Bear with me ..

Haven’t been on here since Sat night. With the sudden beautiful green grass coming in along with the budding trees and flowers brings allergies … My allergies are horrible the worst suffering in 3 yrs .. also doesn’t help with a sinus infection as well. So on a antibiotic and just trying to get some rest which is hard with the water itchy eyes ,sneezing and sinus pressure. …but trying . So bare with me. On posts and reading your posts😥.

Rainy Saturday …

It was a rainy soggy humid day. Even though the sun came out for a bit it didn’t do much to dry everything up before the rain came back in in many strains.. My hubby suffering from a cold as well as my daughter and now I feel I am but desperately hoping it’s allergies . I took advantage of the rainy day to finish reading my book as my hubby napped on the couch and my daughter napped down in her place until she had to go to work later in the day as well as my son. So both of my kids at work still . It’s 8:30 at night and I have finished looking for Alaska . Such a good book. John Green has such a way with his words . His writing is so different from other authors . His books are just unique . It’s the only word I can come up with to describe them. If only he wrote more. Now on to my next read The Road by Cormac McCarthy hoping I will enjoy it . I’ll keep you posted how I’m doing with it and if I’m enjoying it.

The air is still warm and sticky and the peepers are so loud echoing through the house. My kids won’t arrive home until 9 and 10 . I think I will start on this next book and see how far I get until they get home or my eyes get to heavy to read . In between sneezing … oh so much tissue used today.. have a good night everyone.

Rainy day..

it’s a Rainy Spring day , It wasn’t a lazy one Tho , cleaning up had to be done as usual , errands had to be run . Then I had time to do what I really wanted to do. I do like rainy days compared to snow days . I’m not wanting to complain but the warm weather brought allergies . So the rain helped to ease them for a day. Happy to see our wild turkeys are back doing their walk around our property . It’s so funny when your sitting out on your deck and they just walk by we do not even phase them . There was a moment last summer that I had remembered ,my daughter had just came home from work and was still sitting in her car .. most likely checking her messages on her phone because she was looking down I had walked out to the deck and I’m watching the turkeys surrounding her car just looking at her .. Hahahaha she hadn’t a clue until she looked up her expression said it all she spotted me on the deck and rolled her window down yelling help ….in a silly way . I couldn’t help but laugh well the turkeys hearing us ran giving her the room to open her door she ran herself up to our deck . They would not have hurt you I told her she did end up laughing and said well last thing you expect to be surrounded by is a bunch of turkeys in your driveway. True was all I could say but this is the country so expect to see anything at this. Point .

When we first moved in I had just came home from picking the kids up from school my son was in kindergarten my daughter 4th well he pointed straight ahead a little ways from our car sitting under a tree sat a bobcat as content as can be My sons eyes got so big he was like what is that I told him , my daughter thought it was pretty I told the kids to just go straight in to the house leave him be it will run away soon , my son was like no shaking his head staring at it ..hahaha I was like on the count of three will do it together so we did my son ran ran my daughter taking her time wanting to see it as long as she could before it ran off. Oh if only I had a phone back then . That was fun to see so yes can expect anything around here. Well time to clean up supper clutter before my son comes home from the gym to make his 2nd supper .,

Lazy weekend…

Sitting on my deck enjoying  no…. not coffee but a hot chocolate . I came down with the nasty head cold that is going through my household and then add it to my seasonal allergies not fun so hot chocolates been tasting good the last couple of days. Happy it’s a weekend of nothing planned kids are both working so just hubby and I home he is doing some long over do lawn work which he enjoys. Tomorrow the forecast is predicting rain  so it’s a nice comfortable day to be outdoors. .  My Son made it through his first 3days of his Senior yr this week I think he is enjoying it. So different from last yr they have so many privileges being a senior so it’s really different and layed  back. It’s amazing how grownup he has become especially over this past summer .I hate to blink afraid time will just go even faster. Was a long summer and he learned a lot and learned from his mistakes as well . I am learning to back off and know when to jump in and be there for him and to how to let go a bit of both my kids and not be afraid to let them fail if it has to be . They both know their father and I are here and we won’t judge but will give sound advice if needed .Believe me we have  not accomplished this new journey has parents completely but we are getting there one day at a time. Well time to get some things done around this house . After this nice breather on the deck. 

And it’s Friday..

So it’s Friday night and  I believe I am  so sick of the sound of the air conditioner and my sinuses are as well … been a long week and my head feels a mess  allergies are at an all time high so not helping . My hubby and Miss Abigail  and I watched many reruns of our favorite old show and now settling in bed my hubby is slowly drifting off to sleep after along day in the sun and the kids are off with their friends my son thankfully is staying over his friends house for the night so I won’t have to worry where he is and my daughter will be home when she gets home / I don’t worry as much with her she usually is responsible . So I think I will play my game untill I get tired enough that I can fall asleep with this stuffiness in my head. Yes my addicting game bubble pop 🙂 and yes I’m still stuck on level 36 cannot get passed it day 3 of still trying too. I’m shocked I haven’t given up on the  this because usually I do and find something else to play…..yes inpatient , but this time I am determined to get past this level .i will keep you informed.