Relaxing Sunday…

After a busy Sunday morning with a family gathering . It’s now mid afternoon and sitting out on my deck with my book in hand. Nice to have some cooler weather to sit out side and enjoy some reading .Let’s see how much I can get read todayđŸ™‚ The weather is perfect there is a nice breeze. The humidity has vanished … So I am taken advantage of it. Late night on my phone with a friend who has recently lost their wife . He has has been finding comfort in talking to me about her. I let him just talk on and reassure him he will get through this. It’s been a strange summer. I know I have said this in past posts but now it’s even more strange… people are talking to me about things . I guess they think of me as a good listener. I do not mind . I alway like to help people . Just sad what he’s going through. He will start back up on his work routine this week so I think the chats will calm down. Which I think being busy will be a good thing. As I sit here reading I can here noises in our woods I believe it’s acorns falling . It’s the strangest sound. I’m sure the squirrels are gathering them up already . It’s been a very hot humid summer on the days it’s felt like it but a short one with it being the first week in August and the temps are now cooling down. The weekend nights have been really cool and so the windows have been able to stay open . I laugh because I have been wanting to have the windows open at night and now I can and there is this annoying cricket outside mine and my daughters bedroom window that chirps all night đŸ™„ can’t win (hahaha) it’s keeping my daughter up as well. Okay time to get back to my book. Have great rest of the day or night depending where you are.


It’s August….

It’s August’s seems a bit strange . Where did summer go? At the same time I’m ready for The next season. Need it to be a bit cooler . I cannot remember the last time we had the air conditioning off and windows opened. I know Miss Abigail is wanting the windows open. The way the weather has been so unpredictable I wouldn’t be surprised if August ends up being a cooler one . Looking at today isn’t a good example to go by …. it’s warm too warm. .

Let’s see this month we celebrate my daughters birthday. She is turning 24 .. absolutely unbelievable . Where did all this time go? It feels like just yesterday she was a shy little girl with her biggest brown eyes looking up at me to read her a book . She loved still loves books . I’m proud of the bond we share . We always have one another’s back. Yes we do have our disagreements and arguments but they never last for very long .

It’s 7:43 and the sun has been settled for a bit darkness is creeping in. We have a visitor again he /she we do not Know what gender it is but this coyote has been coming into our yard for the past 4 days. It’s an odd one . Very skittish . There is no way to be afraid of it . Just passing by our door window it sees or hears us and runs. It’s nice to see it. Along with our Fox off and on. Turkeys not so much these days .

Reading is going slow I believe Stephen King May not get finished . Not feeling the story at all. It seemed promising for awhile but I have not picked it up in a week. I really need to find another book to read. But what? I guess it’s time to finish this post and get a few little things done and then settle in . Have a great night everyone.

Mystery , Message…

Sitting under my tree , happy place today deck needing more work then we expected… the sun is out and there is a beautiful breeze . A quiet day . My daughter is headed to work. My son coming home this evening after an over night orientation at the college he will be attending this Fall. That said I am taking in a moment and doing nothing … as I sit here my mind keeps reflecting back to a mystery this past week .. as You know if your a regular follower or just reading my post . I live in a peaceful quiet wooded area in the country where our driveway is more of a country road . So trees surrounding our home , during the day all you hear is the wind , the birds, and the comings and goings of my kids and their friends. So this was a surprise when I open my kitchen door this past week and found this beautiful item

Outside the door laying on the railing. I asked my son who was just arriving home from his morning run if he had placed it there ?he replied no asking if maybe dad had found it and put it there before work . Puzzled I sent my husband a picture and asked . He replied several minutes later no he didn’t and that he had never seen it before. And thought maybe our daughter. When my daughter woke I asked her and the same reply no not me. Okay now I was really in dismay …. relatives never just show up out here so I didn’t think it was any of them but I called around anyways and same reply no I did not. It’s been a week and this butterfly sits in my planter within my flowers . And there is no answers to where or how his came upon our door step . Do I find it beautiful ? Yes . .. does it make me wonder where this came from ? Yes.. does it bother me this un known mystery yes.. what do you think a message perhaps a sign ? I would love to know .

Weekends beautiful site..

Just before dusk started to settle in my hubby and I decided to settle in the bedroom where it was a bit cooler. I with my book and him with the TV . We were closing things up and out our kitchen slider leading to the back woods there strolled a beautiful animal. So graceful as she walked . Sleek posture she held as she took in her surroundings. Making sure she was safe. As she looked for food. We just watched her keeping silent so she knew nothing was going to harm her . In time she walked deeper into our woods to settle in for the night.

This weekend in photos!

This weekend we had a bit of wildlife in our yard. On Saturday evening coming home from enjoying dinner out we were greeted by the our fox and turkeys walking through the yard.  Then this Sunday evening looking out my kitchen window as you can see this was the scenery yes more turkeys. They have become very comfortable over the yrs on our land. We do not mind even Miss Abigail loves to see them. She may not look happy but she does enjoy them . She is just a bit grumpy with the rain that keeps coming down off and  on through out today. Can’t complain about country  living it’s relaxing , serene. I hope everyone is having a beautiful weekend.IMG_8416