Life…. what is life …

to breath .. to feel  to want

to love to hate to  to laugh to cry

to loose ..yes what is life ?

whatever you want it to be



The Nail……

Let me tell you about this nail , It’s not just any kind of nail It’s very special to me before I explain why let me tell how I came about it. On Valentines Day my family I went to church in honor of an anniversary mass for my husbands Grandmother who was a very special person in all of our lives. This day was special in so many ways …I stayed firm and my teenage son had nothing to say but was going …a battle that has been forever which is hard to take . So at Mass the Deacon spoke and he talked about love.. life and living getting harder.. times of lack of patience and just a lot of negativity ..this was amazing he hit on all the emotions I was feeling negativity lack of patience and then he took the nail out of his pocket and told us his father gave him a nail when he was younger and said put this in your right pocket and every time you say something bad about some one or hear someone saying something bad and you agree put this in your left pocket and when you   say a bad word put it back in the right pocket and so on….and at the end of the day think of how many times you may have had to do that and each day try to change what made you do that and see how less that nail moves and that means you are trying to at least be a better person. well I do not put it in my pocket…I keep it on my bedroom dresser next to a photo of my kid’s and it’s the first thing I see so I use it has a reminder to have the patience for my teenage son and to be a good person for them to follow and for me also knowing I am trying .Also  to not judge others for their actions even if  I disagree to just walk away …easier said then done. so I  just use it  as a guide to be a better person I know I can be happy with.20160303_153926

Yes Soap opera (Soapy’s)

20160302_132144-1-1Yes I watch Soaps …. actually one soap  my favorite  Days of our lives . My favorite hour of the day  at 1:00 and people who know me well do not call or talk to me at that time. I started watching this when I became pregnant with my 1st child and I decided to be a stay at home mom so that is 20 yrs so far of watching this amazing daytime show I rocked her and then my 2nd child my son to sleep watching this . and ever since then its just gets better and better its like a good book romance drama yes you name it. and now I tweet as I watch it with my twitter friends yes I call them my friends everyday good amount of us tweet as we watch it it’s great we laugh we share our sadness and happiness through our tweets and yes and unhappiness too . Today was an end of an era the rich madman villain head of the the family dynasty who has been on since 1982 did a farewell episode amazing flashbacks and memories the characters talked about it was actually sad because he was such a great actor but decided due to health reason time to say goodbye and it was just amazing how it came to an end. good by Stefano Dimera…….

The Storm….

After I posted my last post which I believe was Monday night , at 2 in the morning I woke suddenly to a pacing husband a non stop shaking whining dog I noticed why the time on the clock was  blinking telling me right then we had lost power for a moment ,Then I heard the wind I sat up and that is when my husband filled me in about the most creepiest powerful loudest wind I think I had ever heard….It sounded like a dozen freight trains coming our way and they where going to go right through our house it just wouldn’t stop it was constant whipping.  our windows rattled and my husband told me how our tree ‘s were literally bent over  so not good when your house is surround by trees so we sat and prayed that the wind would stop but it didn’t my daughter came up from her live in basement checking to see if we knew what was going on followed by her cat who looked as shook up as my dog. My Son slept right through it all he can sleep through anything,.I wish I could of that night. just as we were thanking  god  that the lights  only went out for a minute they went out again and never came back on until this morning ironically at 2 this morning which now is Wed… so at 3 that night my husband started up our generator happy to have it so we could at least keep the furnace and water pump and fridge going . which is more then some have unfortunately. we have been there so many times that we decided if we were going to live where we did we needed one, our section of town is always the last to get power back. so by the time that was set up it was 4 in the morning and my husband and daughter and son had to be up at 6 because they still had work and school…2hours if that of sleep not fun. I stayed home and kept an eye on the generator and animals that  just paced half the day . I would like to say a quiet day it was not all of you do know how loud a generator is if not okay it’s   very loud…. you can’t help but not hear it has been a very interesting tiring last couple of days. must say though the sunset this evening shining into my living room was beautiful .. here are some pics of the sunset oh!!  and the tree that split and fell over the entrance of our driveway which could of been a lot  worse.and the debris of trees cluttering the driveway also.

Tv night…

We are all settled in for the night, my Tired son is sleeping and my husband and pups are laying in bed watching The Voice Premier with me  it is so awesome tonight !! my daughter is messaging  me every second as she watches it too, love the stories these performer’s  have and their voices  are unbelievable. and the judges you have to love them it’s a good clean show and a lot of fun.we need more shows like this . my other favorite  TV night is Wednesday , Love the show The Middle another clean happy fun and funny show. then I am good till Saturday  when I watch Ghost Stories with my daughter that is a more serious but creepy one  but  interesting of what they find. It’s sad not a lot of shows to pick from anymore … but what we watch is all good what is some of your favorite shows? love to know.