It’s about finished just have to color the boarders been working on this for the past week at night. Helps a lot with not thinking about things or worrying since my kids are keeping themselves s busy driving everywhere. So thankfully this had a lot of detail.


All is quiet ….

My hubby is back to work after some days off to get our barn done before winter,, rushed morning with my son to get out of houses to go to town with him. Now back home and he is back to school my daughter at work and even Miss Abigail is not here well she is but sleeping downstairs in her and my daughters place , not on my couch that I have grown accustom to seeing her there. Another dreary day but to busy to let it phase me hahaha stuff shells baking for supper so house smells yummy . Happy I was able to watch my favorite show love my soapy! Now just sitting here taking a break while laundry , supper finishes up and soon hubby will be home . Nice for some quiet time for a moment🙂

Happy Place!

Ahhh…. it’s  a chilly 4 in the afternoon ,the outside is turning into night. Nice and cozy on my couch with a hot cup of coffee and my Adult Coloring book and TV land Station on playing all the old but goodie shows, watching The Golden Girls my favorite luckly it’s just I and Miss Abigail curled up in the chair by me  sleeping. My son hanging out with a friend in his room my daughter working and hubby hiking ,my family doesn’t like this show . So for now  I am in my happy place❤️

Stress release ….

Settle in for the night in my cozy bed house is only occupied by my hubby and I and Miss Abigail at the moment kids are out. Been a sad week …on Monday afternoon a boy my sons age and one this community knows all to well and his family ,was in a car accident do not know the details it’s all under investigation but the car is beyound totaled he was alone driving it and he is not in good condition …stable but severe head trauma and it’s going to be a long road for him and his family . This has shaken me up a bit because this generation of kids just want to be constantly on the go and that means on the road . Oh if I could keep my son in a bubble. As I write this he is out with his friends tonight as of last night and I am trying to not to worry so I’m coloring my fears away well at least trying I finished one page and have started this one. I’ve posted, this one has even more detail then the last one which is a good thing to occupy this over thinking mind and heavy heart.😥

Remember ❤️

Settled in with my hubby under our warm blankets on this cold night  enjoying the Country Music Awards. It pulled at the heart strings they  dedicated  the show to all the tradgedies that have been shaking up our world , the weather the Las Vegas shooting,  New York ,  Texas church shooting all so heart breaking   and so unfair but watching and listening to the music brought all of us together to remember the life’s lost and we will never forget . Even though evil still lurks we can be comforted to know that we stand together and lean on one another and build strength to not let this overcome us we will keep on fighting and and hopefully conquer this  hatred . It was nice to watch this with my famiy and sing along and tear up a bit but most important we watched this together . It’s over now so time to get some sleep .sweet dreams everyone.