It’s Thursday night Football . The Patriots are playing the Colts. I like football , do I understand every play no… should I know yes. ๐Ÿ™„living in a family that are football fanatics yes I should . As I watch it I’m adult coloring as well such a combination well My hubby and son are watching it and shouting at the plays. So that’s good they have each other. (Hahahaha)so I do not have to pay total attention to it, I just say something when the Patriots get a touchdown. Which they just did again! I enjoy the commercials they play in between the game there different ones when games are on . I know I’m such a girl. I guess Though I’m going to head into the bedroom and watch the show A million little things that I recorded last night and color . This show is really good it’s new this Fall it deals with adult suicide it’s pulls at your heart strings but at the same time it’s so informational and warm . Well back to my show and I hear the guys in the living room razzing with each other boys will be boys๐Ÿ™‚

Adult Coloring …occupying the mind.

I cannot believe as I look at the time that it’s 8 at night. It gets early so quick now that it feels like I just sat down and started coloring… I guess not ๐Ÿ™‚ finished my page though ,so that’s good. Very happy with it and feeling relaxed . I think it’s time to make a hot cup of tea and enjoy some tv with my husband now . Chilly night so the tea will be welcoming. Here is my finished page.

Another long day …yawn

Its been a really cold grey day. Colds and virus are already going around and just feel blah . Just settled an hour ago and did some adult coloring to settle my mind , Im thinking a hot cup of hot chocolate now and start my new book I’ve been anxiously wanting to start but needed to finish the Novel Bittersweet ..must say was not an easy read .. it dragged out a lot each chapter was just boring , sorry love the author but just not this book . So now off to put the kettle on for some hot water . Here is a photo of my page so far that I’ve been working on ,finished a bit more since last posting it.this is probably the shortest post I’ve posted but need to relax.

No over thinking..

I woke early to the sound of my son and his friend in the kitchen . I was shocked it was morning after reading my book before bed and shutting the light off around 11 ,I fell asleep quick . This is the earliest I’ve fallen to sleep in a month. No thinking well over thinking I told myself the day before I wouldn’t do that I’m such a thinker so this is going to be a challenge . I kept myself happily busy did things that needed to be done then I relaxed enjoyed my soapy and settled with a afternoon coffee and finished my page I was working on in my adult coloring book. Anyways Morning was. here so after hearing my sons friend leave I jumped in the shower and then for a cup of coffee ,my son chatted with me as I enjoyed my coffee so that was nice . My daughter comes home today after being away for 3days with her Grandmother at the beach. Miss Abigail will be happy to see her. She has been my little buddy following me through the house as I was getting things done.

Happy to say it’s the 1st day in about 2weeks that I could shut off the air and open windows. Been sitting outside reading my book while Miss Abigail sits in the window watching me .๐Ÿ™‚ It feels good to be able to sit outside and not feel hot. Soon my daughter will be here she texted me that she was grabbing us pumpkin spiced coffee on her way home and would be here soon .. mine decaf since it’s now 4 in the afternoon. Can’t wait . My son is off on a bike ride with some friends in the nearby town bike trails . So do not expect him home anytime soon. I guess I will enjoy some more of my book before my daughter arrives to chat with me about her trip . ๐Ÿ™‚

Good Morning ..

Ahh .. I was actually able to get some good sleep last night. Fell asleep around 10:30 , that is really early for me and then I woke around 8 .,So needed. No horror shows before bed (hahaha) during the day did some errands in town and then came home to a quiet house for a quiet afternoon my daughter working my son out with a friend so I decided to take out my adult coloring book and pens and settled on the couch. While watching tv talk about Hurricane Florence, it was nice to color again . At first I wasn’t sure if I could get back into it . It’s hard to explain …. let me see if I can explain . Coloring was something I got into when my sons senior yr began needing an outlet for my mind . Well so much has changed he’s graduated and the summer has been a different one as well as this Fall .My daughter is out more and working more. My son leaves in 3 weeks . So It felt like an old thing I did in the past .. crazy thought , right? Once again it’s hard to explain the feeling. Any ways as I sat here while everything was done that needed to be around the house. I felt like I had scrolled through Instagram Twitter , WordPress enough .Facebook not so much haven’t been as interested in that lately getI tend to get sick of hearing the endless drama . So I pushed forward through my feelings and colored and before I knew it an hour had passed by and my husband came through the door from work looking at me and said well you look content. You know what I was content . My mind was so focus on coloring I didn’t think of things that would otherwise have me doing endless worry over things that were not even a thought to think about. As the night progressed the kids came home , we chatted laughed and then settled into bed I then fell asleep . Did coloring help? Or was it no tv horror shows or cell phone before bed ? Or all of the above ? No brainer all of the above ๐Ÿ™‚

Today looks like and feels like another cloudy day need to clean up the kitchen from breakfast so will do that ,pizza night so suppers all set . Sitting here with a late morning coffee and watching the updates on Hurricane Florence . My thoughts and prayers go out to the Carolinas it’s getting devastating .. please keep them in your thoughts.