New read and some downtime …

Hi everyone it’s been almost a week of not posting. I’ve been enjoying a new book .Thanks Diane! loving it so much. As well as some downtime .. I think the ac’s running so much this summer has done my sinus’s in.. soon I believe I will need to go to the Dr.’s and get some medication if there is no relieve soon. the past weekend we celebrated my daughters 24th birthday she had a great weekend it started with a Saturday night concert to see the Comeback of the Jonas Brothers. And ended with a beautiful cake on Sunday . And now all the birthdays are done and summer is widening down . Soon my son will be headed to college in about two weeks which I believe it’s time … he needs sone structure and routine and I need some time to myself once again.. Thankfully I have this beautiful book to relax with and focus on. I just hope I can stretch it out till my son leaves .. yes the air in my house is thick… 🙄 and well not feeling well does add to some anxiety .. so I am reading and reading ( hahaha) and did I say reading? To keep my sanity intact … so please bare with me . As I may not not be posting everyday . Until I feel better.

It’s August….

It’s August’s seems a bit strange . Where did summer go? At the same time I’m ready for The next season. Need it to be a bit cooler . I cannot remember the last time we had the air conditioning off and windows opened. I know Miss Abigail is wanting the windows open. The way the weather has been so unpredictable I wouldn’t be surprised if August ends up being a cooler one . Looking at today isn’t a good example to go by …. it’s warm too warm. .

Let’s see this month we celebrate my daughters birthday. She is turning 24 .. absolutely unbelievable . Where did all this time go? It feels like just yesterday she was a shy little girl with her biggest brown eyes looking up at me to read her a book . She loved still loves books . I’m proud of the bond we share . We always have one another’s back. Yes we do have our disagreements and arguments but they never last for very long .

It’s 7:43 and the sun has been settled for a bit darkness is creeping in. We have a visitor again he /she we do not Know what gender it is but this coyote has been coming into our yard for the past 4 days. It’s an odd one . Very skittish . There is no way to be afraid of it . Just passing by our door window it sees or hears us and runs. It’s nice to see it. Along with our Fox off and on. Turkeys not so much these days .

Reading is going slow I believe Stephen King May not get finished . Not feeling the story at all. It seemed promising for awhile but I have not picked it up in a week. I really need to find another book to read. But what? I guess it’s time to finish this post and get a few little things done and then settle in . Have a great night everyone.

And the weekend is over!

The cake we shared , yes a lot of pink but my son did say for me to pick the colors.. pink for me ,blue for him..,It’s Sunday at 9:00 at night. Mine and my sons birthday weekend has come to an end .. Saturday on mine we went out for dinner , had a lot of laughs good food , nice and simple my family gave me some really nice gifts I loved them but most important love my family more. It was nice to have both of my kids present . A rarity these days. Then today was my son birthday we celebrated his day with extend family, pizza and cake and ice cream and a fire in the fire pit. After many hours enjoying, family left and we cleaned up and settled in for the routine of the new week ahead. Over and over family members asked how does it feel to be 50?…hmm what kind of a question to ask.. I really couldn’t answer it . One in my mind I feel more like 20 but my body feels much older. Honestly I really do not know if I will ever wrap my mind around it. My son was quiet . He usually loves his birthday. Oh he is so humble .. He acts so much older then 19. I must say he has said a lot of I love you’s to me this weekend. I wonder if he feels my vibe of me not liking this age of mine… even though I tried to stay upbeat about it. Now all have settled in bed early my hubby needed to be up at 4 for work and my son heading to the gym early in the morning . My daughter settling down in her place with Miss Abigail and a friend. I’m just sitting in the living room been off and on reading my book. Taking a break for a moment to figure out what I have read. This Stephen King book has so many twists to it . I haven’t gave up on it yet…Kind of like a fly being drawn to a spider web . (Haha ) hesitant to finish it but your drawn to it to see where this story ends. Stephen King has a way of doing that. It’s nice any way even if I’m not totally into it . The quietness is welcoming. I feel exhausted but emotionally exhausted. Happy this weekend of celebration is over . My day not my sons.

Now on to a new week . Not much planned it will be relaxed. Monday I will spend the day with my daughter . But other then that not much planned. Fine with me tho. I like easy weeks. Well time to read a bit more until I call it a night. 🙂


