In 4 weeks it will be my turn as a mom to let go of the strings that has her her child so close since the day he was born . to watch him go off into the world to do what he’s been waiting and working for. I thought I would handle this better then I am guess not. Right now it’s 1 in the afternoon and he is still sleeping I think he may have caught what’s been going around .. he wouldn’t tell me if I asked . Usually this is the only time he sleeps till this time when he’s sick. I have looked in on him but holding back to wake him to see if that’s it. He will say I’m babying him and I know I need to let go a bit but it’s so hard . He leaves in Oct and then comes back the middle of Dec for Christmas but reports back to Basic Training until March. I know he will be fine he chose this and then he will be in the Army National Guards and college if he chooses that path of full time army.

When you have kids no book or person can tell you how fast time flies and how hard it will be to let them go and do what their suppose to do. I know I need to stop focusing on counting down the days and enjoy these 4 weeks and be proud and happy for him.