Coloring !

It’s Sunday night hubby and I are watching the Winter Olympics and I am Adult Coloring . My nerves feel on edge ..this change of life is not easy to deal with …women you know what IM talking about My mood swings are the worst . I feel sorry for my hubby hahaha I warned him 🙂 ahhh he has is moods so its all good . So we thought we settle in our bedroom and watch tv and I will color as well . House is quiet except for the on and off sound of little paws sounding like she is doing laps around the house Miss Abigail in her active moments. My page is coming along , this one is time consuming but not challenging which is what I usually like so it will be nice to finish this one up and start a more challenging page. .


Me myself and I Friday night..

It’s a Friday night and happy the weekends her but the quietness once again is here as well . My son is at his meet with my hubby there reporting back to me how he’s doing, my daughter is at work . Shepard’s Pie has been made and ready and waiting to eat for all of them when they come home . I’m keeping myself busy with adult coloring waiting for the 2018 Winter Olympics opening ceremony to start . Love that part so much it’s always interesting to see what they will do .Yes it’s been prerecorded so my part of the globe can watch it . I’ve just noticed the page I’m coloring it’s a clock hmm appropriate since my mind has been focused on time how fast it goes especially this week counting down the days to my sons graduation . Such a good past time haha get it ?okay I know not funny.any ways it’s so time consuming and relaxing thing to do while your waiting for something.Miss Abigail is sleeping away on my bed she won’t like it when I go to settle to watch the Olympics in there. Oh such a fussy kitty. 🙂

February !

So happy it’s February getting closer to Spring ….tomorrow is Groundhog Day be interesting if he sees his shadow hmm will we have a early Spring ? Would be nice. For now I will just putt along today we had snow not a lot ,which was nice and all errands where done so it was a perfect day to stay home .Suppers just about done homemade macaroni and cheese smells yummy. While I wait I started a new page in my Adult Coloring book do some coloring now then tonight I will settle with my hubby and read my book and maybe he will as well if not he has his shows🙂 it’s all good.

Me myself and I …and Miss Abigail!

It’s a mild Friday evening and  everyone is out of the house son had a meet and my husband is there , I can’t wait till Spring when I can see my son participate in outdoor track. Winter track never works for me not enough sitting room , a lot of things going around and I’m still getting over my cold, I’m  sure my son is fine he is busy concentrating on his meet . He will be happy there’s food for him when he gets home. That’s my part.My daughter is out with friends so it’s just myself and Miss Abigail who is on my bed at the moment nice and cozy so I am on the couch and coloring my  3rd   Page in my adult coloring book in a   Very Quiet house. Off and on I hear a thunk or a pounding noise but I tell myself that it’s the house settling after a warmer day and now cooler night . ….. I should be use to this by now this house has always made noises since we built 12 yrs ago. At first my husband didn’t believe me or should say didn’t want too until one night he was home by himself and heard the same noises. So I have  the tv volume up. 😂 It’s helping a bit. I going to concentrate on  my coloring. .🙂image


It’s Friday night still brutally cold out .this vacation has been a simple quiet one my son has worked all week so far except for the day before which ended  up  happily spent with a friend and shopping with his gift cards and getting what he wanted for his room. He came home tonight from work and sport practice and now is at a basketball game at his school with friends  I am proud of him he is doing so well with this job he loves it.. My daughter had today off thankfully so she could catch up on some well needed  rest and now is having a friend over.

On Chrisrmas I received this beautiful-adult colorimg book from my  beautiful daughter ,the pictures are amazing ! I’m starting it tonight so I’m so excited . These books have been such a  blessing to me  helps keep this thinking mind of mine in a good happy place especially when my kids are out and about.hahaha yes I can’t think or worry about things as much because I am concentrating on the picture.Time to get started.❤️image