you enjoy whether that is snowboarding in the Colorado’s ,biking across the state just enjoying life  and nature or the girl who loves her job at a flower shop and is so good at making people smile when they ask for advice on flowers and they love it or the wife who just wants to stay home with their child and be a mother and their husband is fine with it.simpleness without judgement is that possible ? maybe for the strong who can handle the judgement of your not living up to your potential .. maybe ? but your happy this is what you want . I know how people want to climb that ladder of success but at the top of that ladder is not for everyone and we should not judge . I just had to get this thought out for those who just want to just simply live.

Happiness…. poem

Soft warm surface like sands from an hour glass I sit upon.

blue sky above that fades into the water in front of me

surrounds me..

the warm sun upon my skin

the water that tickles my toes is refreshing..

peaceful sound of rolling waves echo Screenshot_2016-03-20-16-17-14-1-1through my mind

the scent of salt awakens my sense’s

The ocean my home.

Poem… Lasting memories…..

A slight breeze brushes against my cheeks

The bubbling  sound of water as it rolls over the the rocks

below the rickety old boards that seem to fragile to hold me

the boards creak as the wind blows through the old weathered wood

but it doesn’t scare me I know I’m safe just as I know my secrets are save

with in these old walls.. years of my youth play back In  my mind.

as I sit something  catches my  eye  in the distance

the suns rays shines on the object making it a almost blinding

I walk to it.. its metal I bend down to get a closer look its a lonely earring that has been faded by time..

it’s a sign that I’m not the only one who  has come here

if only these walls could talk I laugh to myself  oh how we would all been

in trouble.

as I walk away I turn and take one more look good bye old friend

the wind picks up and the old covered bridge creaks even more

I just smile and keep on walking.



Are we coming or going……

It’s been a long week and a half. everything seems so upside down what are we doing as a society with teaching our kid’s right and wrong…it just seems like whats right is wrong whats wrong is right….who wins who learns it’s just so frustrating . A situation in our town has turned into such a confusing mess yes a mess is what it is just by one person’s bad choice and wrong doing effecting innocent kid’s . everyone is confused if we could just say it like it is, if we didn’t have to add drama to it or sweep it under the rug, but be a friend believe in the person  stand by your friends help each other  then to go against them it would not be so confusing but the sad thing is kid’s do not know what is right or wrong  or are afraid to stand up because you will be judged society has taught this because they see how people clearly can turn on each other okay  I am not meaning everyone but a big majority  do. everyday our kid’s witness people being mean and making bad choices  a for example in a line at a store the person in front of you being nasty because the cashier did something wrong.. well in their mind so they belittle them in front of a whole  store  your kids see this  or you let someone go first in line or on the road driving and can you get a thank you..hmmm no. then again they see this so how do you instill do the right thing be the better person stop the blame game open our ears listen which yes is still possible but in this world lately you need to be a strong person enough to do this. Instead our younger kids just clam up and say well better to say nothing at all, not in all cases. so this is what I am dealing with we need to learn what our actions teach our next generation. it’s scary thinking what this generation will be like when they become adults . will they be okay that’s  the big question.