Spreading a little love , always room for more love in this world ❤️ adult coloring freeing my mind from worrying wondering thoughts.


Growing up….

Tonight was my sons last high school football game and thier Thanksgiving. Game and would you know tonight was the night he gets an injury and it had to be his knee … he is a runner track and hurdler and I feared this when he said he wanted to play football his last season of high school . He was doing so well yeah some cuts bruises body soreness and was fine but he went down on his knee in the last quarter and was done ,sitting on the ground holding his knee while medics came to the side line to check him out. I wasn’t at the game with my chronic hip issue couldn’t walk where the field was located, too much so I stayed home and listen to it on the radio and my husband sending me texts .

I end up getting a text from my husband stating they where at the hospital to get it checked out I said should I come he said no I will update you hmmm ..I have realized my son didn’t need me any other time I would of rushed anyways to get there but something told me to listen to my husband and wait for updates within an hr he updated just sprained their wrapping it and he needs to ice it rest it elevate it and use crutches for a couple of days if it gets worse see our doctor. Thankfully no pain meds and they where on their way home . Such a strange feeling for me to sit back and wait and calm as well . Funny thing he came hobbling through the door and sat down and said mom I’m starving I see you bought pizza could you make me a plate hmm now that hasn’t changed as he’s laying his head on the table and this I tell you was also after my husband dropped him off at school to grab his car and see his team and coach who where back at his school from the bus . Now he’s in bed and sleeping so I guess maybe he needs me but just little less. I guess that’s an okay thing🙂

Occupying my mind Monday Photo

Hi Everyone here is my Monday Photo if you have looked at my past posts you will notice how I have been posting more of my adult coloring. And now I have posted this one .I have been working on it’s been a long couple of weeks and still hard ,a 17 yr old boy from our community that had went to School through middle school and played youth football and baseball with our kids was in a horrible car accident and has sadly passed away on Friday after excessive amount of treatment from severe brain trauma this has shaken us as community and it’s going to be a hard time for his family especially with the holidays coming our hearts are breaking for them😥. This has making me want to wrap my 17 yr old in a bubble if it was that easy . but sadly we know life isn’t. So . I have found that coloring keeps my mind occupied while he’s out well for the most pare more then reading a book does because I can still think when I am reading , with coloring the pictures are so detailed you focus on the picture so yes a lot of coloring this mom is doing . So like I said here is my newest one. I guess I will color now ❤️


Life…. Should be lived one day at a time ,and we should never take anything or anybody for granted we should always be grateful for what we have and cherish the people in our lives its not about how many things we have or how much money we make its about being with the ones you love and their happiness , that is what I believe , because life is just too short.❤️

MTV The 80’s ….

My hubby was doing what he does best and flicking through channels on the TV and he came upon the 80’s music flashback …yes our era. Oh my do I feel old hahaha I can sing every word and I thought it would make me feel sad looking back but honestly I am very surprised …. I’m not I feel yes older but mature and not as young in my mind as much as I thought but younger then I should feel for my age that I have to admit…but content . A couple yrs back watching this would of sadden me hahaha if anything yes I miss the good times of my youth my friends ..dancing to this, crying over lost boyfriends over these songs but that’s what we did and now listening is like hmm ok this song I like this song no . I believe I finally got past my 80″s fetish except for my hair yes I still have long curly puffy hair but that’s me love my hair yes there’s some grey in it that needs to go 🙂 but honestly I think what saddens and makes me feel older is my kids growing up and not needing me like they use to . Makes since right?? I think so..