Bear with me ..

Haven’t been on here since Sat night. With the sudden beautiful green grass coming in along with the budding trees and flowers brings allergies … My allergies are horrible the worst suffering in 3 yrs .. also doesn’t help with a sinus infection as well. So on a antibiotic and just trying to get some rest which is hard with the water itchy eyes ,sneezing and sinus pressure. …but trying . So bare with me. On posts and reading your postsđŸ˜„.

December 1st day 1 counting my blessings!

Today is the my 1st day of  doing this like I stated in my last couple of posts to bare with me I was going to try recording my blessings for this month but like I stated before I am not always able to get on here everyday but I would try  to do this at least for a moment on  days I am busy.

Today I count my blessing for waking up this morning to sun  and having a different mindset that worrying will not get me any where solutions will and  hope everything will fall into place.