As long as last week was ,as short as this weekend is. It’s just hitting 7:30 and the sun has already disappeared below the trees and settled into the mountain well thats how it looks . Peepers no more . Do they stop making noise at a certain time of the season? And no wildlife as well . At least the humidity is slowly dissipating. It’s a bit more bearable . A new week will be beginning and plans are being made to fill it up . Monday will be spent eyewear shopping with my daughter who needs to get new glasses and wants my opinion. Maybe I can find a book or two while we are out and about. Then Wednesday my daughter and I will catch an afternoon movie. We want to see the new The lion King , my daughter loved it as a little girl . It looks really good . So looking forward to that. All fun things to do this week. Then the birthday weekend will arrive and I can’t wait for that to pass by … not for my son I love celebrating my kids birthdays it’s mine Id like to forget. So with that said my son is accumulating a good room full of items for his college dorm. Unbelievable he will be starting college in a month . National Guard drill will be starting up for him the first of August so he has that to do as well. Things will get busy soon for him and I less busy….. less busy worrying about him (hahaha) he will be tucked away in school. I’m really hoping he likes it. Time will tell. In the mean time I will enjoy both my kids while their home together . A rarity these days. It’s 8 now and it’s getting dark already . My son is out on his bike for a quick ride before it gets completely dark. Waiting to hear the roar of it’s engine soon pulling into the driveway. Oh how he loves that bike. Hubby will be going to bed in a half n hour ,4 in the morning comes quick . To early for me to settle so I’ll take advantage of the quietness and read some more of my book. Hoping I can get into it more. Not ready to give up on it yet. Well until then I guess I will get a couple of things done . Have a good night everyone!

Monday ..

The weekend as come and gone .. and now it’s already 9:00 at night I’m just finding the moment to get on here today. After a night of trying to sleep both my son and I . Talking at midnight about life. Him worried with finding a job which he is having a hard time with that. He has applied at many places and I told him wait but check in with them after a couple of day to make sure they received it. Plus he’s having a time acclimating from Army time to now being home. His sleep pattern is off so that’s why we were up at midnight talking. I’m such a person who feels way too much and when someone in my family is having a rough time I can’t help to feel that pain so deeply , probably too much . I take in so much of someone’s energy it can make or break my day. Probably sounds strange but that’s how I feel. I have been known to be called too sensitive and I guess it shows more when my family is hurting … I think being too sensitive makes me think to much as well .. not a good thing It’s so hard being this way.

On another note today is my hubby’s bday so the kids and I gave him a new coffee maker . The other one needs to go. And a Fitbit will be on its way soon ordering it this week ,he wanted one and I left that up to my son to find him a good one. We had a small cake As he requested if I had it my way it would of been a bigger cake but the smaller cake my daughter picked was perfect a chocolate cake with a truffle topping frosting, it was so rich that a small piece was really filling especially right after eating supper. . So he could make a wish and blow out his candles which I’m very adamant about. My hubby open his other present from his mom and close aunts that he received on Sunday at our nieces 16 bday party . I think he enjoyed his Birthday tonight. Now the presents are open some cake eaten my hubby off to bed and my kids and I sitting in the living room watching The Voice and on our devices annnnd .. awake🙄 yeah hopefully we get tired soon. I have appointments in the morning so my daughter is going to take me so I do not have to drive her car . My son has some appointments as well so he will have my car. Yes we need to have some decent sleep tonight. Ive started another book it’s one of my daughters books she has had . I read it way back when she had bought it. Its a young adult read Looking for Alaska by John Green.. once in awhile their fun to read . I do not totally remember it so I’m enjoying it. I finish my last book finally and just couldn’t think of what to read next so it’s an in between read . I’m thinking I will have it read pretty quick . I guess I should be looking for my next book very soon. For now it’s time to try to settle . Have a good night everyone.

Photo Monday!

It’s Monday already and already mid day. It’s a sunny and in the middle 40’s not bad. It feels nice coming through the windows. Had a nice weekend . A fun Saturday evening out to eat for my nieces 16th Birthday. We went to The Texas Roadhouse a lot of fun . Country music playing in the distance a lot of food! And the waitresses and waiters line dance off and on ,if it’s your birthday they bring out a horse saddle on wheels and the birthday person sits on it and the one waiting on your table yells out today is this ones birthday can you give out a big yahoo! And let’s say we hit a Birthday night a lot of yahoo’s😂 so my photos are from over the weekend . I hope you enjoy. And yes the weekend ended with a beautiful sunset.

August already …

Good morning! It’s unbelievable that it’s August already … not that lI’m to sad it’s been a very humid and rainy one which has been a summer of many days spent indoors somewhere . Not as many bonfires as we thought we would have. I always say I love August for one reason .. it’s the month my first born was born and shocking that she is going to be 23 . Time sure does fly by. So the middle of the month we will celebrate her Birthday in any way she wants . 🙂 I must say it’s been a summer of reading hat has been nice . My book is Getting pretty creepy (hahaha) but so good.. the better of the day before was spent at the Dr.s for physicals and then errands it did help the rainy day move along much easier then it was Home and relaxing in the air conditioning . My other half laying watching tv my son relaxing in his room my daughter and I reading.-a calm quiet night once again.

August use to be buckling down getting back in gear for the school routine .. this year will be so different … my son will be getting back in a routine but it will be for getting ready to leave in 2 months for Basic Training .. Oct until March. While his friends will be leaving at the end of this month for college so it will be bitter sweet for him instead of all going back to school together it will be them all going in different directions some will stay local so he will see them until Oct. for myself I will keep thinking positive and know my son is doing what makes him happy .. now my husband is going to be the one who will have a hard time adjusting .. my daughter and I are close but she has her life to lead even if she still lives here in the furnished basement . Will see as I said before … one step , one day at a time even if my mind still wanders back to thinking of all of this..