Today was a day at home doing laundry ..dusting the usual but then had a moment for a nice cup of tea and coloring..yes coloring the new fad adult coloring books for relaxing. I was hesitant at first thought  what I use to do that  when I was a child and then with my kids ,but then as I thought about it more why not I loved coloring and the coloring book pages are amazing and there are so many to choose from so I bought one called Secret Garden and some coloring pencils and began . I am now addicted I colored for an hour not realizing it ,it was so relaxing and enjoyable I am so happy I gave it a chance. My daughter now colors too and is loving it. we both have two books if you haven’t tried it recommend it , I am not saying it’s for everyone but at least try and find out . love your feedback if you color or are thinking about it.