Getting back to reading and library’s ..

It’s been a hot humid very rainy summer that has brought reading back into my life. I’m feeling like an avid reader again. I’m almost done with the book I just started , well okay I started last week but that’s good for me , since I haven’t read like this in yrs. I’m liking this one author and I know it’s going to get pricey buying this authors books so I guess it’s time to head back to the library . Sadly it’s been yrs being in one . do they even give out library cards anymore? yes that was a serious question. I’m actually feeling like it will be awkward walking back into one.. the Good thing as well I can rent movies too since my hubby and I have been watching more movies lately. .

Our town library is unique it’s very little but has a lot of books and movies and the books they don’t have I can order from them and they can get them from other library’s well if they still do that . Yes once again I remind you so out of this scene . Any how the library very old and made out of stone if you look at the photo. I think it’s quaint and peaceful yes it’s a little dark looking ( hahaha) but inside it’s warm and cozy especially in the winter. . They do a lot of business Im always seeing cars there when it’s open. I guess on Thursday I will go back and check all this out and see if it’s the same librarian as well. . Looking at the time I see once again time as gotten away from me and it’s getting late so I guess it’s time to get some sleep . Out to lunch with my hubbies side of the family tomorrow . As both kids work so just my hubby and I and then who know what else we will do … I was thinking of checking out our local candle shop to get some fall scent candles for the house . So maybe we can do that as well. I guess it’s off to bed now good night..


this is a photo taken from my bedroom yes that is my hallway that leads to the basement left door where Miss Abigail is waiting then which is my daughters place …then as you see my back door straight ahead it’s a ranch style house it’s actually a bit bigger and longer then the photo shows but it’s all close quarters the reason I’m showing this is because where my bed is my hubby and I can look straight down the hallway at night . Sadly the way we have it set up at the moment so we do not block the heaters anyways what an awkward moment tonight tomorrow I may laugh about it , right now I’m in awe (hahaha) my hubby and I where watching our TV Shows and both of our kids came home so my daughter who was in a very chatty mood and loves to come in our room and sit on the end of our bed and tell me about her day at work ….just so you know she has done this since she was little ,our son when he was little use to lay at the end of our bed and we would watch shows and movies and by the time the movie was over he would be asleep and my hubby would carry him to bed. So yes always been something that was comfortable with them ,my son will come in when he gets home at night but stands at the door and will chat a bit then go to bed but my daughter could talk for hours sitting here. So tonight here she was and she is complaining about her Ex boyfriend who she sadly has to work with and I do not blame her for being bothered by him . Well as she is chatting away she’s waiting for her new guy to show that she is seeing so they can go get something to eat and we’ll one I’m laying in bed all cozy and my hubby is in the bathroom and I happen to look down the hallway and I see this person walking slowly down the hallway and at first I’m thinking why is seth walking so slow then realize my son already went to bed and I’m like oh my it’s Jamie’s guy so I say is name and like say how are you trying to get my daughter to stop chatting about her Ex and I do not know how much he heard but at the same time this all looked so weird and sadly he only can see me but can hear her and the only light came from the nightlight in the hallway and our TV so it was dark and oh boy what a sight it must of been an awkward probably more so for my daughter and I he seemed fine (hahaha) She stopped talking jumped up and went to him and they proceeded out to the kitchen . This guy is so quiet and not shy it took her other boyfriend two maybe three yrs to come upstairs and they where together for four years if he showed up and she was upstairs he would text her this guy well very comfortable and let’s say good thing he is a guy who is all about family and visits his before he goes back on his four night shifts and has dinner with them once a week when they only live 20 minutes away from one another because other people would of thought this was strange 🙂 but still I’m so embarrassed . I guess these are the moments I will always remember….. my poor hubby didn’t have a clue by the time he came out of the bathroom she was already walking towards our kitchen . I’m thinking my daughter and I will have a nice laugh over coffee in the morning . 😂