Rainy Saturday…

Once again another rainy day .. and once again very humid getting unbearable. Nothing like feeling cabin fever in the summer. Sunday it looks like the rain will be gone at the moment it’s sunny again but hearing more storms coming in and then Sunday the sun will shine but it will be 90! and humid and my son will be participating in the Triathlon after all ,his ankle looks better and he says it feels good so will see after he’s done what it feels like ..he pretty set up for it ready to do his thing. I’m wondering how much sleep he will get tonight.. always the night before a race he can’t sleep. It’s going to be a lot of work on his part but this is what gets his adrenaline pumping it’s his passions doing these races, I’m trying not to ask much about it or he starts to clam up and roll his eyes at me . I must say since he has turned 18 this past week he is enjoying the freedom of it #1the no curfew of being off the road driving after 12:30 #2 being able to go into night clubs and listen to music and dance , yes they card no 18 yr old drinking but there’s always ways around that ,sadly been 18 .. ughh oh and #3 no asking 24 /7 (figure of speech ) what he’s up to? So yes 18!is a bit nerve wracking . Let’s say it didn’t help my sleeping pattern last night . Hopefully better sleep tonight so I can be there with my hubby wide awake to cheer him on. ūüôā

On to a new subject the Stephen King book I am reading. Hmmm let’s say it’s now very creepy but I want to know how it ends . I’m trying to finish it I almost done. At first I thought it was mild for his kind of writing well now in being in the middle of it , it’s defiantly his kind of writing and what he does best scare us, creep us out well at least for myself (hahaha) I’m hoping to finish it tonight. Seeing the time 7 in the evening already I think I better try finishing it . Have a good night everyone.

Spartan Race .. son so proud.

In my last posts I stated that my son 17 years old was participating in The Spartan Race in Vermont on one of their highest mountains , it’s called Killington. My son and thousand run 32 mile which also includes 52 obstacles of sandbags on your back spearing , loading rocks in to pails and carrying them up the mountain climbing up roofs swimming across a pond and only stopping on your way to energize yourself with what you see in the photo .. which is placed at several parts on the routes . The race started at 6:30 Saturday morning and my son was still running and doing the obstacles at 6: 00 that evening my husband saw him twice with in those 12 hrs .  I stayed back and my husband kept me in form through text and phone  conversations  . At 9:00 that night they arrived home and he finished the race he finish in 62 place and a very sore dirty mess … it’s the day after and he is on the counch watching movies taking in a lot of liquids and not moving much every part of his body aches , I am sure everyone who participated feels this way well for the most part some . My son said the ones who train all year for this are probably in better shape today. As he was laying on the couch he was telling me a bit about it stating that it  was so mind blowing because at one moment your doing many obstacles and then there is several ours where your just hiking up the mountain to reach the top to proceed back down the  other side and more obstacles before reaching the finish line if you do he said a lot did not due to exhaustgen  or soreness  but he said in those hours moments your finding things to focus on because your mind is just thinking about anything random thoughts going through your head of what if I get hurt what I need to do this week he said he had to try to clear his mind and focus on one step at a time so mentally it’s challenging as well , he told us towards the end he was so tired he got this adrenaline rush to run to just get it over with and that is what got him to the finish line.We just sat and listened his take on this was amazing .  We are so proud of him . He loves a challenge and this was defiantly one .  May regret it a bit now but when he recovers he will be happy he did it that’s our boy ‚̧ԳŹ

The season begins

Today Spring track season begins .My Sons first meet sadly I will be missing this one where the track is located it’s to ¬†much walking for this hip to bare …I will catch the next one that will be at his school. So proud of him he has worked so hard he is such a great runner sadly he puts so much into it that its not a pleasant evening ¬†for about 2hrs after it because ¬† his body and mind. Need to relax ,he is so spent after these meets but it’s a ¬†adrenaline rush before them….such a ¬†vicious cycle . I will have food ready for him when he is done . then it will be homework and bed . life of a teenage athlete.