Leaving.. it’s almost here….

It’s 10:30 at night need to get some sleep Morning will be here too soon and I’m a afraid I will not be able to hold back the tears much longer… I know my son is ready and he will be back but all the mother Questions in my head are questioning everything do you have warm clothes in case it’s cold until your on base ? Do you know we’re to go . Will he be okay first time flying by himself , Did they tell you this or that? Yes my brain is working over time. I know nothing unusual….. and then this comes to mind , oh this house will be quieter then ever and I will have less laundry less food shopping ,less dishes and I’m actually going to miss this ..well right now I’m thinking this. I will miss his comings and going constantly , my car will have a break which is good since now it’s leaking oil since a recent oil change okay that’s for another day … ugh but do need tho have that checked. Anyways he’s thinking he may be back for 9 days in Dec for Christmas but not sure since it will be expensive and only 9 days then he goes back for the next training until March so he may be away up until March . I’m already missing him along with my hubby . Going to be a long day tomorrow . I guess I better try and get some sleep , I’m just not ready for this morning to arrive . I know it’s going to happen whether I stay up and drag the night hours out 😥 then I ll just feel terrible and that will not be fair to him . He is ready has been ready since he was sworn in . So I will get some sleep and if my tears fall and they will ..do be it.