Coloring … thinking😔

It’s Monday night and it’s been a day of too much thinking.. I think I’m as anxious as my son waiting to see if his letter comes in the mail ..hopefully an acceptance letter . I’m anxious for him but whatever happens I will be happy I just want him to be happy safe and healthy he wants to do the ROTC so the colleges he applied to will help him with that . The time is going so fast …too fast in 3 months he will graduate from High School and he’s in his last season of track and field and I know he’s sad because I saw his post on his Instagram that showed it.😔 so my thoughts got going and decided to color , happy now as I was coloring because my son came home and was happy … nooo no letter remember I checked already today 🙂he told us how he was going to do the pentathlon for our town he will be doing the biking part I’m sooo happy he has not done this in several years and him and the team did so good , I believe they where second place and he has a good team this time too. It’s so much fun to watch. Something to look forward too.

Thankfully I have this I love to do to occupy my mind. Its coming along good. This is so detailed and challenging and what I need right now ..To help keep my thoughts from swirling..well back to it I go 🙂