Always changing…

It’s almost the weekend and a bit happy for it. Another week down ….and a bit closer to this summer season ending. I’m really not too sad about it . It’s been a summer of a lot of have to’s and a little want to’s . My husband had the week off which he needed , okay maybe? He was antsy and just couldn’t keep himself busy enough and well it was a stay home vacation . Because well birthdays have hit our wallets hard . We did take some day trips and my son took him golfing was going to take him hiking but the weather is not helping the matter. Now I’m fine with being at home . I have my routine my activities , hobbies , friends I enjoy. Well it’s been thrown off this week . I honestly believe I handle change and life so much more differently now . I do not ask for much except let me do my thing. And I believe I deserve and earned it. I’ve been a stay at home mom since the day my children where born and now that their young adults I am ready to let them go and do my thing. Now my husband is holding on as tight as possible to them and the routine we have lived by forever. 🙄 I love my kids but it’s time for them to live their life’s . And believe me they want to. And I need to mix things up a bit because yes I’m bored with the same routine . And I will not feel guilty about admiring this. … summer has brought new meaning to letting go. My son leaves for college in a week , he will not be that far away but it’s a practical thing for him to dorm with the winters we have here and he wants the time away as well. Changes are not alway a bad thing it’s a need . And I am so ready I can not state this enough. So onward to moving forward .

A simple day .. shouldn’t it be?

After falling asleep around 1 ( very early for this insomniac) and woke at 8. To a quiet house I was very surprised .. decided to lay there for a bit and enjoy it .. then it was time to grab a quick shower and then head to the kitchen for some coffee ..ahh coffee …and the Wendy show ( hahaha) my new norm since our cable took away our local channel I use to watch . Can’t complain nice to switch it up even if it isn’t by choice. After my coffee and show was done I started with the everyday house things laundry .. cleanup last night snack dishes. Put a meatloaf in the oven for dinner as I enjoyed once again my music blasting from my beautiful speakers, makes house work go so much easier . It’s relaxing. Now just catching on some blog posts and enjoying a protein drink . Needed to add a bit more protein to my diet . I guess I do not eat enough of what I should … thanks to coffee and water that fills me. 🙄 bad habit coffee , not the water . Well struggling with the Stephen King book .. I am determined to finish it but I know I need a new book just can’t find one so I’ll keep reading this one. Not much to tell .. let’s see sadly we are back to humid weather again after some really cool temps . My son is on his last week of his jobs he has committed very well to all summer . Taking a couple of the weeks he has left before he heads to college to do some trips to see some army buddies and finish dorm shopping . Actually he is pretty much all set just some odds and ends. Hubby will have a vacation next week . Not doing much maybe some day trips get somethings done around the yard just needs a break . I honestly think he will go stir crazy … he loves the work routine when he is home he is so antsy . Where I am the other I’m content ( hahaha) oh how things change. In past summers when the kid were young we took week vacations somewhere now trying to do that is not easy .. just trying to get us all together for a dinner out is so hard . Out of my hands now kids are adults just how it goes.

Supper is done … and after cleaning up I will try to read a bit more. Let’s see how much I get read .


It’s Thursday night Football . The Patriots are playing the Colts. I like football , do I understand every play no… should I know yes. 🙄living in a family that are football fanatics yes I should . As I watch it I’m adult coloring as well such a combination well My hubby and son are watching it and shouting at the plays. So that’s good they have each other. (Hahahaha)so I do not have to pay total attention to it, I just say something when the Patriots get a touchdown. Which they just did again! I enjoy the commercials they play in between the game there different ones when games are on . I know I’m such a girl. I guess Though I’m going to head into the bedroom and watch the show A million little things that I recorded last night and color . This show is really good it’s new this Fall it deals with adult suicide it’s pulls at your heart strings but at the same time it’s so informational and warm . Well back to my show and I hear the guys in the living room razzing with each other boys will be boys🙂

Winnie the Pooh Day!


Today is Winnie the Pooh day. I have always loved Pooh and my daughter and Son as well she had a Winnie the Pooh theme of Bedding  and clothes as well as my son they had the and we read them  the books watched the shows such a memorable time and it’s a special kind of thing because you really never out grow Winnie the Pooh in his own little tubby way he always taught us something we can carry on in our heart and mind into our adult life. Here are my Three favorite quotes I would like to share with you. let me know what you favorite quotes are.

1    Piglet “How do you spell love?”

Pooh”You don’t spell it. you feel it

2   “Sometimes the smallest things takes the most room in your heart.”

3    ” You are braver then you believe, stronger then you seem, and smarter than you