Photo Monday!

Good Morning , nothing like a sunset. I took this  over the weekend ..Saturday the sun was setting quickly  noticing how the house was getting a bit darker and it was kind of depressing seeing the sun set so soon I decided to  check on supper that was cooking , while I walk by my hubby who fell asleep on the couch watching T.V. and therei it was ! Amazing how bright and beautiful it was good thing I captured it because seconds later it was gone .


Adult Coloring!

I Everyone after a busy Last Boosterday week for my senior with all the festivities the dressing up costumes School color day,  pep rally float making and then the football game and a very sore son , but feeling  ok  even if he wasn’t he wouldn’t stop going So anyways and last but least the Homecoming dance  on Saturday night . Happy all the kids had fun and stayed safe. Today was a relaxing whateverkind of  day after food shopping … finished my page and started a new one to relax so it was a nice day to sit outside do some adult coloring while enjoying the sun , here is the page I finished and then the page I have been working on.  Love coloring.