Embracing things with a better attitude…

The last 4days have been an eye opener what you felt was important really isn’t well let me rephrase that it’s important but it’s not the end of the world . Just a little curve in the road that lets you see things in a different light. If you read my last posts you will have learned we lost a 17 year old who was part of our community in a horrible automobile accident we went to part of the service and it was all so heartbreaking and unreal Life sometimes can throw us a cruel joke . The loss of this young man will be a forever one. Through these last 4days my son has limped through them been off and on crutches since our Thanksgiving Football game ,he went to the ER but was still bothering him has he got ready for school so off to his Dr. we went results no indoor Track until he can get into a specialist my son is taking this at the moment not has bad as I thought he would be being that Track started today. Sadly he cannot get in for 2weeks their so booked . So we wait and he sits or helps the coach until then … I think he may take this a bit hard when it sinks in that he isn’t running .In the past I would of been devastated and feel bad for him …well I do feel bad for him but he new making the choice to play football he could get injured so life lesson we live with our choice . I am just feeling this has a little bump in the road and it’s not the worst thing in life I have seen that šŸ˜„. he will get through this and I will be calm and supportive but I will not let this be I told you so moment which I know will happen . We all live and make choices that we live with and some are good and some are bad but no one as a right to judge . Life isn’t always a easy ride and he will learn from this that he and no one is invincible from life’s curve balls no matter what situation arrives. Life is so incredibly beautiful but sometimes so hard.šŸ˜„


To my daughter .

You came into this world with fire  and strength and a  heart so big .Do not ever let life hurt you so bad that it takes away that fire and and shatters your heart but learn from it .use the heat to warm that heart of yours and use that strength to fight back and show this crazy world what your made of .. People  with big hearts hurt more because they feel so much more deeply not a bad thing . I think the world needs more people like you.

A New Day…

A rainy foggy day in my location but all is good Laundry is done dinner is set and enjoyed my hour of my show Days of our livesĀ  with my twitter friends . just love them, love our tweets šŸ™‚ and soon my sweet daughter isĀ  bringing me home a mocha latte so yummy!Ā  My Sons brings home hisĀ  report card Beautiful!! he made it on Honor Roll ,Love… life is good seeĀ  it Ā  is all about the little things that keep me happy. life is short and God gives us a new day as a gift so the way we honor them is by making them a good day and being happy no matter how simple it is. I have learned so much in the past yrs and one of them is to never take anything for granted . I just wish more people could learn this. life is a gift and I intend to cherish that, do not get me wrong I have my moments but we are only human I try everyday day that I’m given to be a better personĀ  and to instill that in my Kid’s . Isn’t thereĀ  enough hate in this world? that we could spread a littleĀ  more love?